Sunday, September 16, 2018

Pin the Tail

Welcome everyone...BALANCE. Remember way back when 'pin the tail on the donkey' was popular. Spin you around and pin the tail is back. First, start with feet together and raise one foot w/your eyes closed. Hold for count of 10. Change feet. 3 sets. If needed, stand near wall or chair. Next, close eyes and turn slowly in one direction and then reverse. You are not in a hurry when doing this drill. 5 sets. Next, holding a soccer ball and move your arms back and forth 10 times. 3 sets. No donkey, no tail. In my summer camps, boys and girls, ages 8-18, only 2 out of 10 could do these. When at home watching TV or at your desk sit on an exercise ball at least 75cm or larger. Also, on your knees and hands on ball... do 10-20 pushups. 5 sets. After just 3-5 sessions you will notice significant increase in your balance in all your activities. You will gain strength and endurance. You will also stimulate brain function. Caution...if you have inner ear problems, have someone with you when doing the "eyes closed" series. Jimmy O
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Sunday, September 9, 2018

X Training (5)

Welcome everyone...Balance, and let's hop to it. On the flat ground. Feet apart about 3/4 inches and knees slightly bent and this one is like down hill skiing. Hop to left at least 3 ft.and then chg. direction and hop, always moving forward. Fast drill. 10m. and walk back. Start again. 5 sets w/10m each. Next 4 directional...feet together, hop forward about 3 ft. 10 to 15 hops, then back and side to side. Each direction 3 X. Rest one min. between each set. Now the same. one foot at a time. After a 2 min. rest jog 300 m. Conclude w/15 min. stretching. Jimmy O "Profiles in Leadership" at

Sunday, September 2, 2018


Welcome everyone...never allow your yourself to pass or turn away from a precious moment in life...a life changing moment. Recognize, hold on to and treasure. In memory of Areatha Franklin and John McCain. "Never give up and yourself...never walk away or quit before your call of duty is finished. Jimmy O "Profiles in Leadership" at Back to our scheduled writings next week.

Monday, August 27, 2018

X Training (4)

Welcome everyone...let's start with "from the mailbox." I  have been doing drills for several months now, when will I notice a difference? Ans. What are you try to accomplish...a)staying in shape. b)body building. 3) Toning. 4) sports/competition. 5) recreation. Let's take body/muscle building and you're working 3 different muscle groups...daily or once a week. When you work the same muscles they max out and then wear out. Changing your routine is critical in progressive building. Muscle confusion is part of advancement. Back to balance...X over leg movement starting w/rt. over left. Do 10 and then backwards. 3 sets. Now take a soccer ball or exercise ball w/feet 6/8 inches from wall and place ball at small of your back and lean against ball and start knee bends at about 6/8 inches. Do 10 slowly up and down. Then from side to side, twisting motion. 10 each way. You have just given yourself a great massage. Jimmy O "profiles in Leadership" at

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

X Training 3

Welcome everyone...Balance primarily is derived from the inner ear and nerve endings in our feet. X training breaks up the "training boredom" all of us go through. Also, develops brain power via muscle confusion. Routine enhances our "comfort zone." That comfort zone can become our worst enemy...downfall. The mental aspect is critical in peak performance. I began training in Martial Arts...Taewondo in 1991. Wanted to develop mental toughness and succeeded in doing that. Act and React with purpose. Just doing a few basics...front snap kick, side arm side block, overhead block, leg side kick, arm low block. All inclusive of full body motion. Forces the brain to stimulate multiple muscle groups at the same time and in prep for your next move. "Profiles in leadership" at Jimmy O

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Welcome everyone...recap re (1) and for future reference. If you can perform an exercise one direction, you can perform that same exercise in 4 directions. Reminder...we are establishing BALANCE in mind, body and spirit. Moving a large air (rubber) cushion on floor and standing to the right side, step on cushion w/left foot, knees slightly bent and either have someone throw you a ball from 5 ft. away. The thrower moves back and forth in front of you. If you don't have a thrower, then throw ball against a wall. This is a 2 min. drill. Then reverse foot on cushion . If 1 ft. proves to awkward, start w/2 ft. Next, same cushion, standing on either L or R side, crossover step w/crossover in front of stationary ft. and then lift stationary ft. off floor and then place back on floor and crossover in back of stationary ft. and place on cushion and do ball drill again. You will know after 4 min. which leg is stronger and which is weaker. Next writing, different balance drills and a mix of Martial Arts. Jimmy O

Sunday, August 5, 2018

X Training (breaking it down)

Welcome everyone...there is an estimated well over 100,000 various exercises/drills. More than enough and yet we create more variations of basic drills. Performing functional balance drills is the starting is the necessary starter. Start with small discs (stepping discs) , placing 2 lines 2/3 feet apart and not across from each other. Step forward 1 foot at a time. Stepping distance should be varied one to three feet. Forces you to hop to reach some. Always landing on the balls of your feet...not flat footed. 5 sets. Now take an air filled (sponge like) round object that you can place 2 feet on. Place it about 3/5 feet from a wall and start by throwing a soccer or
tennis ball against the wall. 2 min. Same drill with a medicine ball or some heavy ball. 1 min. Those 3 drills will give your foot/leg balance and its a mind booster. More next writing. Jimmy O