Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! This blog will be the last word for 2009. Reflection...for me a year
of heartache, issues, forming new relationships and success. The heartache was my pulling a
groin and hamstring in the 100m at the Senior Olympics. The success has come about from my
"Balance Your Life" classes. I close out the year with conducting 13 classes a week and have
321 people enrolled. The remaining days of 2009 will allow me to finalize my business plan for 2010;
which includes speeches, classes, fitness film and my training program. And to all of you who
have followed my blog, thank you. You will see my blog appearing in a cross section of various news

Looking ahead at 2010. Mental fitness is paramount. Mental fitness, focus and beginning (start)
what you are going after is critical. The time is now! Have a great year everyone!

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Wishing all of you Happy Holidays and a blessed and healthy New Year! From "tragedy to triumph." No, you don't have to be a hero to reach the status of triumph.
People don't eliminate fears, hardship, health issues or any other issue....they rise above
adversity. And just when everything is sailing along, something unexpected happens...we are
faced with yet another issue, another challenge. We wonder...when will it stop? NEVER. Life
is that way. Never, ever give up. Find a way to rise above. There is always a way. Just look
around you...there is a story, a success behind every face. And yes, a smile will always appear.
If you don't find a smile, put a smile on their face. They will be better off now, just because
you took the time to make them feel feel wanted. You will feel better about yourself. My Christmas message...remember those who are alone and remember the lonely.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! WOW! Where has the year gone...2009 is almost over with. Going
to my first Christmas party a friends home. You know my warning...stay away from
the fatening food. Face the other way. This is the time of year when I start to hear New Year's
resolutions. Here we go again...rather than go there, I want to reflect on this year, 2009. The following questions apply too all of us, or at least most of us.
1) Am I satisfied with my fitness program?
2) Did I reach my goals?
3) Did I progress?
4) What grade would I give myself?
5) What are three things I need to work on?
6) Did I give up? Did I give up on myself?
7) What about my eating habits?
8) What about my overall health?
9) What am I most thankful for?
10) What about my mental fitness?

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Due to the overwhelming response regarding my comments from
a previous blog relative to StemEnhance, I feel compelled to comment further.
What is StemEnhance? StemEnhance is the world's firstever Natural Stem Cell Enhancer...the
only nutritional supplement in the world proven to support the natural release of your own adult stem cells from your bone marrow! StemEnhance is a patented blend of Migratose and Mobilin-proprietary natural concentrates from an edible aquatic botanical known as
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae...AFA for short. There are two basic types of stem cells, and it's
important to understand the difference: Embryonic stem cells are extracted from 8-10 day old
embryos. That's why there's so much controversy surrounding their research and use.
Adult stem cells: these are present in your body from the day you are born and are naturally
produced in your bone marrow. Recent reaearch has found that they are at the core of your body's natural renewal system. Increasing the number of circulating adult stem cells is probably the single most important thing you can do to maintain optimal health. As we age, it becomes more difficult release the stem cells that already exist. Therefore the body needs an
ENHANCER for the release and cirulation of our stem cells. The tissue or organ sends chemical messengers into the bloodstream. These chemical messengers prompt the release of stem cells from the bone marrow. A second set of chemical messengers sent by the tissue in need prompts the circulating stem cells to migrate(move) into the tissue. Then proliferate (make more) and
transform themselves into healthy cells of that tissue. ALWAYS consult your health
professional before beginning this or any other nutritional supplement.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O
Email: sprint444@hotmail.comto