Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ultimate Challenge

Welcome thoughts for all the men, women and children in the world killed in their effort for peace and freedom.
Pound the Rock...every six weeks I challenge myself for two hours with...1) 100 pushups in one min. (the right way). 2) 85 crunches in two min. 3) sprint up 84 steps, 10 sets w/ 30 sec. breather between sets. 4) jump rope, 5 sets, for two min. w/60 sec. breather between sets. 5) hanging by my feet, pull up and touch my toes, 5 set, 30 sec breather between sets. 6) standing in place, hands waist high, jump and pulling knees waist high. 30 in one min. 5 sets w/ 60 breather between sets. 7) 400m sprint, 3 sets. Sprints are spaced throughout the other drills. 8) hurdles space about 18 inches apart and are 18 inches high. Hop with both feet at a time facing the hurdles, then sideways, change lead foot, then one foot at a time, facing hurdles, standing sideways, jump and spin while in the air and land facing the opposite direction. All jumping, Plyo, land on the balls of your feet and pop right back up. After the drills, I walk 1500 meters.
have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, May 22, 2016

You are Who?

Welcome every one...write out a script, definitive, as to how you want to train and compete. Your script needs to be specific, not general or vague terms. Follow the script to a "T." In my clinics and seminars, the first question I ask each participant, "define/ describe yourself." Every participant is stumped...cannot do it. That tells me that if you are "in the dark" in knowing yourself, you have doubt, fear, stress and lack self confidence. You are living with someone your whole life and don't know this person. What a shame. Back to the script...get on track with your training and yourself. Funny how that works...accept failure and it will find you. Accept success and you will find it. Next week, Pound the Rock, Ultimate Challenge! Warning...only for the strong, not the weak.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gravity Leadership

Welcome everyone...last weeks blog, Winning Vision blew up with your positive response. That blog is the all time leader in "hits" for that blog...and added a thought that I had omitted. Leadership gravitates to the task the world of sports, the competitor gravitates to the level competent. In my clinics, seminars and speeches I use some of the same language and applications for the business world as well as sports. Brand the word gravity in your mind. What happens in "gravity time." 1) you reach levels elitism. 2) You settle for a lower level. 3) You accept failure over success. 4) You quit. As you ascend keep locking it in.
Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Winning Vision

Welcome every one...Mary Decker Tab, a world champion 1500M runner, said this when interviewed by a sports writer. The question..."what do you think about before a race?" Response. long before I compete, I think about winning. I visualize myself winning. Sports visualization...a must for athletes at any age or level of completion. Learn/practice this skill. Think in terms of pictures of images. The elite athletes always see themselves as winning. Never, ever IF. It's not just thinking about achievement, it's consciously controlling the images and controlling the scrip. Your visualization/imagery purposely practice the skill in your training and drills. IT WORKS!!! To acquire this skill...practice, practice and practice. Your vision plus passion will force you begin to act and behave as though your are already there.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Monday, May 2, 2016

Trigger Words

Welcome we greet a change of seasons moods change...and we experience varying degrees of depression. It takes about a week to snap out of it. Change of seasons is a great time change our training routine and add cross training. This is where your mental toughness needs to come into play. Redesign your training blueprint. I have found that words used in training...kick in a greater degree of motivation. I whisper the word NOW to kick it. I started this about 15 years ago. My brain is now trained to send and trigger a greater performance. In all, I use 3 trigger words. Understand and appreciate the capacity of the brain. When ever you can apply the "brain trick" it concentrates on a new call and bypasses your current body condition. may be tired, the trigger bypasses that condition and forces your brain and muscles to excel in another condition or function or demand. Takes about 2 weeks to install.