Saturday, December 21, 2013


Welcome everyone....Happy Holidays to all of you. Last blog for 2013. Endings are tough and beginnings are stimulating. you have one. We all need direction, a plan in whatever we do in life;  job, profession, family, sports and so on. Most of us have heard of "genome," map of one's life. We need a "genome" GPS as we map out our plan for 2014 for fitness in 2014. Perhaps the greatest threat to our health is a lack of movement. Some of you are gifted athletes, pros or beginners.
No matter the level we perform at, we will always need a GPS and to follow it. Passion and patience come onto play. How strong is our will to succeed in our goals. Passion and patience are the building blocks to sustain our ambition. We also need to encourage others to follow. There is  or should not be an ending to fitness. That's one reason no one ever graduates from any of my classes. When one stops, one quits. No such thing as status quo in my vocabulary...we either go up or down. Life is so
fragile...treat it as such. As my father would say, "water the flower before it dies." See you next year.

Have a meaningful life everyone. JimmyO

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...struggled with organizing all the
thoughts for this blog. And the title. Let me start this
philosophy of life. Be true to yourself in everything
you do. You must weather at least one storm in your life. You must
learn to survive. It's hard to beat a person who never gives up. If you give up, you quit. When you think about quitting, think about
why you started. The one constant in life is change. Everyone will
experience at least one life defining moment...a life changing
moment...take advantage of that moment, it's precious. Share your
talent/gift with others. I wonder why some people, physically or
mentally challenged can accomplish so much...can conquer the
impossible. Kyle Manard, congenital amputee, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro. A teenage man from China, put in a foster home at
age three. Abused for two years and ran away at age five. Homeless
since age five. He appeared on a talent show recently in China.
Blew everyone away with his singing. A teenage woman, homeless, works as a janitor to make ends meet. Last year she was
admitted to Harvard Law School. For years now I have conducted
classes for men and women with disabilities. Classes for fitness
and learning how to play various sports. Title for the classes...
The Hero Program. So rewarding! I have a waiting list of people
wanting to help me instruct. People will forget what you did, what
you said and what you were wearing...they will never forget how you made them feel.
Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Beyond

Welcome everyone...I will begin this are as good as your
thoughts picture you. You perform according to your thought
processes your action...your past. Most of us cannot envision what
we could like. There in lies the problem. Goals are one thing. Performance beyond the past is quite another. How do we touch, feel "the beyond." If you have never been to a place, can you describe where you have never been? You can? How?! The year is 1984, LA, Olympics. Bob Richards was addressing sports
writers and answering their questions. He was asked "how many
records will be broken?" Response, "all of them." Then Bob said
"follow me" and he led us to the field house filled with swimming
pools. And Bob asked "do you see these 8-9 year olds swimming?"
They are going to break records that haven't even been set yet!
Think about that! These kids can see and describe places they
have not been yet. They feel it and visualize themselves as already
being there. Passion! Feel it! See it! Do it!

Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Welcome everyone...emotion plays a role in this blog. I will be
emphasizing a special person...the underdog. For those of you, who
have followed me over the years will recognize my thoughts and
words. Since the year 2003 I have devoted my time and worked with the physically and mentally challenged. 100's of men and women with disabilities have participated in my fitness classes and
various sports classes. I have spoken the words several times...
" I am overwhelmed by people with less, do more." Throughout my
life, I have always thought of myself as the underdog. Aside from
people with physical and mental challenges, a great majority have
less physical and athletic ability and skill...and yet, they still WIN.
Why? These men and women think "outside the box." They are
forced to create a win. This is true in business as well
as all of life. Never underestimate the power of the
underdog! My book recommendation this month is David and
Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. He appeared on 60 minutes about a
week ago. A must read!

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In Thanks

Welcome everyone...since I was 10 years old, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Just family, friends and turkey.
I am the chef on this day. For more years now than I can count, I
always invite a family to join us...a family on hard times. And make a meal for shut ins. Makes me feel better. My father once told
me, "if you do something expecting a thank you, you are doing it for the wrong reasons." So, do something for someone. My thanks
to all of you and for being a part of my life.
Best wishes to you and your loved ones and to someone you
helped today. JimmyO

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stick It

Hello and welcome everyone...over the years, every once in awhile
I elect to take a side road to think, observe and gain perspective in
life. So, I'll share what I saw this past week. Watching one of my
fitness class of women participants I noted once again that applying
games, sport and fun, the women achieved a higher level of fitness.
When training and getting in shape becomes FUN, we perform better, longer and are more focused. Also the confidence level is
much higher. You can have structure and still have fun. Also, women have taught me, there must be a social element...a connection. I never disrupt a minute or two for socializing. I call that the "refresher." Another waste more time than women. Most consider the gym the "pain ctr." Watch men on
a tread mill...not pretty. People going into surgery have the same look. I also observed that both men and women did not illustrate
a "peak "  during their routine. I call that the "STICK IT" time
frame. I then visited another one of my fitness classes for people
with disabilities. I observed people having fun while getting into
shape. I am always motivated by people with less doing more and
giving more. Each one of us possess three people inside...the child,
the adult and the parent. As we age we push aside the child within
us. We allow the adult and then the parent to take over our lives.
Bring the child back into your life.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, November 17, 2013

WOW factor

Hello and welcome are the best. WOW! I appreciate
your comments and questions. "I want to be the best of me most of
the time" I don't compete for the sake of competing, I compete to WIN! My mindset...out work you. I have average skill, athleticism
and intelligence. When you know your strengths and weaknesses and admit will become a winner. Natural energy... start with
Epsom salts. Soak your feet for 20 minutes daily. Chia seeds, avocado, apples, cherries, ginger for circulation, pineapple melon and goji berries. And last do not want dehydration of
connective tissue, joints and tendons. Cells respond to collegen.
You can never go wrong with berries and seeds.

Have a meaning life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...the response to the Ninja and Navy
Seal training and workout has been overwhelming. I will answer
all questions and comments. So, my thanks to all of you. When
reviewing my blogs, I discovered I forgot to add one other push up.
Take your push up stance...go down to chest and push up fast and at peak height push hard and either go to left or right. Your hands
come off the floor and you land as far from center as possible and
then back and forth moving as fast and as far as you can. Do ten and build up to 25.
Breakout...pain relief and speeding up metabolism. Before, during
and after your workout...s-t-r-e-t-c-h. Design your warm up and
cool down. Rehab is no fun. Consider the following for pain relief...Capsaicin creams, Inflathera, Zyflamen, Turmeric, Curcumin, Prothera RX, Arnicare. Speed up metabolism...protein
contains amino acids your body needs to speed up metabolism.
Kale and green tea. Next

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...last week's blog concluded my four
part series on Ninja training. I illustrated 25-30 different drills. Mix
and match your weekly, two hour daily drills six days a week. By now, after four weeks you should be rock hard. will
gain more benefit from your workouts with...1) proper breathing,
exhaling when applying resistance. 2) Proper technique. 3) Proper
mental attitude. 4) Patience. 5) Proper stretching.
Now, I will address the intangible...mental toughness. You develop
mental toughness while training in Ninja training. Hard...yes.
Uncomfortable...yes. Rewarding...very. To get there...start here.
Let's say your are going to prepare a special meal. You need the
proper recipe, one that you can work with. As you get started,
it is some what confusing...until you get "into it." You begin to
visualize what the meal will look like and what it will taste like.
Yes, you can even sense what it will smell like. In reaching any
goal, you begin to visualize yourself as already being there.  You
begin to act and behave as though you were already there. That vision lives with you, drives you, it consumes becomes
your passion. Nothing can stop you. You follow your vision.
Next week...pain relief.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...the Ninja series has drawn a lot of
attention by you the reader. So, let's get started with #4 in the series. Plyometrics and Isometrics. All of the drills, except one, are
designed to develop the fast twitch muscle fiber. High impact drills.
Plyo...get five wood boxes starting at about 12 inches high and
increasing to 42 inches in height, or whatever your max is. First,
jump onto each box that are spaced apart. So, jumping on the box,
hit the floor and on the next box and so forth. Next, jump over each
box. Spring up as soon as you hit floor or box. Five sets. Next, holding a weight above your head, toe tap on a step while standing
on foot and then the other for 30 sec. Rest for 20 sec. Do
5 sets. Iso...using a resistant band, hold band for 15 sec. and release. You can do curls by placing one end of band under a foot and the other end in your hand. Resistance should be 70% of
capacity. You can do legs and arms and neck. Tie one end around
a fixed object or in the door jam. Now, for you weight lifters, get
a tire weighing about 100 pounds. Flip end for end for at least 10m.
Do five sets. Kick box at a "dummy bag." First punching the bag
for one minute and then kicking the bag for one minute. Do five
sets. Floor stand bag is ideal. Next run a mile at least once a week.
Next, play a sport with lots of movement at least once a week for
an hour. Next, the dreaded wall walk. With your back against the wall, step away about 2 feet, arms overhead with fingers touching
wall and walk your fingers all the way down to the floor and then
walk fingers all the way up. Five sets. Number all the drills and mix
and match. Train six days a week.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...start off by stretching for 30 minutes. Now sprint 50m five X with 20 second rest between each
sprint. Next, hanging by your feet, body fully stretched out, come
up and touch your toes 10 times and hold for 10 seconds, Five sets.
Next, push a 2x4 20m. Five sets. 2x4 should have a towel around it
so it does not scratch floor. Next, jump rope for 30 seconds with a 30 sec. rest between each set. Five sets, and increase to 10 sets by
week three. Next, sprint 50m. Three X. Next sprint up hill or up
stairs and when reaching the top sprint for at least five meters. Hill
should be at least 20m and stairs should be at least 25 steps. Next,
20 slow pushups...slow, very slow. Finish with stretching for 30
minutes. I drink at least 20 oz of water and 8 oz of coconut water
each work out. Next week...Ninja bonus.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...your response to Ninja 1 was great.
The foundation is built on core, plyo and iso. No, this program was
not designed to be easy. Designed for me to reach my limitations...
every workout...six days a week. Alternate drills every other day.
Reminder, before and after each session...stretch for 30 minutes.
Include sprinting...three 50 meters. Let's go. Laying flat on floor, hold 5 pound weight above your stomach, stretch arms up while
holding weight and drop weight on squeezed stomach. Drop 10
times. Rest for 60 sec. Repeat twice more. You can have someone
else drop weight. You will increase weight by 5-10 pounds each
week. Always tighten abs before dropping weight. Ab drills are
based on your tightening those abs. You will not get a six pac by
doing sit ups and crunches. Next, sprint 50 meters three times,
three sets. Next, from a sitting position, hands on your sides, lean
back to 90 degrees and hold for 30 sec and then back to sitting
position. five sets. Next, holding 10 pound weight in both hands,
place weight on floor and jump up and stretch arms high above
your head. Ten times, five sets. Reminder, when you land, POP
up. Next, sprint 50 meters three times. Rest for two minutes.
Stretch for 30 minutes. Now you should be tired. Next week, it
get's tougher...rope and 2x4. Some of you won't be back.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...over the past three months, I have
researched the Ninja philosophy and have designed a demanding
training program for myself. Remember, this is a program for me.
Over the next 3/4 weeks I will share some of the basics with you.
My mindset..."break the shell" around me. I wanted a collision with
my training drills and practice. I needed to get uncomfortable with
my training. I would compare the Ninja with the US Navy seals. The beginning...1) the core. Plyo, jumping sideways, forward and
backward over a portable step, ten inches in height. Arms waist high. Jump for 30 seconds. Then add a 5 pound wt in each hand with arms waist high for 30 seconds. must pop up just
as soon as your feet touch the floor. Next, hold the 5 pound wt in
each hand with arms straight out in front of you, chest high for 30
seconds. Rest for one minute. Next, lay on your back, holding 10-
15 pound wt straight up over your face, elbows locked. Legs flat
on floor. Come up strong to sitting position. DO NOT move arms
forward when coming to a sitting position. Three sets with 15 reps
each. Next, sprint up at least 25 steps with arms in front of you,
chest high and squeeze the abs muscle and hold tight. Repeat with
5 pound wt in each hand. Five sets each. Finish with 30 min.
stretching...same as prior to start. Next week...#2.

Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Welcome everyone....ALARM. That word is responsible for what
ever measure of success I have had in my training and competing in
sports. Yes the alarm clock has been my ally for my whole life. I
tried to analyze what outer motivation was driving me. Not always
did I enjoy hearing that alarm sound. Each night I would place the
alarm clock five feet away from my bed. I had to get out of bed to
shut it off. The alarm forced me to get started. Even in my business
as owner and CEO. There are times in life when the very simple
things pay off big. Many people complicate and clutter their lives...
keep it simple and direct. Don't mistake activity for accomplishment. When men and women ask me what's my secret,
and I respond with "alarm clock" they have that puzzled look. I
just smile and walk away. Perhaps that alarm will drive you to

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hello and welcome is time. Time to measure you.
Most things in life are measured by time and distance. Then there
is the relationship thing I refer to connections. My question to you,
"what is your relationship to yourself?" "Do you trust yourself or do you bail out?" There are tons of fitness and health programs out
there. A few are good, most are bad. Just check your wallet and you
will agree with me. It's a Billion dollar a year business. You and I
have thrown out "half used" products. Yes, all of us have been
caught up in the "presto" mind set. You and I need to go through
the school of Hard Knox, Throw out all those imposters. It is time
to start over. My father used to tell me, " whenever you tell a story,
always start at the beginning." Begin with this...see what you can do on your own. No supplements and no purchased video. This
is on you. Do what you feel you need and you will be right. I
did this quite some time ago and the results were great. We all
look for an edge. The school of hard knox will serve you well.

Have a great life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hello and welcome response to your requests, today I
will address "hard abs." Without sit ups and crunches! Here we go.
Hold a 20, 30, 40, 50 lb weight in both hands in front of you with
elbows slightly bent. Tighten stomach muscles and walk 10m.
Hold the weight waist high. Do three sets. Then do three sets holding weights shoulder high. You must keep stomach muscles
tightened. Next, do three more sets moving weights up and down
waist high to shoulder high. Yes, you will be giving your forearms
and shoulders a workout also. Next, walk up a stairs while holding
weight in front of you and repeat what you did on flat ground. Next, sit on floor with hands at your sides and starting at your knees, lean back to about 90 degrees and hold for count of 20 or
30 sec. Do three sets. Next, using an overhead bar that is stationary,
with  straps around your ankles, hanging by your ankles, come up
and reach over your toes and hold for count of 20 sec. Do five sets.
Next, do kangaroo hops. No weights. Hop for 10m. Three sets. As
you hop, the higher you raise your arms, with elbows bent, the
better your results. Remember, keep stomach muscles tightened
as long as you can. There you have it...hard abs.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Hello and welcome everyone...the "dog days" are here. Seasons
change 4 times a year. This change affects most of us...we tend to
feel down and lack that snap. Now is the time to call upon our mental toughness that we have worked on all year. Go back to the
basics of your training...the fundamentals. Concentrate on your
foundation. Time to incorporate something new. For me, some long
distance running for the next 30 days. Am writing out my program
for the next 90 days. Setting new goals, raising the bar and visualizing myself already being there. Give yourself a pep talk and
look into the mirror. What do you see?! Who do you see?! See you
at the finish line!

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...BONUS week. Here we go...all natural.
* for energy...chia seeds, avocado, apples, cherries, ginger(better circulation),
pineapple, watermelon...which also calms the stomach. Contains an enzyme
called bromelain. Goji berries and crab hobster, amino acid converts to
serotnin and tryptophan.
* for dehydration, joint tendons...cell respond to collegen. Reference...Sue
Hitzmann has a program called MELT.
* lower core temp, use a bucket of ice water plus "spirits of amonia."
Get at a pharmacy. Result...opens pores and cools blood flow.
* for brain stimulation...recommend  the program Lumosity.

Athletes are amazed at the positive results from all of the above.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone. JimmyO

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone..,This is the seventh in our series of
eight blogs regarding "answers to your questions." Your positive
remarks has been very gratifying. Next week...a bonus for you.
This week "how do I achieve stamina/endurance?" Let me begin
this way...words to live, training, workouts, jogging,
running, weight room, swimming and so on. Staying healthy must
be "A  WAY OF LIFE." Breaking your way of life will be your
un doing. Stop eating for three days, three weeks or three months
would be a health hazard. You can't say, "well, I'll just eat twice as
much for that length of time and catch up." Really?!!! Breaking
training will erode your endurance/stamina. Each time you go into
rehab for whatever reason...erosion takes place. For me, endurance/
stamina is attained by practicing endurance drills. Called GRUNT
work. I am a sprinter, tennis, racquetball, pickleball and martial
arts athlete. Those are my core sports. Skip roping, swimming,
running backwards, plyometrics, sprinting uphill forwards and
backwards with and without holding a 12 pound weight overhead
for 20 meters and sprinting in 3 feet of water at the lake...those are
some of the drills I do for stamina/endurance. And three days a week I run 800 meters. I do all this for three months, before I start
my sport drills.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Winner's edge

Hello and welcome everyone...sixth in a series of eight in answering your questions. "Why is the mental so critical in training
and competing?" Let me answer this way...picture a bicycle, the
front wheel is the mental part. The front wheel get's you to where you want to go. The back wheel is the physical, that's what drives
you. Most people are on a unicycle. The unicycle will get you going in circles. Winners will profess that the mental part of their
game is more important than the physical. On any stage, any level
of competition, the "mental edge" is the winning edge. The EYES
show who is mentally ready to compete at a winning level. By
looking into one's eyes, you can tell who is ready and who is not.
Mentally tough people are very hard to beat. Physically, at any
given age or level of competition men and women are close to being
equal. The mental separates. You develop mental toughness in all
of your workouts long before the event. The mental will get you
there...:"first to the finish line." Mental fitness must be a part of
your every day life...not limited to training and competing. You
can't turn it on and shut it off when you feel like it. You either
have IT or you don't.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...this is the 5th of a series of eight in
addressing your questions. Today's workouts are boring, what's wrong? I like to compare working out to eating. If
you were to eat the same thing every meal, every day, that steady
diet...eating would become boring. It would become easy to skip
eating. Watch someone on a treadmill...I have never seen anyone on a treadmill, smile. Have you? I love working out, always have.
are keys for meaningful workouts. Write down your planned
workouts and your objectives. That's your Rx for success. Change
your drills/training. SPIKE your daily workouts. Once a week,
create a "workout beast." These KEYS will fire up your mental as
well as your physical. My workouts are for 90 minutes. That
includes a 15 minute warm up and cool down. Always challenge
yourself. Don't slack, don't give up and don't quit until you cross
that finish line. See you at the finish line.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The BURST!!!

Hello and welcome everyone...this is the 4th in a series of eight blogs. Today we concentrate on the "burst." No matter what sport or competitive event, whether team or individual, you need the "burst." The burst is different than having a "kick." In my "Webster," the  kick applies to running long distance, biking, or
skating/skiing, swimming...all long distance, over 400m. The burst
applies to sprints, T&F, racquet sports, X Games, endurance and
body building (weight lifting). My apologies if I missed your sport.
For the past one dozen years, I have used the word "NOW: as my
mental igniter. When I say the word NOW aloud, that triggers GO.
90% of my sprint drills demand the NOW command. My brain,
my body responds to that command. Example...200m, load and explode out of the blocks. That's the first "burst." All out for the
first 20m and then I pull back to 90% capacity for 80m. With
100m to go, my next NOW, with 40m to go, my next NOW, and
with 10m my final NOW. All bursts of additional speed. Arms,
legs are fluid...reaching. Remember...the faster you move your arms, the faster your legs will move...count on it! My training, drills...from 30m to 400m, including uphill sprinting...I practice
"BURSTS." Even in the high jump and long jump. The word NOW
has been the catalyst for all of my gold medals. Never underestimate the power of your mind.

Have a meaningful life everyone...jimmyo

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...this is the third installment (of 8) in
addressing questions by readers of this blog. Reader's question:
what is a typical one hour work out for you? I have five, one hour
workouts with progressive variations. Base workout consists of
(after 15 min. warm up) 1) floor exercise. Various core, leg and back stretches...hold each stretch for about 10 sec. This is a 15 min.
exercise. 2) Plyo...begin with jumping onto boxes at various heights, starting at 12 inches and progressing to 40 inches. Five to
seven boxes spaced about 18 inches apart. Then jump over each box or stand,  except the 40 inch one. The KEY is the POP. As soon as your feet touch the floor, you pop up. Why? Develop your
"fast twitch muscle fiber." Then add a 10 Lb. wt. in each hand and
repeat same exercise. Over 30 days, build up to 25lb wt. in each hand. This drill is for 30 min. 3) last 15 min. Skip rope for 30 sec.
rest for 10 sec. This is a 3 min. drill. Next, take a 30 Lb kettlebell,
squat, both hands on kettlebell and jump up with the kbell above
your head. This a 5 min. drill. Finish with a 20 min. cool down.
Jog and light stretching. When I start my "basic training" I do this
routine three days a week for one month. Then I progress to the
next variation. Hope this helps. See you at the finish line!

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...welcome to summer heat. The next
7/8 weeks will cover in detail questions you have sent to me. Last
week we discussed YOU. This week...supplements. Supplements
users do not know if supplements work. Supplements are a multi
billion a year business. What your body needs, should start with
blood tests and nutritionist. For over 50 years, I have not found
a supplement that does what it advertises and neither has my staff.
I recommend the following natural foods: Water and coconut water
(vita coco) before, during and after events/training. Drink a glass of
water 30 min, before each meal and before bedtime. Before bedtime, greatly reduces cramping. For cronic  pain, use Arnicare
and for acute pain, use Wintergreen oil. I also drink (breakfast) a
glass of almond milk or coconut milk. I take a tablespoon of
coconut oil and raw apple cider vinegar each day. To dialate blood
vessels, take ginger, watermelon, garlic, zinc and oysters. To help
prevent swelling and pain, use Turmeric and best over all to lower
core temp...bucket of ice water with "spirits of ammonia." opens
pores and cools blood flow. Get at pharmacy. For energy...bananas,
all nuts and seeds from chia, hemp and flax. Lots of blueberries.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bermuda Triangle

Hello and welcome everyone,,,WOW! so many varied requests from you, the reader. Sample,,,1) break down your typical one
hour workout. 2) Best way to achieve more endurance. 3) how
do I achieve that "burst" in the home stretch? 4) my workouts are
boring, what's wrong with me? 5) Seems like you talk about the
mental more than the physical, why. 6) How do you design progressive workouts? 7) is sport specific workouts critical.8) Best
supplements and what works the best? That is just a sampling of
the questions I have received over the past six weeks. Same questions I have had for the past ??? Let me begin this way...many
years ago a valued friend of mine told me..."Jimmy, always
remember, whenever you tell a story, always start at the beginning
So, over the next 8 weeks I will address the above mentioned
questions. Let me preface the next 8 weeks with a beginning
thought...YOU. It begins with honesty. Self Image,,,that's the
who am I and what am I and what am I all about. Most men and
women don't want to venture into their "Bermuda triangle." Face
off with yourself. If you are afraid of what you might look like,
you have a deep rooted problem. You will never grow into who
you really are. You will always be a counterfeit...a phony. Oh,
most of us have been there.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...most things in life are measured by
time and distance. How many times have you and I witnessed winners
cross the finish line by one 100 hundredth of a second? When ever
I have a chance to observe men and women go through their
warm ups, all are pacing and prancing back and forth..."show time." No matter what sport you are competing need to
warm up your brain. Go off by yourself and mediate for 2/3
minutes. Visualize yourself competing...visualize yourself winning!
Get your mind into the event. Feel the power within yourself. Your can defeat anyone, you will win. Once you conquer
the mental capacity of your sport, the physical will follow.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Hello and welcome last week's track and field meet. I was told it was 101 degrees on the track. Really did not need to
know that. For some reason the heat just swallowed everyone. Six
and one half hours in the heat. I came away with five gold medals.
Survivors and winners had mental toughness. It would have been easy to walk away...quit. No one that I know of walked away. You
"rise above." You can't eleminate adverse conditions, you have to
rise above. Took me three days to recover. Now I am back at it, getting ready for my next meet in five weeks. See you next week.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...follow up to last week's "deadline"
blog. Huge track and field meet this week. Internal deadline...I am
ready or I am not. My internal clock dictates my mental readiness.
Now I am not thinking of "what if" or training. I concentrate on what's
ahead. 100's of times during the day I think about each of the five events
that I am entered. I visualize each event. I visualize myself winning. I don't get caught up in running errands or chores. I don't
want to be around people...I don't talk to anyone. I am not good to
be around. I have one thing in mind...WIN. Load/explode. See you
next week.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...I believe that time and distance are
how we measure most things in life, more than anything else.  We
are or should be "glued" to Deadlines. Tax time is one that haunts
most of us. For quite some time now I have been in awe of news
media being "on time." Newspaper, radio, TV and internet must
meet deadlines day after day. You and I have deadlines to meet at
various times of the year. Most of these deadlines come at us, some
with no warning. How about the deadlines you design? How about it.? Deadlines have a purpose...time and distance are paramount.
Having a purpose as to why we are doing something is critical
in reaching and achieving something worthwhile. For me, the next
7 days are the "countdown" days for my next huge track meet. I
entered (as always) 5 events. 50m, 100m, 200m, LJ and HJ. I want
to set records in all 5. I compete on June 22nd. So, I will blog on
next Thur. Stay tuned.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hello and welcome promised, "transition." I am two
weeks away from my first big track and field meet of this year. Let's go back in the prep and conditioning drills. The 2X4
push drill from one end of the gym to the other. Sprinting, pulling
the sled with 40 lbs of weight for up to 30M. Squat, jump and extend hands above my head lifting 12 lbs. All 5 sets. Now,
transition those drills to my T@F events...50M, 100M, 200M, HJ
and LJ. My final prep for the next 10 days consists of a 90 minute
workout...high impact. This is not for the weak of heart. After a
30 min. warmup...I do the following. Five 40M speed burst. Then
3, 200M sprints at 80 % capacity. Then three 100M at 80% capacity. Then three 50M sprints at 90% capacity. Then a 30 min.
cool down. You can apply these drills to any sport. I want my training to be tougher than the actual competition. I will be ready
to win and break all existing records. Stay tuned!

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, June 1, 2013

3 P'S

Hello and welcome everyone...this week, a perspective on motivation and success. Those two words are intangables. Everyone has a different definition. Through out my life's experence and countless interviews with a cross section of people
and professions I have come up with the 3 Ps. Practice, passion and
person (self image). It all begins with the person you are...not who
you pretend to be. Write down who you are, describe you.Then have
three people do the same re you. Practice...every person I know or
read about has found that practice and going back to the basics again and again have discovered the critical importance of progressive repitition. You begin to make it look so easy that anyone watching thinks they can do what you do. That's the first sign of becomming a "pro." Passion...whatever it is that you want,
you begin to act and behave as though you were already there. With
any pioneer, there are no paved roads. You blaze your own trail. With passion, you are not afraid of success or failure. And yes,
everyone fails at least once. Sometimes we fail more than we succeed...but in the end we succeed. Be patient, always acting as
though you were already there. I always consider myself as the underdog. I have to outwork the competition. Next week, transition.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hello and welcome, what a turn out re last week's blog. Twenty one countries. My deepest thanks to all of you taking
the time to follow my blogs. Let's get started. Part two of powermax. Reaching your "outer limits." You must train your mind to stop thing about youself. Concentrating on your being tired, legs
hurting and can't catch your second wind will not get you there.
Rather, only focus on "why you are training" and "the end result."
Always remember that the BODY FOLLOWS YOUR MIND. Who
is in control of you. This is when self takes over. Over and over and over again, your mind, your brain is at work here. When you elevate your brain, the body follows. Conscentrate on your strength
not your weakness. Break the will of the competition. You are breaking down barriers...barriers (goals) that you previously set. The goals previously set, now become strpping stones to a greater
life. Experience a greater freedom. Goals should always be a moving target.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hello and welcome promised, we will discuss "outer
limits"  and my defination of same. For me, reaching Our Outer
Limits is the attainment of a level of life...beyond our thinking. This includes the past, present and future.So many men and women
dictate their future by their past and present thought process. In fact
our "self " controls (holds hostage) our future. Most things in life
are measured by time, distance and self. Most people set various goals and and never attempt to achieve or follow through with their
throught process, thus becomes faulty. Setting goals is a two edged sword. Setting goals must always be the starting point...NOT the
ending point. Applying all of this to sports...use any time, distance
and "self" measurement you want...hit the reset button daily. Just
because I can reach a certain number today, does not mean that I
should not reach a higher number the next day. By not surpassing
yesterday's performance, we create our own roadblocks. We create
limitations which are self imposed...we are the enemy. No one said
it was going to be easy. I want you to experience that "life changing, life defining moment."At least once! Plunge into your next workout, without thinking about it. Feel the differance!

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hello and welcome all the mom's, Happy Mother's Day. That word gonna somehow haunts me. I've used it and so have you...many times. That word is a trap and time and time again
we keep falling into that trap. So, you are gonna do this and that but
never do. We tell ourselves that and anyone who will listen. Reminder, so much in life is measured by time and distance. We
make ourselves feel good when we say's called pumping
ourselves up. Stop saying

 GONNA. I stopped saying that word about
five years ago. Now I tell people what I have done...not what I am
gonna do. I get more done and no more excuses. I am staying far,
far away from that trap. Next, many of us, even though we may have written down our training routine, still ponder over what to do
next. Trying to figure out if it's too tough for us. STOP that thinking NOW. I refer to this as "jump action." I don't hesitate for
one second...I jump into my next drill that is written domn. Get control of yourself and your workouts. Next week's definition of "one's outer limits."

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...a footnote to last week's blog. Want to get rid of a cold...rub Vick's Vapor on the bottoms of your feet.
Having leg cramps while trying to a bar of soap at the foot of the bed, between the matress pad and the bottom sheet. Yep,
sounds crazy, but it works for 95% of the people.
OK, another transition, transfer of previous drills to my focus at hand. Up 'til now, my main focus has been on power, endurance,
stamina and developing mental toughness. Now the "bull work" is
over. Now I must transfer that training into quickness, speed and
finishing the event. I apply the previous 27 drills for my events in
track and field, tennis and racquetball. So, over the next four months, I will be doing speed bursts, plyo and with my main focus
on developing fast twitch muscle fiber. Once a week I will sprint
either up hill #30m, with a 20m incline or sprint up 67 steps. Ten
sets for each drill. Next week..."how did we do."

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...things that get in our way in our
training, workouts and competing...INJURY, soreness, itching, insect bites and other health related issues, especially pain, whether
it's joints or muscle. Here are a few "old fashion" remedies: lemon balm for stress and white vinegar for under arm. Yes it works.
Wintergreen oil has been around for years and years for treating sore throat, tooth decay, insect bites, bee stings. You don't need much for each application. St. John's wart for relief of nerve related
pain such as sciatic and arthritis. Arnica for bruises and sprains.
Cayenne stimulates circulation. menthol (from peppermint) increases blood circulation. Ginger reduces inflammation. MSM for relief from back and muscle pain. Wintergreen oil for relief from
arthitis, joint stiffness or muscle spasms. Emu oil for healing and anti inflammatory properties. All natural!  Here's to your health.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, April 20, 2013

X Factor

Hello and welcome everyone...let's discuss that critical X factor, the mental part of anything we do in life. We tend to bypass the
X factor in the "routine of life." Habit (rut) takes over. Many things
we do in life, we do without thinking and we grow accustomed to
that. When we sink onto that "zone" we leave out the process of
discovery, creativeness, achievement, actualizing self and we lose
sight of "who we are and why we are." beginning, no
process of thought, and the "becoming." Our problem solving
ability becomes part of the problem. The mechanical takes control of our lives. Acceptance of who we are and where we are, are the
key starting points. This all begins with Self Image...the who am I
and what do I stand for and what do I want to grow into. Assemble
all the scattered parts (confusion) and concentrate on the urgent
first. Remember, if we have allowed the brain to go "soft," mechanical, we need to start at the beginning in order to begin to
process, the path of "recovery." Forget about the words "quick fix."
On Friday of this week, I discovered something (a power) within me that I did not know I had. I was sprinting with a 40 lb sled behind me. After doing 4 sets of 20m, I had one more set to do and
I was feeling fatigued. I put my "mental" to work. I forgot about
everything else. I lunged forward with all I had and I felt like I was
outside of my body...sprinting fast, not breathing hard, not tired. I
had discovered a new power.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, April 13, 2013

IT Works!

Hello and welcome everyone...we are deeply in the "supplement age." Over the past 4/6 week, I have received several questions
regarding the use of supplements. These questions are from men and women of all ages. I addressed the use of supplements in depth
about three months ago and will do so again in 2/3 weeks. But for now, let's start with " define supplement." Everyone will have a
different definition, and my name is not "webster." There are tons
of natural supplements that are legal. There are tons of supplements
that are not legal. Pros in any sport have a laundry list of supplements they cannot use. So many people try to "manufacture"
a different body through the use of supplements. When I ask the
question of athletes , trainers and fitness gurus, I get, "I don't know if they help." I have tried lots of different things and came to the conclusion, They don't work. The one that I know works and that
is pure coconut water, a natural pure supplement. Provides me with
potassium, electrolytes and nutrients. Stay away from concentrates.
I also use a bottle of water with 2 tablespoons of natural lemon juice. I drink almond milk and coconut milk. Also a whole food
vitamin. Go natural! And I will close with this..."life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take away our breath." Author unknown.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...WOW! What a great response to my
blogs over the past three days. Greatest response volume ever in my years of blogging. Thanks to all of you for having an impact on
my life and for me to be a part of your lives. Last week's blog, 2
minute warning was timely, in that we are able to witness that time
and time again in the men's and women's NCAA basketball tournament. Just watching, one can feel the energy surge and the
mental part of the game take over. I want to experience that feeling
in my every day workouts. When one feels this energy surge, it
happens so fast we can't explain it...but we feel it. During this surge, the brain blocks out the fact that we are tired. We don't feel
fatigued any more. We want more! These brief moments of "surge"
are so precious in anyone's life...especially in the life of an athlete.
Select one or two drills that will help you attain that 30 sec. or two
minute surge. Here are two of my drills that I use. 1) I take a
sprinter's stance, place both hands on a 2x4, about 30 inches in
length and has a piece of outdoor carpet wraped around it and push
it as fast as you can for at least 10m. Three sets with 30 between each set. 2) Plyo...standing on one spot, jump up as high
as you can and at the peak of your jump, bring knees up to your
chest. Do 30 in 15 sec. Rest one minute and do another set. Rest
30 sec. and do last set. Maintain form and technique, do not get
sloppy. You have just achieved your life defining moment. Surge!

Have a meaningful life everyone! JimmyO

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter and welcome everyone...received great feedback regarding last week's blog. I share what I do in my workouts and
what I learn from other competitors and coaches. Follow up too
last week's blog, The Gap. This week...Two Minute Warning. Many
years ago my doctor told me that if I workout for 20 minutes, "it's
the last 2 minutes that really count." I never forgot that and I apply
that to my training. I will add, "it's the start and finish." The start,
begins "in your mind" long before you actually start your event. The 2 minute warning...2 minutes to go in your your
training...push it!!! You fight through fatigue and other adversities.
For every 30 minutes of working out, I include a 2 minute warning,
"the push." So, my 90 minute workout includes 3 two minute
segments. I program my brain. Also, in every event, when I have to
"kick" I whisper the word "now."  You can't eliminate hunger, pain,
thirst, fatigue or most any other RISE ABOVE IT.
The word "now" and the "2 minute warning" are a major part of
my mental training. Final thought, don't waste your time on the waste your energy. RISE ABOVE.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...delighted by your questions and
comments regarding previous blogs. A viewpoint/perspective...
there are 1000's of ways, exercises, techniques and yes, supplements one can grasp, to gain an win. Along the way,
what happens to our plan. We face challenges, obstacles we don't
like or understand. Some find themselves in that "vision of victory."
Most can't handle "that moment." Most people can live with
failure easier than success. People freeze at "that moment." This
mental state of mind begins in our training. We either drive our
workouts or the drills drive us. Everyone faces life defining, life
changing moments. Are you ready?! Or will you be afraid..again?
Winner's seize the moment. Winner's and survivor's are not afraid
of failure. They embrace "that moment." We need to overcome
ourselves...overcome our fears. Are you prepared to ascend the
podium, to take "center stage." First to the Finish Line," where
winners and survivors always meet.
 Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...workout transitional training. This is
critical in my conditioning and building endurance. My blueprint
contains 33 in nature. Sports I compete in...track
and field: 50m, 100m, 200m, 4oom, high jump and long jump. Also,
tennis and racquetball. So, over my training period (varies, but
usually 9 months) my drills evolve from one set to another. Each set has 4/5 drills. This past week I added the sled pull. Started at 30
lbs and will increase to 40, 50 and 60 lbs over the next 6 weeks. I
don't just pull, I sprint in the sled work. Imperative to keep correct
technique and posture. This wk.I will add drill on a curved treadmill.
I sprint as fast as I can for 45 sec. 5 sets with a one min. rest period
between each set. I will end this drill after 4 weeks and train outdoors
and begin speed bursts in the track. Using the interchangable parts
system, I create muscle confusion, focus and interest in what I have
to do to get ready to compete at peak performance level. One last
and important some point in the training/drill period, I
begin to shorten the rest period. I call this "close the GAP." This
technique enables me to develop mental toughness.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...certain words and phrases ring out
daily in one's life. Seize the monent, what if, grinder, it, out of nothing, the intangibles are part of the "word game." And I am
convinced that many people do not attain success because they are
afraid. They don't seize the moment. That's the "comfort trap." They have that list of excuses that they use over and over again.
Going to the next level in any any thing in life requires you to
leave your comfort zone. Human nature places too much emphasis
on the tangible...then we tend to "baby" ourselves. We stunt our
growth. More importantly, we stunt our thinking and never
achieve our potential. With that mindset, you can write all the goals
you want, you will never reach them...unless by accident. Once you
are capable of feeling and sensing who you are on the inside, you
experience the "BECOMING." One of the greatest feelings ever.
Kids of any age out to break records that havn't even been set yet,
experience their becoming. No matter your age...your time is now!

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...thank you for your questions and
comments. Let me address a few of your concerns...pain, pain relief and injury. In the world of sports, competing, training and
working out, our greatest fear is injury and pain. These fears not only affect our performance, but also our mindset. The culprit for
me...pulled hamstring and groin muscle. Through observation as
an athletic trainer and tons of research, I will summarize some of
my findings. Poor technique and a LACK of water, cologen and
hydration cause most of the problems relating injury, stress and
pain. Imbalance of muscle is the real culprit. I see poor technique
in the weight room, runners, sprinters, bikers and exercise routines.
Rehab is no fun. Read an article by Sue Hitzmann...she writes,
"daily repetitive movement and postures causes connective tissue
to dehydrate and over time stress and inflamation." Then we
encounter sleepless nights, anxiety, digestive issues and depression.
Not a pretty picture. Hope this helps.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hello and welcome map...conclusion to last week's
blog. Three words I concentrate on: 1) Self image...that's the who am I, what am I all about. The impact we make in life is in direct\proportion to our own self image. Our behavior mirror's the
way we think on the inside. 2) more than writing down
our goals. Passion consumes our being. When you can see yourself
already reaching your being to act and behave as though
you were already there. 3) Leadership...gravitates to the task competent. Winners depend on the leadership skill. This skill requires our ability to be decisive and creative. Before each work
out and each event picture yourself winning. All the various training methods and workouts that you have access to, won't get
the job done unless and until you put the "three words" into action.
And then, "how much is enough" in working out. I don't know, but
I give everything I have. I workout 330 days a year, about two hours each day. If my math is correct, that's 660 hours, 39,600
minutes and 23,760,000 seconds. At my age 75, I still compete in
the Senior Olympics and this will be my 10th year. I compete in
track and field, tennis, racquetball and pickleball. In track and field,
to win, I have to do the 50m in under 8 sec. 100m in under 14.5 sec., the 200m in under 32.5 and the 400m in under 72 sec. I want to be the best of me most of the time.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...experience a life changing, life
defining moment. That's what I experienced in April, 2004. In
January, my doctor told me I had prostate cancer. My days were
consumed with my training for my first Senior Olympics. Upon
hearing the tragic news...cancer, my first thought, life was over for
me. At least the life I had envisioned.  Driving to my workout the
next day a numbness began to rule my body. Arriving at the track,
my routine was to begin by jogging a 400m. After about 50m, I
pulled up and started walking back to my car. All the time saying
life is over, forget about the Olympics. I threw my duffel bag in the
back seat, got in the car and as I was about to drive away, I paused
and listened to the voice inside saying "you are a loser, a quitter." It
was at that moment that I became angered with myself. In my anger, I recall screaming the words, "I will beat this cancer. I'm
going to go down fighting." That was my life defining, life changing
moment. I wasn't afraid any more. From that moment, life took on
a different meaning for me. So, now I will attempt to define my
thoughts for you in what I had to do to attain my goals.

Most everything in life is measured by time and distance. And what
would it take for me to "get there," to reach my goals. I wrote down
the words...leadership, self image and passion. Let me define for
you how these words my "map" for achievement. CONCLUSION
next week. Have a meaningful life everyone. JimmyO


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back road

Hello and welcome everyone...every once in awhile I like to get off
the super highway, the fast lane and get on a side gives me
perspective. Today we will take a back road. Check our mental state of mind. Most people mistake activity for accomplishment.
On the go and yet not going anywhere. We spend more time on the
physical fitness than the mental fitness. How many things have we
started and never finished. Mental "toughness" is not a some time is all the's a way of life. When the mental part is
cluttered, disorganized...then our life will follow the same pattern.
And the pattern begins with "I'll start this tomorrow or next week."
We cut short our training. We become lazy. Words like slacker,
leaker describe our behavior. We start alot of things, seldom finish
anything. We even become disgusted with our behavior and lack
of positive results. Anyone can talk the talk...few can walk the walk. NEXT week...time, distance and "what does it take."
UPDATE...on Thursday, Feb. 7th, 21 men and women with disabilities graduated from my pickleball class. Two classes and
48 graduates. Smiles and tears on the part of graduates, and
instructors. It's a great feeling!

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, February 3, 2013

30 Days

Hello and welcome everyone...kinesiology is the study of muscles
and their movement. Body motion. When you can perform an
exercise one way, you can perform that exercise in three additional
ways (directions), in order to achieve the max out of just a single motion/exercise. Now, let's apply that to your particular sport. What motion(s) are required in your sport. Whether it's biking,
track and field, any ball sports...your warm up, your drills should
prepare you for your "sport exercise." Far too many athletes don't
compliment their sport with the selection of training. Sprinters need
to develope fast twitch muscle fiber, foot speed and arm motion...
just too mention a few. Why would a sprinter do a warm up by
jogging 800m or longer. Every warm up, every exercise must be
done for a specific purpose in mind. There must be over a million
different exercises to choose from. Select the few that are specific
to your sport...with multi directional motion. Exercise specific for
sport specific. We are measured by time and distance. For the next
30 exercise specific. You will soon realize the difference.

Have a meaningful everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...the global attention to my blogs is
very rewarding. Thank you and I will do my best to peak your
interest. Most of us have heard the term "we are the enemy." And
we are in my view. I classify three levels of fitness/training.
1) social, 2) amateur, 3) professional. I am appalled at the number
of men and women who have their cell phones, ipods and head sets
distracting their workouts. Texting during training. The use of these
electronic devises are a distraction. Why would anyone choose to
focus on something other than fitness/training. I conduct several
fitness classes and sports clinics and camps each electronic devises allowed. Safety and getting down to buseness is
the order of the day. Living a healthy life style is serious business,
at least for me it is. Some people think and feel that working out
and training is just for them. Not's also for everyone around
us. Having a positive impact on society should be not just a goal,
but our passion. Now more than ever, we need role models. Look
around. I can't guarantee fitness will add years to your life, but
I can guarantee fitness will add life to your years.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...introducing my ultimate challenge in
training. not attempt this unless you are in great physical condition. Also, have a partner join you. Find a space where there are not alot of people around. I workout alone, in a gym that is about 40 ft wide and 80 ft long. This is a 2 hour nonstop
challenge. After a 20 min. warmup, let's get started. Drills can be
done in any order.
1) holding 3 lb wt in each hand, knees bent slightly, standing in one
  place, move arms in sprinter fashion. 5 sets, 15 sec each set.
2) on treadmill, sprint at top speed as fast as you can for 45 sec.5sets. 
  Keep hands off side rails.
3) Strap a 1 lb wt slightly above each knee. Use ankle wt and place
  above knee. Sprint w/high lift. 5 sets, 20m each set.
4) sled w/40-50 lb wt. Heavy tire works also. Place strap around
  waist and hook other end to sled. Sprint 20m. 5 sets.
5) 2x4 wraped with towel or piece of carpet. Get down in sprinters
  stance with hands on 2x4 and push (sprint) for at least 10m. 5 set.
6) sprint forward and backward, 10m each way. 5 sets.
7) sprint backwards for 5m, pivot and sprint forward for 10m. 5
Drink lots of water/and coconut water. I call this conditioning
program the GASSER. I'll see you in 2 hours.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O