Sunday, October 4, 2015

Against the Clock

Hello and promised, I will list my basic drills. For 10
years I competed in T@F, 5 events, sprints, LJ, HJ. martial arts, tennis and racquet ball. Trained two + hours a day, 6 days a week, 48 weeks a year. If my math is correct, that's 576 hours, 34,560 minutes and 2,073,600 sec. And especially in track, I have to prove myself in less than 8 sec. in the 50m and 14 sec. in the 100m and 32 sec. in the 200m. How much is enough? That's what I had to do.
Drills...alternating daily. 1) lunges and X lunges with w/20 lb wts.
in each hand, 5 sets forward and backward, 10m. 2) skips, 5 sets, 10m. 3) high knee, heel to butt and skip. 4) jump sideways and when balls of feet hit ground, sprint forward and backward 10m. 5 sets. 5) Kangaroo hops forward and backwards, 2 feet at a time and then 1 ft. 5 sets, straightway or incline. 6) 8/10 Hurdles 32 inches high, going side ways, chg. lead leg each time through. 10 sets. 7) 10 lb wt. squat and explode jumping straight and push that wt. high
above your head. 5 sets, 10 X per set. 8) box jump, 5/8 boxes, about
two ft. apart, 1st box about 12 inches high and last box set at about
40 inc. high. POP drill. Fast, landing on each box. Pop off the ground. Will finish drills next. Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Obstacles to Winning

Hello hero of the week, Jake Olson. Age 18, long
snapper for USC football. Jake is legally blind. His creed..."nothing
can stop me." It's hard to beat a person who never gives up. When
you think about quitting, think about why you started. There is no
expiration date on your dreams and goals...veggies have an expiration date. Obstacles to winning...YOU. Self imposed. Worry,
change/conflict, indecision, indifference, fear, manipulation, lack of
maturity and focus and mindset. Have received dozens of requests
to list my drills and exercises...that's next week. Will you outlive your brain? One in three women will live to age 100. One in four men will live to age 100. Peak performance of the your 40's. We need brain workouts. Close with humor...I'm going to retire and live off my savings. Not sure what I'll do the second week. When I was a child I thought "nap time" was a punishment...
now, as a grown up, it just feels like a small vacation.

Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Welcome everyone...let's begin this way, "I have done it this way all my life, my mind is made up, now don't confuse me with the facts." Or, if you don't want to get better, stop reading this. OK, for those of you still with me, let's go. Mental toughness update: Tons of research/info re "the mental game" has surfaced and backed (now) and supported by coaches, GMs, ADs and athletes of all ages
and level of play. These same groups who down graded and laughed at previous data are now endorsing certified claims of mental coaches. The sports landscape's battle cry was "just work harder/longer, that's all we need." Yah right. Athletes, coaches and
fans want an edge. For years, "that edge" was ???. You know what
it was. Why is it that anything in a bottle or the end of a needle is
the answer to the EDGE? No one is saying "you don't have to work hard." Now athletes and all the Sports World is embracing " the
NATURAL way...and before you win, you have to prepare." There
are tons of info on this subject matter...get it. The Motivational DNA...being body smart, grinder, patience, daily goals, passion,
winner attitude, vision, expectation, quest for knowledge and prep.
Have a meaningful...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Hello and welcome everyone...there is a solution for sports non contact injuries and stress fractures. As a personal/athletic trainer and participate in several sports, the question is... why so many.
Yes, athletes are faster and stronger than ever before...or so I've
heard. From my close up look, this is what I see. Athletes from all
the sports are doing the same warm up drills. Today there are subtle
changes for introducing "sport specific" drills. Not enough! Drills
in the off season and pre game warm ups. This holds true for anyone (non pro) who is training/exercising. So, more emphasis needs to be placed on drills that mirror "game movement" for the position one plays. Take football...why would a QB, RB, WO or DB perform the same drills as a lineman. Why would sprinters do
the same warm ups as long distance runners? This conditioning
applies to "fire up" the brain. The brain must send the right signal
to the right set of muscles to perform "ON DEMAND." The brain
needs to practice "game movement signals." Final thought...all of us
need to spend more time with our shoes off. Shoes are restrictive.
Barefoot running and stocking feet when at home.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Highs and Lows

Welcome everyone...starting off with a health tip: drink Alkaline
water. Managing emotional ups and downs...dealing with negative
emotions may be the most difficult any athlete faces. How you deal with emotions will impact your ability to grow in confidence and
prepare to compete. Complacent in practice, causes you to lose that edge that drives you. Athletes that succeed on a consistent basis
learn to balance their emotions, especially after a defeat. After a
win, elite athletes get back to work...i.e. Serena Williams, US open
Tennis. And after a loss, elite athletes get back to work. Ask yourself this question...what do I need to do to better my game?
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cross Training

Welcome everyone...the previous two blogs were entitled Survivor
Challenge. Cross training is a vital cog in my overall conditioning  program. Water aerobics, boxing, taekwondo, basketball, racquetball, tennis, pickleball and soccer. I include the above for
the mental aspect as well as physical. This program prevents me
from being stagnant. Muscle confusion. My goals are always in an
upward movement. Remember when setting goals and you meet
those goals, don't stop there and become complacent. When you
stop there, you are installing "a ceiling." Ceilings stop your
progress. You are writing your failure. When you accept failure, you will get there. When you accept success, you will be there.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ultimate Challenge (2)

Welcome everyone...This week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Stretch for 20 minutes. Emphasis of core, upper body and legs. Push ups, 100, 10 at a time, very slow, 10 sec. each. I used to do them fast...104 in 60 sec. I don't do regular sit ups or crunches. I lay
flat, legs straight, holding 10 lb wt. straight up over forehead and then sit up and keeping wt. overhead. That's the not move
wt. down as you come up. This tightens the abs. 10 sets, 10 in each set. Legs...laying flat and push 1000 and then 1500 lb wt. 10 sets
and 10 to each set. Pushing with the balls of my feet. Take 2, 30 lb.
wts. one in each hand, squat on one leg at a time, 10 sets, 10 to each set. Jump rope, 10 sets, 1 min. each set. stairs, 30 steps, sprint
up, 10 sets. Plyo, lots of jumping, develop fast twitch. Laying flat
on bench, lower body higher than upper body. Holding 10 lb wt.
overhead, arms straight up, come up 6 inches off bench and hold for 30 sec. 10 sets. Mix the drills up, no particular order. Cool down, 30 min. light stretching. Then whirlpool (hot) for 20 min.
Sunday, walking, light stretching, Yoga and Pilates for 90 min.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O