Monday, March 19, 2018


Welcome everyone...I call certain drills...Crazy Time. Start w/a bungee cord. Affix one end to something sturdy and the cord should be heavy duty and according to your weight. Place the 2 handles, one in each hand and move away from the fixed object 'til cord is taught with your back to the fixed object. Keep walking away
until you are at capacity, hands are waist high. Hands can be waist high, shoulder high or bending knees and keeping waist high. You can also do this drill facing the fixed object. High impact...with 3 feet of slack, sprint. Try and increase your distance w/each attempt. You can also do this sideways with crossover steps. 3 sets each way
with 5 to each set. Next drill...sprinting in water about 3 ft. deep for about 10 m. Knees can be in or out of water. Do 10 times. Next, sprinting in sand. Go easy on this one, your quads will have a work out. These drills will challenge your every muscle. I do these drills once each week...they made me stronger, faster and have more stamina. Even walking through the above will help.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


Welcome back everyone...the finish line is calculated by time, numbers and distance. With every drill/exercise...what is your finish line, end result. your success is dependent upon your practice. How you practice predicts your event performance Track when you give up and why. I are tired. NO!!! You gave up. You gave in to weakness. You programed your brain to quit. That's what quitters do. With a built in factory of excuses. Stop it! Once you start THINKING about winning...finish by winning. Winners conquer themselves. Last points...Balance...99% of balance comes from the inner ear and nerve endings in your feet. Work Plyo and Iso into your workouts...especially Plyo. Accept success and you will find it. Accept failure and it will find you. Have a meaningful life everyone.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Welcome back everyone...and welcome to the field of bursts. Warning...before entering the burst field, "heat up." Stretching on grass" or dry surface and skips. The drills, everything in double time. Sets are continues  with deep breathing. 30 sec. break between each drill and 3 min. break between sets. I select 5/7 drills over a 45 min. session. Tough? Yes! High Impact? Yes! It's supposed to be. The 45 min. session, done right, is worth more than a 90 min. session. My selection, and in any particular order. 1) jump rope. 5 sets with 1 min. each. 2) jumping in place, jump and bring knees waist high and land on balls of feet, don't be flat footed or you may as well sit down. 30 in 15 sec. 3 sets.3) sprint 10m. and sprint running backwards 10m. 5 sets. 5) facing in the opposite direction you will be sprinting, holding a soccer ball and flip it over your head as far as you can, turn and sprint for the ball and try and catch it on the first the very least the 2nd bounce. 5 sets. Now you are 100% better than before you started. See you at the finish line.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

No Comfort Zone/11th in series of 13

Welcome training, working out and competing we need to take out boredom and just being a mechanical apparatus. Insert
brain and muscle confusion. Once a week select 3 drills and enter the no comfort zone. Here are mine that  I select 3 drills: Jump rope, full body up, push 2x4 on smooth surface for 10m, rope climb or rock climbing. Three drills (choose # of sets ) and mix in 30-50m. sprints. Jump rope for 30-60 sec. w/1 min. rest between sets. Full body up, strap feet/ankles to stationary overhead bar, hang upside down, come up and touch your toes 10 times. 5 sets. Rope climb w/knots and about 25 feet long. A tree works great, so you climb 25 feet up.  jimmy o

Saturday, February 17, 2018

BALANCE/10th in series of 13

Hello again everyone...each year I conduct a balance and skill summer camp for kids ages 8-18. The teens come to camp real cocky, "what can he show us." Ten min. into my training regimen, those w/the cocky attitude turns to humility and I pic on them throughout the 5 hour session. I discovered long ago that one's balance is the key to developing longevity and advanced skills. Lets get started. We begin with 2 feet square 4 corner hop. Back/forth/left/right for 1 min. Rest 1 min. then 1 ft. square hop for
1 min. All on the balls of your ft. Next, cross over walk for 10 yds. and cross over walk back. Next kangaroo hop for 10 yds. forward and then backwards. Next, 10 low hurdles, standing facing one way, jump, twist and land the other way, all on the balls of your feet. 10 hurdles, 3 reps. Fast, forward and backwards for 10 yds. 5 sets. Next week, part 2.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Line of Efficiency>>>9th in Series of 13

Hello and welcome everyone...efficiency is the critical standard in everything we do. Ever watch someone running a race and starts losing? They begin to flail like a fish out of water. Efficiency begins even before you start your training. It begins with your work habits, handling money, wasting food and being sloppy. It begins with your attitude. Your brain is key. Results expected and results achieved and you want that efficiency line to be at or close to results expected. Your brain sends desired act to desired muscles and your breathing controls oxygen level based on energy exertion.
Controlling and mastering those 3 "pilots" is your way to success in  training and competing. Breathing exercises should be an integral part of warm ups, drills and cool downs. All of us must have "on demand" times in training and events. Breath in and exhale slowly. Exercising that will increase your lung capacity. The
desired response to your "demand" takes practice and training. Even when you think you are out of "gas" you are not. When you feel that "rush" you don't even remember breathing or running out of gas. see you at the Finish Line.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

OFF SEASON/8th in series of 13

Welcome back everyone...the off season is an ideal time to study results from the past season, frame your off season workouts and go through mental adjustments needed. December and January is my off season. Don't just lay around during off time. I get into swimming, racquetball, tennis, pickle ball and teach "athletic balance."We And lots of different stretching and massages. I am appalled at the lack of warm up and stretching and cool down that athletes and non athletes ail in this area. Then they come running to me with aches and pains. Rehab is time consuming and is a set back. Some never really fully recover. We cannot take our bodies for granted. Refuel, recharge, recover and renew the mental and physical.