Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fusion (part 2)

Hello and welcome everyone...More and more athletes are integrating "fusion" in their training program. The use of "fusion" is your GPS. You wouldn't go through life  without ever having your blood pressure taken. Fusion provides you with an up to date report card of your entire  training program. Key points...record keeping, focus, mental discipline, up to the minute "report card." Easy access to recorded info. Use fusion on a month to month program.
Fusion...4 squares...1) starting point. 2) 7 day review. 3) 14 day review. 4) Grade your progress report. Change drills at least once a week. You are reporting to yourself. For once, you will finally know how to improve. A life changing moment. Review Fusion part 1.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Welcome everyone...competition, sports science, intangibles and the unknown are driving forces to our success. Pay attention to the advances in sports science and especially the mental. I am developing a training program known as Fusion in Sports. Fusion is the art/procedure in the melting together by heat. The merging of different elements union resulting from fusion. You furnish the "heat," Also, you create your DNA. Your passion is the major contributor for the fusion heat process. You create your DNA by selecting five to 10 mental exercises and 10 physical exercises. Record keeping is a must. You may add or change any of the exercises. Select exercises you like and some you don't like. You are creating your own GPS for success. Allow 3/4 weeks to reach a comfort zone. Once you reach "your zone" using muscle memory and  muscle will reach a much higher level of achievement. If you have questions, go to my web and send question via web.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Welcome everyone...motivation/unknown/dream. No matter what professionals actually believe, that most of us are self motivated. Well, surprise. Our research shows that at least 60% are not motivated. 50% of that figure don't want to be motivated...takes too much energy. Motivation comes from within...bribes come from the outside. Stop the bribes and oh oh...production stops. Then you are at the corner of stop and "now what." Your energy comes from within. When you want to lead,  you ascend to "rare air" it gets lonely at the have no workout partners. How is your workout partner(s) doing.? If you succeed 90% of the credit belongs to you,,,if you fail 90% of the credit belongs to you. next blog...FUSION.