Sunday, October 19, 2014


Welcome everyone...let's start off with wishing Anna Stoehr a Happy Birthday. Anna from MN, USA turned 114 on 10/17. Veggies have an expiration date...not humans. Let's explore my three key words and them to training and workouts. 1) Password.
2) Gap. 3) No Fly Zone. Each one of us must have a key to open
the treasure of 100's of different drills and exercises. So, we need to
change our mind set from going through the motions in our workouts to efficiency. Efficiency is the line between results expected and results achieved. So much in life centers on time,
distance, numbers and connections. Discover your password, derived from being true to yourself. Gap...empty space. Notice when people talk and have nothing to say, they repeat themselves
or slow down their speech pattern. No Gap. No fly zone...stay away
from drills that threaten you health...injury. Rehab is more costly
and time consuming than proper workouts, proper warm up and
cool down. Happy birthday Anna.
Have a meaningful life everyone. Jimmy O

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hello and welcome everyone...received positive reviews for blogs
Torque and Pop, thank you. Most of you know that I work with and
follow men and women with physical or mental challenges. Julie
Fast, Appalachian Trail. Look up on Bing or google. This blog will
conclude my toughest training drills. Push a 2x4 10m. Bend down
with hands on 2x4 and push as fast as you can. Five sets. I use 8
hurdles, 15 inches in ht. and about 2 feet apart, in a row. Face one
way, jump and spin in air and face the other way as I go over each
hurdle. Jump over hurdles with one foot at a time. Last, jumping
side ways over each hurdle. Five sets each drill. Next drill, jumping
up bringing knees waist high touching knees to hands. Jumping 30
times in 15 seconds. Using ankle weights, one pound each and sprint up steps. I use steps at a place near a lake. There are 84 steps.
Five sets. I have designed 43 different training drills. Mix and match as you wish.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Hello and welcome everyone...before we explore a few of my 41
exercises (drills), reference the following...1) the book Power vs Force. 2) Dr. William Braud, founder of Mind Science Foundation.
3) by Christie Marie Sheldon. OK,
let's get to the drills. Warm up must be an exact preface to the
movement in your drills for your end result. There are three planes
of motion...directional not locational. Traverse go up
down and across. Sagittal plane...longitudinal vertical plane dividing the body. Frontal plane. I focus on core exercises and fast
twitch fiber drills. Up hill sprints, 30m in length with at least a 10m
elevation...forward and backward. Still on the hill, sprint forward
carrying an 8/10 pound weight out in front of me. Kangaroo hops
for 10m. Squat, jump and spin in air 180 and continue for 10m.
When landing, pop up quickly. Still on hill, hop forward on one
foot for 5m and then the other for 5m. More next week.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Hello and welcome everyone...over the past 10 years I have designed 41 different drills for use in my training and for other
athletes with emphasis on high impact training focus. There specific purpose for each drill and exercise. I compete in Track and
Field, martial arts, tennis, racquetball, pickleball, soccer, basketball, softball and flag football. Every one of my drills must be specific to the results desired. If you can exercise (movement)
one way, then you can exercise that movement in four different
directions. Learning how to measure effectiveness/progress is key.
Next week...a listing of some of my drills.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hello and welcome everyone...over the past few months I have been asked the following question, "what are the five toughest drills
you face?" So, here's the five...1) pull a 150 lb sled or tire 10 meters, 5 sets. 2) jumping in place, bringing knees up to my chest
30 times in 15 sec. 3) water aerobics for 45 min. 4) wall walk, stand
2/3 feet from wall w/back to wall, reach up overhead, put fingers
against wall and walk fingers all the way down until your head touches floor and then walk fingers back up to starting point. Five
sets. 5) sprint 400 meters in 70 sec. All my workouts are for two
hours with a 20 min. warm up and 20 min. cool down. Six days a
week. Always finish your workout. In school, when you didn't finish your home work assignment, we got an "incomplete." Never
get an incomplete in your workouts. It's a pass or fail business.
Question...would you invest in yourself?

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hello and welcome much in life is about time, distance, connections and detours. And once in awhile we should
take a step backwards before we can move forward. I call this a
"Kodak" moment. Most of us plan, set goals and are driven to get
the most out of life. Assessment, analogize our state of mind and
body. Most of us "hit a wall" at times. Next what to do and how to
do it is critical to break down barriers. Change is not waiting for us
to catch up to's coming at us and all around us. Many people
freeze, become paralyzed. We become addicted to failure. That's
when rigormortis sets in. A key...change workout/training pattern
begins with our mindset and yes move out of our comfort zone. Rid
that robotic routine. Muscle confusion is created. Addiction to old
habits is dangerous and regressive. Today, take that step backward
in order progress forward with assurance and confidence. The one what I am doing and the way I'm doing it going to get
me to where I need to be.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Under Water

Hello and welcome everyone...let's continue our "ultimate challenge" series. Awhile ago I devoted a blog to the Navy Seals
training. For the past five years I have relied on sprinting (barefoot)
on the beach and in water. Let's begin in the water. Sprinting in waist high water...this is resistant sprinting, staying on the balls of my feet and keeping with the sprinter's form for 30 seconds. Ten
sets. Mix in plyometrics...staying in waist high water, squat and
spring up with arms reaching above your head...ten times. Always
on the balls of your feet, never land flat footed. Bring knees up to
your chest when you spring up. These water drills will develop
your fast twitch, leg strength and endurance. Drills can be done in
a shallow pool. Sprinting on the, 30 meters, ten
sets, on the balls of your feet. Sand forces you to work harder. This
is a high impact workout. No matter what your sport is or your goals, these drills will get you there.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O