Sunday, May 3, 2015

High Motor Jolt

Hello and welcome everyone...who motivates the motivator? An age old question...whether you are a die-hard competitor or a casual
"stay in shape" person, all of us need a jolt once in awhile. Strategies for maintaining High Motivation...1) what are your expected outcomes from each drill/session? 2) Find the why. 3) Make it fun. 4) Focus and refocus. 5) Think of your competitors.
Make/design workouts that are tougher than the actual event. 6) Go
back to basics. 7) Rid the status quo. 8) Write things down, don't
rely on memory. 9) Change routine...create muscle confusion.
10) Go!
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hello and welcome everyone...this week we discuss the elusive
endurance/stamina. No matter the sport/event...we compete, we want to "last." Warning...let's not get sloppy. Stick with proper
technique. Here we go. 1) sprint forward and backward for 10m each way. Five sets, three to each set. Hold a 3 pound weight in each hand. 2) hold a 10/15 pound weight, squat, touching weight
to ground, spring up and hold weight high above your head. Five
sets with 10 to each set. 3) 2x4 about 3 feet long. Warp cloth around 2x4, place 2x4 on floor in front of you, place hands on 2x4,
now push as fast as you can for 10m...five sets. 4) jump rope for
30/60 sec. Five sets. 5) Jumping in place, hands at your waist, jump
hitting knees  to your hands...30 times...five sets. 6) uphill sprinting. 30m with about a 10 foot elevation...sprint forward and
backward. Five sets. Weight in each hand optional. Make sure you
are landing on the balls of your feet. Select 2/3 drills every other day. Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Best Teacher

Welcome the "refresh" tab every once in awhile.
Revisit where you started from and where you are today. I found it to be a good way to stay grounded. "For me, the most important is
the Mental part, because I don't think I forgot how to play tennis."
Rafael Nadal. "The best teacher is failure!" Author unknown. My
hero for the week...Charles T. Kuntzleman. Author of "They
Accepted The Challenge." A great read for anyone at any age. Next
week, Fitness/training progress report. Building endurance.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Rope

Welcome everyone...most of us have experienced at least one "on
demand" moment when competing. On demand moments should
produce that rush of adrenalin needed. When ever I hear "guns up,"
"runners up," I feel that awesome feeling...reaching out for
all that gusto. Rather that feeling than the feeling of backing away,
shrinking. When you enter that world of shrink, it's an ugly feeling.
Friday of this week I was having breakfast with a friend of mine. She is a long distance runner and the subject of adrenalin and the
runner's clock. Her questions..."how do I build endurance and catch
runners ahead of me?" endurance with a jump rope.
No weights on the rope. Roping three days a week. Five 30 sec. sets. Jump 30 sec and rest 30 sec. Beyond the first week five 60 sec. sets. Always landing on the balls of your feet. The clock...every competitor should have that internal clock working. You feel what time it is and not have to look at a watch. On demand comes from within.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wanna See More?!

Hello and welcome everyone...last week we delved into Imagery
Breaking the sound barrier was earth shattering. All of us are
confronted with barriers...most are self imposed. Pressure...usually
refers to the feelings an athlete has about performing in an event.
Pressure manifests itself physically, positive or negative and
emotionally. The "event" in and of itself contains zero pressure. The athlete creates the pressure. Successful athletes have learned how to build self confidence and stop self-doubt. Focus and re-focus on the task at hand. So much of life is made up of Time and
Distance. When we disrespect one or both we construct barriers
instead of allies. We need to develop an awareness of how precious
every second is. A few months back I started the following..waking
up at 4am. Five minutes of meditation. Five minutes of visualizing
what I have written down on a 3x5 card. Visualizing myself
performing the written drills (distance) and looking at my mental
clock (time). I write down  what I have accomplished in my
visualization. Too many people mistake activity for accomplishment. Break barriers.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, March 29, 2015

I AM vs. I WAS

Hello and welcome everyone...about 70% of my blogs have been
dedicated to the physical side of training/exercise/drills...the "how to." Of late, I have emphasized the mental aspect. Today we'll discuss the "mental game." It's easy for someone to say "sky's the limit." Other's echo "have a dream." Or "you become what you think about." Well, if that were true, I would have been a woman by the age of 21. My research references 10/11 sources. Dr. Patrick
Cohn writes..."Olympian's have benefited from imagery for decades." Olympic gymnastic gold medalist Shannon Miller stated
that "mental training is the difference maker in sports. The physical
can only take you so far." Mental imagery will also help your
physical strength. Credit North American Psychology. Prior to the
start of the 1984 summer Olympics, Bob Richards, Olympic gold medalist (pole
vault) and first athlete to appear on Wheaties box was asked by
sports writers, how many records will be broken. Bob replied, "all
of them." Bob Richards then directed the scribes to follow him to
the swimming area and said "see all those 8 and 9 year old kids
swimming. Those kids are out to break records that havn't  even
been set yet."
Have a meaning life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Try This for one day.

Hello and welcome everyone...footnote to Freedom vs. Script. Try
this...consume yourself with ONLY positive thoughts and actions
for 24 hours. You will be amazed at the positive energy you will
generate. Let's change gears...anxiety symptoms. 1) fear 2) panic
3) apprehension 4) fast breathing 5) weak feeling 6) upset stomach
7) sudden tiredness 8) stress 9) low self esteem 10) lack of movement. These symptoms will cause all sorts of health issues.
Address them now. Get behind the wheel of your emotions and you
drive. When you cease to cease to get better. Final note:
the response to my updated web...Hero Tribute has been overwhelming.  Thank you!

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O