Saturday, September 30, 2017


Welcome my followers, thank you for your comments and questions. As a competitor and athletic trainer, I designed the following drills about 20 years ago. ABS (carved), not traditional sit ups or crunches. One rule...always tightening the muscles and maintain proper technique. GO, 1) lay flat down on your back, legs straight, arms straight above your head, come up about 3-6 in. Keep arms straight above your head...NEVER beyond your forehead. Hold for count of 20. 10 reps. 2) flip over, legs straight, hands behind your back, rise up keeping legs straight and on floor for count of 20. 10 reps. 3) get on any machine where you can rest on elbows (bent), legs straight, raise legs and bend knees waist high and hold for count of 20, then legs straight out in front and hold for count of  20. Now reverse the same drill. 5 reps each way. 4) back on floor on your back, legs straight, holding a 10 lb. wt. above your
forehead, arms straight up. Don't cheat, keep ball above head, keep your legs straight and on floor, sit up, 20 reps. Next wk. 5 more...tough ones.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Welcome everyone...gut check/pound the rock will define who you are. Feedback...overwhelming positive response. Question, "can I sub stairs for sprinting uphill?" Yes. People don't climb Mt Everest so much to reach the top. They climb it to conquer themselves. First, it's the mental part...then the physical. Long before you begin the conquering, mentally you have already accomplished that feat. You visualize yourself doing it. You visualize yourself encountering the difficulty (overcoming)  in reaching the top. Reaching the peak is where winners and survivors always meet. Next blog...acquiring a defined "6 pack."

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Welcome! That time has come. My two hour workout. I never use my cell phone when I'm working out. With warm up and cool down...2 1/2  hours. Start with cross over lunges
10 yards forward and backwards 10 times. Next sprint 10 yards forward and backwards 10 times each way. Next, kangaroo hops for 10 yards, hop forward and walk backwards, 10 times. Next, one legged hops four directional, one yard each way, 10 times. Next, the climb. 30 yards uphill with about 10 yard elevation. Sprints, 10 times. Walk back. After each sprint, holding a 8 lb. med. ball, squat, jump up holding ball and stretch arms above head...10 times after each sprint. Next, holding a 3 lb. weight in each hand sprint 10 yards, walk back...10 times. Jog 400m. Next, barefoot sprints, 40m on grass or sand, 10 sprints, walk back. Rest when you feel the need. Max rest at any time is  min. Cool down for 15 min.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Welcome everyone...most of us have been competing since preschool. It's in our blood. I am over age 80 and still compete in 8 different sports. Through the years I have heard "are you ready" a thousand times. I still train with high school and college athletes. I still get butterflies before every event. Still conduct "camps" for athletes age 8-18. One feels he/she can go on forever...perhaps. But there will come a day when you know the end is coming. While you travel this journey...never cheat yourself. Don't be a slacker. Perhaps no one will know...but you will. You will cry out "just one more, one more." If you are not giving your best, you will have a life of regret. My driving force...I compete for those can't even walk or sit up. I conduct fitness classes for the physically and mentally challenged. Never give up on your dream...share your dream. Next blog..."pound the rock."

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Welcome everyone...we have all heard a joke or two re the brain,,,
however this is no laughing matter. Many of you have heard the term, passive income relating to the financial field...earning money
while you sleep. Memory lose is not so much due to aging. NO, loss of memory is primarily due to "overload." As we age we keep storing more and more information This is what works for me...when I can't remember something I use what I call "brain trick." Relax your brain and think of something some thing else. Now the brain is free to "roam about." I have termed this "passive memory recall."
Time lapse...few minutes to a few hours. Many times I call on this "trick" as I'm falling asleep. Yes it works! In your quest for a high performance workout/training...when you want "on demand" results...use the "brain trick."