Tuesday, November 21, 2017

In Thanks

Welcome every...extending to all a love filled and peaceful Thanksgiving. This day (for me) is a day for family and friends and
yes, strangers to gather without grudge, anger and "get even"
attitude. Since my teens, this day has always been my favorite Holiday and very special. See you after Thanksgiving. Jimmy O

Friday, November 10, 2017

Taking a Bigger Bite Out of Life

Welcome everyone...great to be back after my successful eye surgery. prior to and after surgery I paid attention to almost every person. Once again I am shocked by how many people are living with severe health problems. Wheel chairs (motorized), canes and walkers and oxygen equipment. The people who carry excess weight around were the most notable. One person in a motorized wheel chair xxx, I was told weighed 930 lbs. I don't judge how they got that way...I censor. I facilitate a fitness class once a week for men, women and children for past 10 ten years and fully realize the number who face a "Mt Everest" every day of life. I was still shocked at the sight. For all of us blessed with good/excellent, let's not take training for granted, Shame on us it we just go through the motions, slack, pretend or disguise who we are. I remember telling my father at age 11, "I will never have a bear belly." Lead by example. Make it appoint to visit any health facility and then give a hug to at least one person. www.secondwindfitnessfilm.com

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Danger Zone

Welcome everyone...in my consulting practice far to many men and women and teens come to me and state "I start an exercise/training but quit and then I can't start up again." And then they say, "can you help me?" This is an all too common "disease." People can either act to maintain their health or try and salvage what they have left. This is what I tell them..."I can't guarantee your good health will give you a longer life, but I can guarantee through exercise you will enjoy your life longer. I believe it is never too late to begin  saving your life. I get the family and friends involved. The end will come soon enough...don't help it along. I work with people of all ages including the physically and mentally challenged...people in wheel chairs and walkers and bed ridden and legally blind. That's my greatest reward in my life. Want to be motivated...get to know the people just described...enough said. www.secondwindfitnesswind.com

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Welcome everyone...thanks to all of you who responded to "carved abs." Main reasons we don't improve. 1) We are satisfied with where we are. 2) Lazy. 3) Routine evolves into a rut...trap. 4) Build library of excuses...to fail. 5) Fear(s). If we accept failure, it will find you. If we accept success, we will find it. Funny how that works. What are your limitations? Most don't know. That's a shame. Write out your "blue print" to reach your max...potential...limitations. Until you design your course of action, you will always regret it. We don't stop playing, improving, because we grow old...we grow old because we stop playing and improving. www.secondwindfitnessfilm.com

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Welcome everyone...remember, we are creating tightened muscle mass into tight muscle ripples. 6) incline position, upper body is a foot lower than lower body, anchor ankles, knees bent, arms across chest and raise up 3/6 inches and hold 30 sec. 10 reps. 7) jumping straight up, bringing knees waist high, holding hands waist high, do 30 in 15 sec. 5 reps w/ 30 sec. rest between reps. 8) kangaroo hops on level surface or incline and go for 10m. 10 reps. The high you hold your hands, greater the impact. 9) flat on your back, knees straight, holding 10 lb med. ball 1/2 feet above stomach, tighten stomach and drop ball. 3 reps, 10x each. 10) on all fours, on grass or wood floor, four directional and go for 60 sec. 3 reps. 11) use a 2x4 and wrap with cloth on a wood floor, bend over and push for 5/10m. And there you have it. Good luck. www.secondwindfitnessfilm.com

Saturday, September 30, 2017


Welcome everyone...to my followers, thank you for your comments and questions. As a competitor and athletic trainer, I designed the following drills about 20 years ago. ABS (carved), not traditional sit ups or crunches. One rule...always tightening the muscles and maintain proper technique. GO, 1) lay flat down on your back, legs straight, arms straight above your head, come up about 3-6 in. Keep arms straight above your head...NEVER beyond your forehead. Hold for count of 20. 10 reps. 2) flip over, legs straight, hands behind your back, rise up keeping legs straight and on floor for count of 20. 10 reps. 3) get on any machine where you can rest on elbows (bent), legs straight, raise legs and bend knees waist high and hold for count of 20, then legs straight out in front and hold for count of  20. Now reverse the same drill. 5 reps each way. 4) back on floor on your back, legs straight, holding a 10 lb. wt. above your
forehead, arms straight up. Don't cheat, keep ball above head, keep your legs straight and on floor, sit up, 20 reps. Next wk. 5 more...tough ones. www.secondwindfitnessfilm.com

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Welcome everyone...gut check/pound the rock will define who you are. Feedback...overwhelming positive response. Question, "can I sub stairs for sprinting uphill?" Yes. People don't climb Mt Everest so much to reach the top. They climb it to conquer themselves. First, it's the mental part...then the physical. Long before you begin the conquering, mentally you have already accomplished that feat. You visualize yourself doing it. You visualize yourself encountering the difficulty (overcoming)  in reaching the top. Reaching the peak is where winners and survivors always meet. Next blog...acquiring a defined "6 pack." www.secondwindfitnessfilm.com