Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hello and welcome map...conclusion to last week's
blog. Three words I concentrate on: 1) Self image...that's the who am I, what am I all about. The impact we make in life is in direct\proportion to our own self image. Our behavior mirror's the
way we think on the inside. 2) more than writing down
our goals. Passion consumes our being. When you can see yourself
already reaching your being to act and behave as though
you were already there. 3) Leadership...gravitates to the task competent. Winners depend on the leadership skill. This skill requires our ability to be decisive and creative. Before each work
out and each event picture yourself winning. All the various training methods and workouts that you have access to, won't get
the job done unless and until you put the "three words" into action.
And then, "how much is enough" in working out. I don't know, but
I give everything I have. I workout 330 days a year, about two hours each day. If my math is correct, that's 660 hours, 39,600
minutes and 23,760,000 seconds. At my age 75, I still compete in
the Senior Olympics and this will be my 10th year. I compete in
track and field, tennis, racquetball and pickleball. In track and field,
to win, I have to do the 50m in under 8 sec. 100m in under 14.5 sec., the 200m in under 32.5 and the 400m in under 72 sec. I want to be the best of me most of the time.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...experience a life changing, life
defining moment. That's what I experienced in April, 2004. In
January, my doctor told me I had prostate cancer. My days were
consumed with my training for my first Senior Olympics. Upon
hearing the tragic news...cancer, my first thought, life was over for
me. At least the life I had envisioned.  Driving to my workout the
next day a numbness began to rule my body. Arriving at the track,
my routine was to begin by jogging a 400m. After about 50m, I
pulled up and started walking back to my car. All the time saying
life is over, forget about the Olympics. I threw my duffel bag in the
back seat, got in the car and as I was about to drive away, I paused
and listened to the voice inside saying "you are a loser, a quitter." It
was at that moment that I became angered with myself. In my anger, I recall screaming the words, "I will beat this cancer. I'm
going to go down fighting." That was my life defining, life changing
moment. I wasn't afraid any more. From that moment, life took on
a different meaning for me. So, now I will attempt to define my
thoughts for you in what I had to do to attain my goals.

Most everything in life is measured by time and distance. And what
would it take for me to "get there," to reach my goals. I wrote down
the words...leadership, self image and passion. Let me define for
you how these words my "map" for achievement. CONCLUSION
next week. Have a meaningful life everyone. JimmyO


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back road

Hello and welcome everyone...every once in awhile I like to get off
the super highway, the fast lane and get on a side gives me
perspective. Today we will take a back road. Check our mental state of mind. Most people mistake activity for accomplishment.
On the go and yet not going anywhere. We spend more time on the
physical fitness than the mental fitness. How many things have we
started and never finished. Mental "toughness" is not a some time is all the's a way of life. When the mental part is
cluttered, disorganized...then our life will follow the same pattern.
And the pattern begins with "I'll start this tomorrow or next week."
We cut short our training. We become lazy. Words like slacker,
leaker describe our behavior. We start alot of things, seldom finish
anything. We even become disgusted with our behavior and lack
of positive results. Anyone can talk the talk...few can walk the walk. NEXT week...time, distance and "what does it take."
UPDATE...on Thursday, Feb. 7th, 21 men and women with disabilities graduated from my pickleball class. Two classes and
48 graduates. Smiles and tears on the part of graduates, and
instructors. It's a great feeling!

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, February 3, 2013

30 Days

Hello and welcome everyone...kinesiology is the study of muscles
and their movement. Body motion. When you can perform an
exercise one way, you can perform that exercise in three additional
ways (directions), in order to achieve the max out of just a single motion/exercise. Now, let's apply that to your particular sport. What motion(s) are required in your sport. Whether it's biking,
track and field, any ball sports...your warm up, your drills should
prepare you for your "sport exercise." Far too many athletes don't
compliment their sport with the selection of training. Sprinters need
to develope fast twitch muscle fiber, foot speed and arm motion...
just too mention a few. Why would a sprinter do a warm up by
jogging 800m or longer. Every warm up, every exercise must be
done for a specific purpose in mind. There must be over a million
different exercises to choose from. Select the few that are specific
to your sport...with multi directional motion. Exercise specific for
sport specific. We are measured by time and distance. For the next
30 exercise specific. You will soon realize the difference.

Have a meaningful everyone...JimmyO