Sunday, July 27, 2014

Belly Buster

Hello everyone and last drill for hard abs. Lie flat on
the floor, legs straight, arms up overhead and hands holding a 12
pound weight (or greater). Now, keeping weight overhead, above
forehead, sit up. If you move your hands downward as you come
up. you are doing it wrong. Do five sets 10 times each. Keeping
the weight over forehead, arms outstretched is key. Attaining rock
hard abs...each drill is based on tightening stomach muscles. So, this drill and the drills posted in last week's blog will put you on
track for rock hard abs. Your hard core will help you reach a higher
level competing and working out. Over the past month we have
covered the importance of meditation, proper breathing, attaining
proper balance and developing your core. These drills will help in
ridding stress...the silent killer. Next week...foods that help reach
peak performance.

Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Sunday, July 20, 2014

AB Challenge

Hello and welcome everyone...if you want a challenge for working
your abs, read the following. I do not believe in situps or crunches.
Those two just roll the fat must tighten the stomach
muscles. 1) sitting upright, legs straight, hands outside your legs,
slowly lean back until you are at 90 degress and hold for count of
25. 5 sets. 2) Lay flat on floor with elbows under you shoulders and
raise up on your toes w/elbows on floor and hold for count of 25.
Five sets. 3) Hanging from bar overhead, come up and extend fingers past your toes and hold for count of 25. Ten sets. 4) Jumping, hands waist high, as you jump bend knees and touch hands...jump 30 times in 15 sec. 5 sets. 5) Carry 10 pound weight
and hold out in front of you running up an incline of 10 yards or
stairs of 20 or more steps. Five sets. Work these drills 3X a week.
After drills, sprint 50m three times. This workout is the belly buster. Next more tough drill.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Hello and welcome everyone...over the past few weeks we have stressed the mental side as dominate in being all we can be. The
World Cup concludes later today. All of the players (except for 3 or 4) are equal in skill set...the physical. The mental side has determined the outcome. The players without that mental toughness
cracked. The key word this week...passion. Winning starts from
within. There are some, perhaps a majority, who believe that winners need the best sports gear and best physical assets to win. I
am not of that camp. I work with and train men and women with
physical/ mental challenges who are winners. Most Olympic & World champions have a disability.
 Winners overcome and rise above short
comings. They look for reasons to win and not excuses to lose. In
closing let's address supplements. Let's begin with voltage, fuse and
use the word electricity for energy. When you overload the power
source, you "blow a fuse." This principle applies to overloading our
body with additives. People take so many additives and most at one
time, they don't know which one's work causing a "power outage."
Winning begins from inside out,
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mind Travel

Hello and welcome everyone...the World Cup has captured our
attention, and for good reason. World class athletes with the skill
and mental toughness. As each contest progresses and the body tires, the mind takes over and excels and crowns the winner. Luck
seldom results in winning. I have never seen a "can of luck" that I
could buy at the grocery store. My three words this week...meditation, patience and vision. Reference...Insight vs data
by Nathan Kinch. Read in LinkedIn. Mind over Body Sport Psychology. And then go to You Tube and click on Alex Smith,
and view his commencement speech delivered to University of
Utah graduates. Alex is the NFL quarterback for Kansas City Chiefs. Highlights of that speech...recognize weakness, embrace the news, put your faith in yourself over your fears.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Hello and welcome everyone...this the 4th and last in the 4 part series entitled Breath and Balance. To reach a rainbow, expect to face rain. Most of life comprises time, distance, numbers and
connections...the "big 4." Most athletes and men and women in
training think they are not advancing, (getting better) if they are
not "pounding), weight lifting, running or any other exercise. The
question to be efficient are we. Most tend to break
down their bodies in the journey for excellence. Learning something new is not easy for us. Proper breathing, (practice 5 minutes a day) will propel one to greater efficiency and the results
we desire. Some of us treat our cars better than our bodies. Correct
breathing will cleanse the lungs, rid toxic air, allow for fresh oxygen to enter the blood and muscles, increase energy, decrease
tension and stress. With correct breathing you can expect any where from 10% to 25% increase efficiency and overall results. First to the Finish Line...where winners and survivors always meet.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Hello and welcome everyone...this is the 3rd of a 4 part series of
Balance and Breathing. Review part two then read the following. Lay the palms of your hands on your stomach just below the rib cage, middle fingers barely touching each other, and take a slow deep breath. As the diaphragm pushes down, the stomach will slightly expand causing the fingertips to separate. This movement
indicates full use of the lungs, resulting in a truly deep breath rather
than the "puffed chest" breath experienced by many. Chest breathing fills the middle and upper parts of the lungs. Belly
breathing is the most efficient method. Infants and children use only this method until the chest matures. Yoga breath or roll breathing combines belly and chest breathing. For best results,
practice this exercise for 5 minutes. Caution...for older people: never do panting or shallow breathing except while seated.
Hyperventilation may occur. When I learned how to breath properly, my performance, endurance and stamina increased.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, June 15, 2014

B&B #2

Hello and welcome everyone...con't breathing and balance. Strive for full body alignment...mind, muscles, breathing and balance will
produce greater performance, energy and endurance. Rapid, shallow breathing. This type of breathing is often caused by poor
posture and weak or stiff muscles leads poor oxygen supply,
respiratory disease, sluggishness or heart disease. Simple ways to
deepen breathing and to cleanse the lungs. These exercises increase
energy and decrease tension. 1) lie flat on your back and have pillows for under your neck and knees creating a sight rise in the
stomach upon inhaling and slight fall when exhaling. 2) place hands palm down on stomach at base of rib cage. Lungs go down
that far. What fills them deeper is the pushing down of the diaphragm, creating a suction drawing air into the lungs. Air is
expelled when diaphragm pushes up. Process...oxygen fills lungs and gets into blood stream for distribution to the cells. Carbon dioxide is expelled from the blood when exhaling cleansing the
body. Continued next week.
Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O