Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cross Training

Welcome everyone...the previous two blogs were entitled Survivor
Challenge. Cross training is a vital cog in my overall conditioning  program. Water aerobics, boxing, taekwondo, basketball, racquetball, tennis, pickleball and soccer. I include the above for
the mental aspect as well as physical. This program prevents me
from being stagnant. Muscle confusion. My goals are always in an
upward movement. Remember when setting goals and you meet
those goals, don't stop there and become complacent. When you
stop there, you are installing "a ceiling." Ceilings stop your
progress. You are writing your failure. When you accept failure, you will get there. When you accept success, you will be there.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ultimate Challenge (2)

Welcome everyone...This week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Stretch for 20 minutes. Emphasis of core, upper body and legs. Push ups, 100, 10 at a time, very slow, 10 sec. each. I used to do them fast...104 in 60 sec. I don't do regular sit ups or crunches. I lay
flat, legs straight, holding 10 lb wt. straight up over forehead and then sit up and keeping wt. overhead. That's the not move
wt. down as you come up. This tightens the abs. 10 sets, 10 in each set. Legs...laying flat and push 1000 and then 1500 lb wt. 10 sets
and 10 to each set. Pushing with the balls of my feet. Take 2, 30 lb.
wts. one in each hand, squat on one leg at a time, 10 sets, 10 to each set. Jump rope, 10 sets, 1 min. each set. stairs, 30 steps, sprint
up, 10 sets. Plyo, lots of jumping, develop fast twitch. Laying flat
on bench, lower body higher than upper body. Holding 10 lb wt.
overhead, arms straight up, come up 6 inches off bench and hold for 30 sec. 10 sets. Mix the drills up, no particular order. Cool down, 30 min. light stretching. Then whirlpool (hot) for 20 min.
Sunday, walking, light stretching, Yoga and Pilates for 90 min.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ultimate Challenge

Welcome everyone..."you asked for it." Have received 100's of
requests for my typical day, training. I train six days a week. Arise
at 4AM and retire at 9PM. I start the day doing light stretching for
15 minutes. Then mediate for 5 minutes. During this meditation I
want to free my mind of everything. I think about freedom and
colors starting with red and ending with indigo. orange, oatmeal and coconut milk and glass of hot water w/lemon.
For 10/15 minutes I concentrate on my notes and progress report. 6:30 AM I am at one of my training sites. M.W.F. all field work.
Warm up...stretching, whole body. Concentrate on hips, calves and
quads. 30 min. warm up. Then start sprinting forward and backward, 10 meters, 10 sets. Then sprinting up hill or stairs. 30 meters. Forward and backward. Then kangaroo hops over same
terrain. Then, holding 10 pound weight over head sprint forward
and backward, 10 meters, 10 sets. Hurdles...8, 15 inches high, jump
and while in air turn, facing opposite direction and so on. 10 sets.
Hurdles are about 18 inches apart. Now I start sprinting on grass or, 80/100 meters, all forward sprints, 10 sets. In all
drills, always on the balls of my feet. Cool down, 30 minutes. Walking and stretching. Every workout goes for 2 hours. We do
things that are fun...working out is fun for me. Next week T.TH.Sat
Have a meaningful life everyone. Jimmy O

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Aaa Haa Finally

Hello and welcome will conclude our discussion
on motivation. Common ground...most of us will agree that there is
more to training and competing then running to the gym and start
pumping iron. We focus on the external...looks. Because the internal...motivation is an intangible...we hedge, shy and pull away.
What we don't understand, we fear. You feel motivation, you feel
the internal. Most would rather invest in supplements than study
what motivates us. Motivation begets mental toughness and that's
the difference between giving up or giving more. Mental toughness
is all about the grind. One begins with, 1) what can I do and what
do I want to do (accomplish). 2) where do I start 3) what steps do
I take 4) how bad do I want this 5) what price 6) starting when
7) time element 8) risk/reward. Once you "feel motivation," you
will never let it lest without a fight. It's a lot better that
tricks and gimmicks. You will love that feeling. My training
routine and program.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Welcome's that word again...Motivation. Webster define provide an incentive. And defines an intangible...incapable of being apprehended by the mind or senses.
History tells us that more words, books and speeches have tried in
vain to define motivation. Viewpoint...motivation is still the # 1
frontier. Let's begin...change brings conflict and conflict brings stress. Change and conflict are moving targets. We want to motivate either ourselves or others. Translating and making application is challenging. Incentives (bribes) short term. You have
to be a "grinder." We are facing megatrends. Steps...1) remove the
obstacles. 2) worry will destroy you as will indecision. 3) address
issues now, not tomorrow. 4) goals. 5) write down what you need
to accomplish...all the little things. Motivation is internal not
external. Have patience! Associate with motivated people. I have no time for the negative. If you are not "driven," you are not motivated.
Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Brain

Hello and welcome everyone...for the most part, our lives are controlled by time, distance and habits. Addiction can be added. We become mechanical in our every day doings...that's the danger.
When we can go through life without thinking...why exist. We need
to be in control of who we are and what do we stand for. When we
take thinking away...we become a nothing. Most of society goes
through life, exercise and training robotic. We need to emphasis
thinking (the brain) in our activity. A workout should be thought out...daily. It's a good thing we don't have a "remote" to send our
clone to workout (yet). Motivation and passion are the building blocks. Next week...motivation application in our lives.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hello and welcome everyone...let's start off with this...modern medicine and know how helps all of us to live longer. The quality
of life is  mostly in our hands. So we move the needle from the 70's
to the 80's and 100's. Are we going to "hang on" with a walker and
tubes or choose to be self sustaining on our own. Most of us will
fight for one more breath. I have seen it and so have you. How many pills will we take for the next 15-20 years. And then forced
into assistant living. Three weeks ago I stopped my exercise routine
for three days. I got old, felt old, lost functional mobility. Solution
for a healthy life style...EXERCISE! I don't want to just survive, I
want to live...on my own. Page 2...why is it that people with disabilities, less gifted, devastating hardship...have that inner strength to overcome obstacles, accomplish more and excel. Fate
is what life gives you...destiny is what you do with it.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O