Sunday, March 29, 2015

I AM vs. I WAS

Hello and welcome everyone...about 70% of my blogs have been
dedicated to the physical side of training/exercise/drills...the "how to." Of late, I have emphasized the mental aspect. Today we'll discuss the "mental game." It's easy for someone to say "sky's the limit." Other's echo "have a dream." Or "you become what you think about." Well, if that were true, I would have been a woman by the age of 21. My research references 10/11 sources. Dr. Patrick
Cohn writes..."Olympian's have benefited from imagery for decades." Olympic gymnastic gold medalist Shannon Miller stated
that "mental training is the difference maker in sports. The physical
can only take you so far." Mental imagery will also help your
physical strength. Credit North American Psychology. Prior to the
start of the 1984 summer Olympics, Bob Richards, Olympic gold medalist (pole
vault) and first athlete to appear on Wheaties box was asked by
sports writers, how many records will be broken. Bob replied, "all
of them." Bob Richards then directed the scribes to follow him to
the swimming area and said "see all those 8 and 9 year old kids
swimming. Those kids are out to break records that havn't  even
been set yet."
Have a meaning life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Try This for one day.

Hello and welcome everyone...footnote to Freedom vs. Script. Try
this...consume yourself with ONLY positive thoughts and actions
for 24 hours. You will be amazed at the positive energy you will
generate. Let's change gears...anxiety symptoms. 1) fear 2) panic
3) apprehension 4) fast breathing 5) weak feeling 6) upset stomach
7) sudden tiredness 8) stress 9) low self esteem 10) lack of movement. These symptoms will cause all sorts of health issues.
Address them now. Get behind the wheel of your emotions and you
drive. When you cease to cease to get better. Final note:
the response to my updated web...Hero Tribute has been overwhelming.  Thank you!

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Freedom vs. Scripted #2

Hello and welcome everyone...still receiving high praise for the Hero Tribute page in my updated website I added two more heroes...Jennifer Bricker of Hardinville, IL. "Never say the word can't." Also, Steve Watkins. Retrain the Brain...when people tell me
they love change, I just smile and say really. Most people even resist daylight saving time changes. Retraining brain...1) Identify habit you want to change. 2) Observe what old habit old habit or pathway is doing in your life. 3) Shift focus, distract brain. 4) Use
imagination, build new pathway, new behavior. 5) Interpret your
thoughts and patterns, push cancel button. 6) Use aversion therapy:
replace old habit with new reward. 7) Create specific plan, create
that "freedom to move about." 8) Transform obstacles...the stress of
old habits. Change = conflict. Control with a "this is it." 9) Connect with your higher source, meditation. 10) Transform & make shift.
Conquer yourself. Climb your Mt. Everest.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Freedom vs. Scripted

Hello and welcome everyone...awesome response to my updated
website, . Received 100's of
responses to the Hero Tribute page. OK, let's get started with this
week's blog. Freedom vs. Scripted...most men and women have lived a "scripted" life. Started the script at a very young age. I call
it the " silent addiction." This addictive script is the culprit in our
failure to be excel. Today, not only pro athletes, but also our youth and average men and women are turning to sports psychologists to "train brain." Neural pathways
are created in the brain...letting go of habits. Neural pathways are like super highways of nerve cells that transmit
messages. Next week, "how to retrain your brain."

Have a meaningfull life everyone...Jimmy O