Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mental vs. Talent

Welcome...I am fired up today. Merry Christmas/Happy New Year. Lets go. You and I can recognize talent...talent superior to ours. No argument there. Talented men and women and teams rely on talent alone. They are consumed by their "halo." They often times lack grit...grinder mindset. "Upset" is played over and over again. Upset
changes "I can't to I will." I'm an ol' farm boy. I have lived with the words "plow jock, you can't, you won't, that's been tried before." Underdog! Love it. Farm Boy vs. the Corp. city. Bring it on. The will to prepare. Relentless. Intense. Detail. Practice. All of the above...internal, seldom external. Winston Churchill "never, ever give up."

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Prime Time

Hello and welcome everyone...Self confidence is the belief in your ability to compete at your best in competition. Crunch time/prime time with out confidence,mind set, mental cannot excel. Self confidence is totally in your control. When you allow chance to dictate your confidence, you will be on a roller coaster ride that will devour you. Why would you leave your quest for victory to chance? Losing one's skill and ability because of aging is one thing. Losing because of doubt is quite another. A phenomena...the majority of men and women handle failure better than success. That applies to sports, business and life itself. Trust in yourself. Have a meaningful life. Jimmy O

Saturday, December 5, 2015


Welcome universal acclaim...we all want to live better, live longer and you fill the blanks. What about being just plain happy. I don't find many words written about being happy...
depression, yes. From my personal dictionary, our lives are comprised of "the 4 corners of the world." Time, distance, connections and passion. For some...add a greater power. Passion proves to be difficult to define. We know it when we see it. You can't buy passion. You feel grow it. You start by breaking the "chain" of your habits. Remember, habit and rut are tied together. Breakaway soon as you get up in the morning, do a 2 minute workout. And without a break. Mine...jump rope. In 2 minutes, I have broken the "chain." Passion. Reverse aging.
Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O