Sunday, June 17, 2018

4X4 Direction

Welcome everyone...Test and guts for these drills. Working every muscle. 1) on sand, grass or hardwood floor. Get on hands and knees, on your toes...forward, backwards and side to side. Mix it up. 5 sets, one min. each set, 2) hands on a 2x4, on your toes, push for 5 yds. turn and back. 3x. 5 sets. 3) stand on one foot, hop in 4 directions, 15 sec., change to other foot, 15 sec. 5 sets. 4) kangaroo hops, on 2 feet, forward, backwards and side to side. Hands waist high. These drills will also give you a 6 pak stomach. As always, all drills high impact or low. Once a week. Great results. Jimmy O

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Welcome everyone...rebound/comeback...whether from a bitter lose or injury or just didn't give your's about the mindset and guts. All of us have experienced that challenge. Questions... how, what, when. Steps: 1) get away from your routine for 2/3 days. 2) think through your pregame mental process. Were you focused on your event or were you socializing and hamming it up. Did you visualize yourself during the event and how to react at the unexpected. 3) your warm up routine...what was that like. Pre event
warm up should take 60 min. and very disciplined. Take nothing for granted 4) Are you taking notes? Things to do and things not to do in the future. All of this is about you and your success. NEVER
allow yourself to getting used to defeat. Losing is an awful habit. Now, this is a new day. Don't become your worst enemy. Go for it. Jimmy O

Sunday, June 3, 2018

What's Your Norm?

Welcome everyone...Trusting and depending on your mind, body and you have that trust. Really? What is your minimum/
acceptable performance. What is your max.? In my research over 10 years...7 out of 10 don't know. The 7 are cheating themselves from "peak performance." If you don't want to achieve a peak performance...stop reading, this isn't for you. These writings are for winners and survivors. These writing are for men and women who want to be in the winners circle. My readers are pros, amateurs, beginners and those coming back into fitness. Fitness is about time, distance, measurements, results and passion. But most of's about YOU. Start taking an interest in YOU. Each workout start taking before and after workout...pulse, temp, heartbeat and blood pressure. That takes 60 sec. Next week...rebound. Jimmy O

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Welcome everyone...if we are not careful, all of us fall into that dreaded pit known as "I'm bored." Or don't feel like working out today. Boredom can be habitual. The mental games begin. So, who is in control? "Funny money" or you. Then you ask that fatal question...who will know? Only one...YOU. Do you really want to go there? Start to self generate "slide of failure." Your defining changing moment. And while you are at it, get rid of that pacifier...1) booz 2) outside influence 3) party time 4) tooting your own horn. I know, when you were a year old, you were still sucking your thumb...bite it. Flush that For more, go to It's about challenge and conquer yourself.

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Welcome everyone...Forgive me for getting personal today. I am safe to say that each one of us has sloughed off in a training/workout session and yes, even a competitive event. That move is shameful... it all begins w/our workouts. When we don't trust our body and mental are in "deep dodo." In 2004 I began competing in the Senior Olympics, Senior Games, Masters, State Games and qualified five X for the Nationals. Sports...Track & Field, Tennis, Racquetball, Pickleball and Martial Arts. I train 2 hours each day, 6 days a week w/5 hours devoted to T&F. 48 weeks, 240 hours, 14400 min. I have to prove myself in seconds. 50M, under 8 sec., 100M, under 12.5 sec., 200M, under 32 sec. You might say, "that's over load." Could I have worked less? I don't know that. I have won gold in all 5 events...add long jump and high jump. Competing in the 67-75 are class. And I never know what the competition is going to do. Before each event I visualize myself winning. I feel the rush/thrill. How much is enough...everything you've got and then some. Rather overwork than underwork. Jimmy O

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Little Things Mean Alot

Welcome everyone...too often we look for a "Niagra Falls" for the big bang success to achieve greatness. Those who think that, may as well play the lotto. Relax and simplify your life and your reach for max fitness and competitive goals. Be consistent...begin with your sleep habits, avg. age, 8 hours. During sleep, your muscles need to re coop. Restless sleep produces tired muscles...and that's before you start your drills. Eat healthy meals, Don't over eat, under eat. Stop eating w/in 90 min. before retiring. Drink at least 4, 8 oz.
glasses of water a day, plus any other juice liquids. I am sold on coconut water...and ALL liquids should be ICE cold...not warm. Cold works better and faster. When working out I drink coconut water and ice coffee. Always finish your planned workouts...never quit/cut short. Produces mental toughness. I have learned muscle cramps, strained hams, quads, hips, back are mainly caused by lack of proper stretching and lack of fluids. All of the above was arrived at by 17 years and 721 interviews of pros and amateurs. All at one time or another were in rehab. It's the little and survivors know. Jimmy O

Sunday, May 6, 2018


Hello my experienced opinion, the following list is what I advise clients to avoid. Some drills are downright hurtful vs. helpful. Sad to say, some drills assigned to clients, act as a babysitter. ie treadmill. "run for 20 min. and I'll be back to check on you." Stay away...1) treadmills are dangerous to your knees. You don't have to push off, just raise your feet. Even if you run on an incline. Run on a track, grass or sand. Oh, I know, "what about marathons?" That's the plus minus rule. 2) Sit ups/crunches...drill just pushes the fat around. The key...TIGHTEN the core muscles. In a previous writing, I illustrated how. 3) Not doing stretching prior to workout...nonsense. Do stretching prior and after your scheduled drills...but stretch in the same fashion as your intended workout. 4) Same routine every workout...disaster. Result...tired muscles, back ache, mental strain, boredom and finally...quit. Then, that fatal what. Jimmy O