Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mental Fitness

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Welcome to GEEZERFITNESS! This blog is #2
In my first blog I stated that we must be not only physically fit but mentally fit as fact the mental is critical in the overall success of any health and fitness program. Being mentally and physically fit is a commitment...a way of life...a life style change. It is a well thought out process of growing and maturing.
The mental process (exercise) begins with the basic assessment of oneself. The depth of this assessment begins with questions: 1) Why am I doing this? 2) Will I join a fitness ctr. or work out at home? 3) Will I need a personal trainer? 4)What are my limitations? 5) How much time per day will I allow for exercise? 6) Should I have a workout partner? 7) Do I have a written plan for exercise and diet? 8) Can I visualize myself as already being there, attaining my goals? *What are the benefits for me, what do I want to achieve? 9) Am I ready to begin now? 10) What am I waiting for?
*Most of us have one or more limitations...challenged mentally and or physically. Men and women who are blind, confined to their home, need a wheelchair, a walker or other aids find a way to do something relative to exercise. I have had people with diabetes tell me " exercise is key and more important than my diet in controlling my diabetes." The benefits of a healthy life resulting from a well thought out exercise program are numerous: Helps in lowering high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, helping in warding off heart disease, building bone density and you just feel better about yourself and so will your loved ones and your friends.

Next blog: What should I do first? What about diet pills and supplements?
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Fitness Start-up


Hello everyone and welcome to the geezerfitness world. This is the first edition and blogging is a first for me.

This blog would not exist had it not been for a friend of mine thank you Lyn.

Let's get started! This and future writings I will be discussing my workouts and training methods as well as my working with clients as a personal trainer.

I am convinced that mental preparedness and mental fitness is paramount. Obtaining clearance from your physician. Writing down a timeline, daily time slot, goals and objectives. Easing into a well thought out program. Always have your notebook with you. Compliment with a healthy diet. Stay with it. Please reference I am looking forward to working with you. You can email me at Have a great life everyone, Jimmy O