Sunday, November 23, 2014


Hello and welcome everyone...starting with a health tip...most nerve endings are in your feet. Soak feet in warm water with
Lavender Epsom Salts. Make sure it's Lavender. OK, every once in
awhile I like to take a "back road" and smell the flowers...come face to face with my life. Whatever measure of success any of us
have received, the criteria is, status, trophies, awards, plaques or whatever else we deem important in our quest.
A few years ago I walked into my "trophy room" and had a very
empty feeling. Something was missing...a reward from my family
and friends. What did they think of me. That same day I loaded
my truck with everything in my "trophy room" and drove to a
junk yard and dumped everything. I finally came to realize the
greatest award is what my family and friends thought of me. Not
receiving the "family/friend" reward, nothing else matters. My life
is now complete...finally, after all these years.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bring it!

Welcome everyone...received several emails re last 3/4 blogs and
long distance runners. Muscle fiber has three, medium and slow. Sprinters need fast twitch, middle distance
runners need medium twitch (800m. and 1500m.) and long distance
and marathoners need slow twitch. However, long distance runners
need fast twitch for the "kick," close. That's when runners become
sprinters and runners use the balls of their feet and pumping those
arms. The faster you move your arms...the faster your legs will go.
Bring it on...once every week or two, whether you compete in an
event or not...set up your training as a "game condition" training.
By doing so your mind set changes. The mental side zooms into
focus and forces you to be on your game. Where are you at? Game
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Welcome everyone...thank for all the comments re previous blogs.
Reminder...stress is the culprit of most health issues. Several years
ago (14) I designed a fitness program called Balance Your Life.
Any one, any age (6-106) have attended this class. Over three
thousand. It is my experience that balance is the core in fitness.
The nerve endings in our feet and the inner ear provides most of our balance. Check out Reflexology and a certified reflexologist,
you will be glad you did. 2.4 million people over age 65 in 2012
ended in ER...50% increase over a decade. All told 2002-2012 more than 200,000 Americans died from falls. I don't have results
from other countries. Some of you might be thinking, "I'm not 65
yet." Well, look at all injuries in ALL sports...injuries from awkward falls, changing direction, pivot, jumping and landing.
Sports and non sports injuries are mounting at an increasing rate hour by hour. Rehab is not fun. Over the next three months I will be researching injuries and will provide you with results.

Have a meaning life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hello and welcome everyone and hello to November...let's begin
with a quote from Napoleon Hill..."every adversity, every failure,
every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit."  And let me add (author unknown) "when you change the
way you look at things, the things you look at change." I have
studied, researched success/failure for countless years and have
come to this conclusion...people, for the most part, handle failure
better than success. This conclusion applies to business, money,
sports and life itself. People who can't get ahead, don't succeed,
don't reach that elusive goal are afraid of the spotlight, afraid of the
podium and elect settle for less. The people who can't finish things,
leave things undone...always "later" waste energy and end up wasting their lives. Habits are good, providing they don't turn into
ruts. Breakout is critical in change. First to the Finish Line...where
Survivors and Winners always meet. That's a great place for us to

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hello and welcome of the most frequent requests
that I get is "what makes up a winner in training, sports and competing?" So, after years of research here is what I have found to
be the DNA of a winner. Grinder, patience, goal oriented, mental
toughness, passion, ability to assess, accept your way of life, ethics,
accept that every day is a Mt Everest, attentive to details, establish
and recognize your skill set and vision. The thoughts of winning
are always in your mind. Several years ago I read an interview that
a sports writer was conducting with Mary Decker Tab, the great
International 1500m runner. Question to Mary was "what do you
think about before and during the race?" Mary's response, "I think
about all the things that can happen during my race. Weeks before
the race, I am consumed by the vision myself already
being there. I fall asleep seeing myself winning." So there you have
it. My book this week Law of Attraction."

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Welcome everyone...let's start off with wishing Anna Stoehr a Happy Birthday. Anna from MN, USA turned 114 on 10/17. Veggies have an expiration date...not humans. Let's explore my three key words and them to training and workouts. 1) Password.
2) Gap. 3) No Fly Zone. Each one of us must have a key to open
the treasure of 100's of different drills and exercises. So, we need to
change our mind set from going through the motions in our workouts to efficiency. Efficiency is the line between results expected and results achieved. So much in life centers on time,
distance, numbers and connections. Discover your password, derived from being true to yourself. Gap...empty space. Notice when people talk and have nothing to say, they repeat themselves
or slow down their speech pattern. No Gap. No fly zone...stay away
from drills that threaten you health...injury. Rehab is more costly
and time consuming than proper workouts, proper warm up and
cool down. Happy birthday Anna.
Have a meaningful life everyone. Jimmy O

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hello and welcome everyone...received positive reviews for blogs
Torque and Pop, thank you. Most of you know that I work with and
follow men and women with physical or mental challenges. Julie
Fast, Appalachian Trail. Look up on Bing or google. This blog will
conclude my toughest training drills. Push a 2x4 10m. Bend down
with hands on 2x4 and push as fast as you can. Five sets. I use 8
hurdles, 15 inches in ht. and about 2 feet apart, in a row. Face one
way, jump and spin in air and face the other way as I go over each
hurdle. Jump over hurdles with one foot at a time. Last, jumping
side ways over each hurdle. Five sets each drill. Next drill, jumping
up bringing knees waist high touching knees to hands. Jumping 30
times in 15 seconds. Using ankle weights, one pound each and sprint up steps. I use steps at a place near a lake. There are 84 steps.
Five sets. I have designed 43 different training drills. Mix and match as you wish.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O