Monday, December 10, 2018

Ugly Holiday Buldge

Welcome everyone...first we welcome the holidays...then look in the mirror...then curse the holidays...then come those New Year's resolutions. Ahh Yes.  The battle of the bulge. Ouch! You are what you eat...what you look like. Only your vote counts. If you want to pig out...have at it. Want to stay trim, stay in shape, stay in training...then Restraint is called for. Break training for three days or abuse your's like starting all over again. Do you want to flunk again and start all over.....again and again and again. get a passing grade and stay on top of your game. First to the Finish Line...where winners and survivors always meet. Next blog...getting ready for 2019! "Profiles in Leadership" at

Sunday, November 18, 2018


Welcome everyone...wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with peace and joy and laughter. Since my youth, Thanksgiving has been my favorite Holiday. For me it's a day of appreciation for the people who have had an impact on my life. Friendship and love cannot be measured by fractions, a slide rule, scorecard or money. It's about caring and feelings. Some time ago I founded a company in memory of my father...H.U.G.S. helping, understanding, giving, serving. Love means other. My father often times would say, "water the flower before it dies." So, in thanks, wishing you a special day, 2018. Give someone a hug...always, Jimmy O

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Welcome everyone...questions galore re use of weights. When, where, why, how. Start by analyzing your body motion for a particular sport. Sprinting, running...1/2 lb. wts. to start. Wear just above your knees and not on your ankles. Why? Ankle wts. will throw your natural stride off. When legs are fatigued, they get heavy from the knee up. Doing one leg or two leg hops (4 directional) I wear 1/2 lb. wts. above the knee and ankles, 30 sec. and rest. Sprinting/running I wear wts. around my wrists no more than once a week. NO wts. within 3 wks. of competing. Jackets are excellent as is parachutes. Warning...don't overload jackets. Better light wt. than over wt.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Walk

Welcome everyone...take a walk...a healthy walk. Most walkers/joggers find a concrete path. In my dictionary, stay away from concrete and treadmills. Your knees, hips and ankles will sooner or later show the terrible results. Many doctors are directing
people of all ages to walk/run on a soft path, in woods, a beach or sand dunes, or a track. Some trainers are leading the way and running barefoot on blacktop. Every Sunday I walk for an hour. Uphill, downhill and flat. Before and after I invest 5 min. rotating my knees and hips and ankles...5 min. each. At home or my office, I walk around in my stocking feet...I put shoes on when company arrives. Shoes are restrictive. We need to activate the nerve endings in our feet.

Saturday, October 20, 2018


Welcome everyone...can you close. All races call for a strong's a sprint. Measure how much track/ground you need to max your speed and hold that speed and run through the finish line.
Let's start by holding a 2/5 or 10 lb. wt. in each hand and jog for 30 m. and sprint for 70m. Move your arms. The faster you move your arms...the faster your legs move. Three min. rest. Holding same weights, jog for 350m. and sprint for 50m. Three min. rest. Take a truck or tractor tire and flip it over and over again for 10m. 3 sets w/1 min. rest between. Tie a rope around tire and other end tie rope around your waist. sprint 10 m. start at standing position. Tire drill, do 3 sets each. Complete these drills once every two weeks. You will notice huge difference after 3rd week. jimmy o

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Staying Fit without....

Welcome everyone...without the long workouts. All of us need to take  a break from the routine, staleness, boredom, slacker. How to use it and not lose it. Select a time of day and let's select 3/4 drills at high impact pace. Get an 8/10 lb. med. ball and jump rope 7 min. total time w/ one min. warm up and two min. cool down. 1) Sprint forward and backward 5yds. 3 sets. 2) Jumping Jacks, 1 min. Fast. 3) With jump rope, one end in each hand, stand on rope and pull up tight against bottom of feet and kangaroo hop 5 yds., turn and hop back. 3 sets. 4) Place Med. ball 5 yds. from starting line. Sprint to ball, squat and jump up and reach ball above your head, 5 times, race back and sprint again. 3 sets. Cool down. Nice work. Jimmy O

Sunday, September 23, 2018

X Training on Balance (circles)

Welcome everyone...this is the last writing in this series on balance.
You should be realizing benefits. For this issue we are going to test our motion. Start by standing near a wall or counter and w/eyes closed, turn L or R one full turn and stop. Open eyes and see how close you came to the starting point. Next, eyes closed, 3 turns in each direction. Stop. Hands on hips, eyes closed bending knees slightly, do lunges forward 3 steps and then back again. For 3 days,
brush your teeth w/the opposite hand, come your hair w/opposite hand and so forth. If you are right handed, work the left hand. When driving any vehicle don't try this drill. As a motivator, read about a HS woman in "profiles in Leadership" at   Jimmy O