Sunday, November 30, 2008


HELLO AND WELCOME EVERYONE! I want to bring you up to date with "my world." Everyone is welcome into my life. This past August, right after the SENIOR OLYMPICS, I was
introduced to a young woman and her 7 year old son. He noticed the SENIOR OLYMPIC medals I was wearing and seemed somewhat captivated by them. So, I placed the medals around his neck and had a picture taken of the two of us. I later gave him a framed 8x10 pictureof the two of us. This past week I was invited by the young boy and his mother to speak to his second grade class of about 25. This was a great experience for me and they seemed to enjoy my talking about the SENIOR OLYMPICS. And, two of the women in my fitness class sent complements my way and how much fun they are having in the class. It's the fun more than anything that matters. I had a great Thanksgiving day with friends. I carved the turkey! Exercise!?
OK let's get started. Practical and functional exercise for anyone...especially seniors should be the order of the day. Playing a word game...when you hear the word(s) fitness club, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is weights or machines of some sort. For many that is a "turn off'." I am convinced that fitness and socializing go hand in hand. Most of us don't wake up in the morning and say, "gee I want to do something boring today." NO, I want to do FUN things today." Getting and staying fit must be fun! We need to ask ourselves, "what are some of the exercises that I can do in order to be functionally better in my daily life." Observe a class before taking the class. Bring a friend or partner. Fitness has a beginning, never an ending. That's why I tell my class, "you can leave but you will never graduate! Attaining better balance, at any age and at any level of fitness or competition will serve you well. BALANCE is the building block, the foundation of any fitness program. Remember the road to success will always be under construction.


Sunday, November 23, 2008


HELLO, WELCOME AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. I am sure we all have different reasons for giving thanks. My, friends, my work (personal/athletic trainer), working with people who face extreme odds in life (health/financial). Loneliness should only appear in a book known as Webster. Let's be thankful for what we have and give to those in need without fanfare. Let us be thankful for our health.
Fitness, exercise and proper diet and healthy lifestyle are steps in the right direction. We need a progress guide as we journey through life. Any fitness/exercise program needs direction. Keep a daily exercise log. We need to answer to our ourselves. Hold yourself accountable. How much time do I want to spend each day exercising? What kind of exercises should I be doing? The time of day to exercise? Each day should give you a feeling of reward. Progress will reveal
that you can do more exercises in your alloted time. Beginners...don't overdo it. On Thursday, sitting down to eat, most of us will overdo it.

In summary...look ahead to each day, not a month or year. Write down your thoughts and goals.
Keep track of what you can and cannot do. Review results at the end of each week. You will be surprised at your results and how good you feel. There is always a beginning to an exercise program....never an ending. Unless you end it. SMART PEOPLE KNOW WHAT THEY DON'T KNOW!


Sunday, November 16, 2008


HELLO AND WELCOME EVERYONE! This is part two of a two part series...senior women want fitness balance. New research in senior fitness headlines, "BALANCE" is now the most popular class. Women especially are drawn to this class and now men, (finally) are seeing the light. And now I am going to put the spotlight on my current class. The women range in age from 60 to 73. Most have the usual back, neck, hip and lower leg ailments. When joining the class most of the women were limited in their body motion. Today, three weeks into the six week class, these women went from "I can't" to" I can do that." The exercises were not forced on them, but rather they exercised within their comfort zone and at their level. I designed the instruction with functional exercises and with three levels and with emphasis on posture, techique and proper breathing.
The following are the exercises the women have done thus far by using a chair, ball (75cm), a soccer ball, and resistance band. Each class begins with a 5 minute warm up with stretching the neck, arms back and legs. Lunges, with each leg, forward, back and to the side. Then cross over lunges. In pairs, each woman sits on a ball facing each other and using a stretch band begin to pull toward each other. Pull to their chest, to the side, and overhead. Great exercise to develope the core and thereby developing balance. Next exercise, using the large ball (women are in a circle), they push the ball from their chest to anyone, stepping forward with one leg as they throw. Entire body motion movement. Then with the soccer ball, holdthe ball overhead, feet shoulder width apart and using just their arms, flip to ball to anyone. Next, the kicking exercise, first with the right foot and then the left foot. Kicking is soccer style, approaching the ball from the side. Next exercise, hopping on two feet forward, back, left and right. Next, one foot at a time
in four directions. Next jumping up on a step,(approx.) six inches high. That is a sampling of some of the exercises and with each class we move up to a higher level. These women have achieved greater balance, but also, developed mental fitness and self confidence. These women look younger, feel younger and act younger. There is a "spring" in their step. Each class I hear this remark, "I never thought I could do this."
Most of the exercises are designed to have the entire body move in one is aligning one's muscles for maximum functional purpose. Note...these women are also doing isometric exercises.Last thought...these women are having fun. They learn from each other as much as they learn from me. I am privileged to be in this class. Last week I mentioned that they run the class...well it's their class.


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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


HELLO AND WELCOME EVERYONE! This is a running start in my weekly blog. As most of you are aware, I publish my blog on Sundays. I wanted to give all of you a "heads up." This is a fascinating and refreshing revelation (at least to me) about women and fitness. Three weeks ago I started teaching a class with an emphasis on balance. This class was open to senior men and women. Well, my class is made up of all women. Just think for a moment! I am the only man in a room full of women! So, forget about the script...the gals run the class. This is the best class I have ever taught! Fun, laughter and yes, balance exercise. I marvel at what these women have accomplished. I will give you " the highlights" on Sunday!!!
OK, so I could not wait until Sunday to get at this blog. More excited about this one than any of the previous. On Tuesday one of the women asked me if I had seen the segment on "balance," on GMA. I stated I had not. The women went on to say that GMA reported that" balance classes" were the most popular among seniors! After my class I went to the GMA website and sure enough, I read what was being reported. I will paraphrase the report: Seniors at risk...EVERY 18 SECONDS A SENIOR FALLS AND GETS HURT. EVERY 35 SECONDS A SENIOR DIES FROM A FALL. THIS IS SHOCKING NEWS. Over the past 5 years "balance" has been an important
(fundamental) part of my teaching/coaching for any age. BALANCE will now take on even more significance. Women are more aware (my opinion) of the need for balance than men. Why? I don't know. I encourage the medical field initiate programs for Seniors regarding balance. Furthermore, Insurance industry should pay for these classes for Seniors. AARP should get behind this movement. In previous blogs, I have refrained from "preaching," however, I felt I had to speak out today for Seniors. I assure all of you, I will do all I can to bring about "BALANCE" in the lives of Seniors. So, to all the women in my class...THANK YOU!

Next week I will bring to light some of the exercises these women perform in the class. Here is one teaser...hopping on one foot in 4 different directions!


Sunday, November 2, 2008


HELLO AND WELCOME EVERYONE! I hope all of you remembered to turn the clock back one hour. Now, if only it would be that simple to turn back the aging process...we want to be or at least feel young again! Stop, or at least slow down aging (in my opinion) begins with the mental process of "who am I", "what am I " and "the person I want to be." Then visualize what it will be like to grow into that person. Becoming, is the thrill...the excitement of realizing that your life is not over, but rather IT IS THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING NEW AND REFRESHING! When you can actually see yourself "winning," it is at that moment your life changes...reaching out for the life you want, the life you need and the life you deserve. Our generation has never allowed failure to get in our way. Remove the word failure from your mental dictionary. Your body responds to your mental quest. Go for it now! Turn your mental and physical clock back right now. You now see yourself in a whole new light. You feel younger, you look younger, you have more energy. Your relationships with others and loved ones are much more wholesome. Your love life is stronger and better than ever. YES...YOU HAVE TURNED BACK THE CLOCK!

A side note: in an earlier blog I reported my winning in the Senior Olympics and in the process set two new Olympic records. For me it does not stop there...each week I write out my schedule for that week and right at the top I write...take one second off my 100m time and take two seconds off my 200m time. I challenge myself to be better and you should to...every day!