Sunday, December 30, 2012


Hello and welcome thanks to all of you who have
been following my blogs. As an athlete/competitor, the thing I fear
most is injury. Some of you also suffer from chronic pain. And there are some who don't know what it feels like to be pain free. We face two important parts in "body health." 1) body prep for
training and competing. 2) body maintainance, Let's address # 2.
Wintergreen oil...usage began years ago for it's medicinal properties
for treating symptoms of rheumatism, sore throat, tooth decay, insect bites, snake bites and bee stings. Caution: a one-oz bottle is
for anywhere from 100-300 applications. Wintergreen oil or
methylsatlicylate. What to look for: 1) St John's Wort, for relief
of nerve related pain such as sciatic and arthritis. 2) Arnica for
bruises and sprain. 3) Cayenne stimulates circulation. 4) Menthol
(from peppermint) increase blood circulation. 4) Ginger reduces
inflammation. 5) MSM relief from back and muscle pain.
6) Wintergreen oil for relief from arthitis, joint stiffness or muscle
spasms. 7) Emu oil for healing and anti inflammatory properties.

Wishing all of you a healthy and safe New Year.
Have a meaningful life everyone. JimmyO

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone...received several positive comments
re 2x4 drills and requests for a few more of my workout drills. OK
lets go.
1)   barefoot sprinting on grass and sand and in water 2/3 foot deep.
    Always sprint on the balls of your feet. Utilize the fast twitch
    muscle fiber. If you sprint flat footed, you decrease your power
    and breakaway speed. Sprint 50m-100m, 10 times. On sand your
    legs will feel the burn.
2)   Sled pull...indoor and outdoor. Sled weighs 40lbs and I add 60
    lbs. Start standing or from sprinter's stance. Sled strap is either
    around my waist or shoulders. You have to LEAN slightly into
    pull. At least 5 sets and 30m each. Horsepower.
3)   Weights/resistance bands. I do more with the bands than     
    weights. One of the drills I do with weights is to hold a 30 to
    60 lb weight in each hand, squat and then explode upward and
    lift off the floor. Three sets with 10x each set.  Resistance bands,
    isometric drills. Upper and local body. Bands have been a big
    part of my training since 2000. More productive than weights.
4)   Weighted warps...just above the knee, 1/3 lbs. each leg. Five
       sets, 50m each set. KEY...knee lift sprints. not
       jump into these drills until you are sure your legs are well
       conditioned. Rehab is no fun.
OK, so there you have it. Merry Christmas to you and your
loved ones and a healthy and safe New Year.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone...this blog is dedicated to the tragedy
and memory of Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown Ct.
Life is so a society, we need to look at ourselves first in
search of the problem and then the solution. I have an empty feeling today, however, I want to reach out vs lash lash out. This
blog will be a change of pace...taking a side road for a few miles.

On Monday, Dec. 10th 27 men and women graduated from my
pickleball class. This graduation honored people with disabilities.
My fitness classes are attended by physically and mentally
challenged, so why not a sport. Over the past year I designed a
pickleball class for people with disabilities. And for the past three
months, I played left handed to better understand the difficulty in
retraining brain and developing a new muscle memory, motor skill
and learning a sport. To the amazement of the "nay sayers," We
did it! This was a six weeks class, one hour each week. This
venture is entitled The Hero Program. Each participant was
presented with an Olympic torch medal with the word Hero engraved on the back. I had eight men and women from my other
classes actually do the instructing. Four of the participants will now
enroll in my class for beginners. Yesterday, I received a call from
one of my instructors with this message, "I just saw three of our
graduates and all three were still wearing their medals." This was
not about pickleball, it was about bringing people together.
Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone...your comments and questions to the
(3) blogs of 2X4 has been overwhelming. Thank you. Several of you asked about "what is my most difficult exercise." Well it's
the wall walk. Standing with my back to the wall, about 18 inches
from the wall, extend arms overhead and reach back and touch
wall with fingers and walk fingers down to the floor with head
touching floor. Then walk fingers up the wall until you reach starting  position. Do 5 sets with a one minute rest between each
set. I call this "the exercise from hell." Another one is hanging from
a bar upside down and do sit ups. I force my stomach pull to my body
up 'til my head is almost touching my feet. Do 5 sets, 10 each set.
That is a great ab workout. Challenge yourself.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone. JimmyO

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone...this the 3rd and last segment of my
work out/training drills. All told, I have 43 different drills and will have listed 14 in my blogs. Let's get started:
9) sprint forward and backwards 10m., 5 sets. 10) hops, one foot at
a time, 4 directions. 30 sec each set, 5 sets. 11) sprint backwards
for 10m., turn quickly and sprint forward for 20m. 12) ball throw,
(soccer ball) overhead, turn quickly and sprint forward and try and
catch ball on first bounce. Key, go all out to catch up to ball.
13) speed bursts. Go about 60% of max for 10m and then burst
to top speed for 30m. 14) once a week, do the three exercises you
avoid...drills that are hard for you to do. No matter what sport or
competition, the drills listed in these blogs will not only help you,
but will "drive" you to reach your goals. Have a great workout.

Have a meaningfull life everyone...JimmyO