Thursday, June 15, 2017


Welcome everyone...there comes a time in everyone's life that he or she feels the urge to "breakout" from the routine, to go beyond. It's great to have goals however, the same goal day after day, month after month spawns boredom and the goals become a ceiling  You become your worst enemy. Every 8 weeks I "break my ceiling" and my thinking...No Limits. Breakout Week...take 5/7 of your toughest drills and write down your best to date in each drill. Now write down where you want to be in each drill. Your two hour workout begins. Each drill you beat, drop that drill(s) and replace with other drills. The two workout does not include warm up or cool down. The "breakout" week goes for six days. You will experience a degree of muscle/brain confusion. You will also experience "peak performance" never before dreamed of. First to the Finish Line where Winners and Survivors always meet.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Hello everyone...I'm back. Memorial Day I was rushed to ER and 5 days later discharged. Health and physical and mental fitness play a major role in our daily lives. So many "discount" those attributes. A final day will come when you will be presented with papers ending your career. There is one award after retirement..."what kind of person were you then and now?" What will your family say? Who are you and what are you about? Ethics and self image must be core values in our makeup. Our grade on that final "award" is paramount to all the others. Next blog..."going beyond."