Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone..."I think about winning, I see myself
winning." A quote from Mary Decker Tab about 35 years ago. She
was a premier 1500 meter runner in the world. I never forgot that
quote. "See those kids swimming, they're out to break records that
havn't even been set yet. They don't know how they're going to do
it, they're gonna do it." Bob Richards, premier pole vaulter in the
50's and 60's. First athlete to be on the Wheaties box, "the breakfast of Champion's." Attaining a goal, visualize yourself as
already being there. Then you begin to act and behave as though
you were already there. Bring your goals into sharp focus.
Exercises, drills and your entire training needs to be progressive
in nature. Preparation must be tougher than the actual event. Reach
for your limits...mentally. Many athletes, training, don't even come
close to their max. Begin to act and behave as though you were
already get there, start here.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 23, 2012

ONE LEG at a time

Hello and welcome everyone..."one leg at a time." I teach a fitness
class known as "Balance Your Life."  Over 2000 men and women
have participated in three years. Better functional balance is
achieved through this class, with 60 different and progressive
exercises. Let's start with leg at a time. Standing on the
floor, bending knees slightly, raise one foot about 6 inches off the
floor and begin moving the raised foot as though you were peddaling a bike. Three sets each foot and 30 sec. each set. Repeat,
only this time you and standing on a rubber disc filled with air. Add
plyo movement, one leg at a time. You will have stronger legs and a
stronger core. Balance, one leg at a time.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone...setting goals is common place in
today's society...from the beginning of time for that matter. And
New Year's resolutions occupy the time for many. However, too
many of us fall short in reaching our desination. Not reaching goals is often times looked upon as failure. What about those who
reach their goals? That can be just as bad, and here's why. The goal
becomes a ceiling...and we stop there. Unless and until we remove
the ceilings, we set up barriers. Goals must be stepping stones to an
unending vision of where we want to be. Goals are a phase of attainment and the surge for something greater. Your destination
should be a "moving target." UPWARD! Every phase of training/
workouts should be examined. I teach "skill development" to
athletes and nonathletes. I am in awe, a group of women that are in
my pickleball class. Against all odds, they have succeeded to a
very high level of play. Their mindset "I am going to do it." And
they do. Preteen kids are out to break records that haven't even
been set yet. Think about that!

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, September 9, 2012

1 million

Hello and welcome everyone...all too often I hear athletes and
anyone in training complain and whine about having enough time
for training. The blame game always comes into play. Obstacles
and interruptions are a part of life. The road to success will always
be under construction...and so will the road to winning. Stay away
from the "comfort zone." Time is a great ally and it can be our
enemy. The choice is yours. How much time is doing
anything. I compete in track and field...50m, 100m, 200, HJ and LJ.
I work out 6 days a week for 90 minutes each session. For 45 weeks. That works out to 24,300 minutes. That's 1 million, four
hundred fifty eight thousand seconds. I have just a few seconds to
prove myself. Less than 8 seconds in the 50m, 14 seconds in the
100m, less than 32 seconds in the 200m, and under 71 seconds in
the 400m. much is enough. I turned 74 on July 3rd.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone...first off, thanks to all the followers
and your comments. Things that most people leave out of their
workouts/training. 1) observing men and women during
their workouts, I do not see a readiness to accomplish something. The
spark is missing. I don't see or feel a PASSION. It is not enough to
write out your goals and carry a clipboard. When you can visualize
your goal, then you begin to act and behave as though you were
already there. The nonverbal speaks volumes. 2) Most tend to miss
the core workout. Your ab workout will carry you a long way in
what ever training you are committed to. Don't miss "the center."
3) How much is enough? Ten of something, twenty or thirty.
We never know what the competition is doing. That's the thing I
worry about most. Can I out work, out train my competitors? 4)
And that's where the mental part of my game comes into play.
Being mentally tough starts well before your event. I can't promise
that exercise will add years to your life...but I can promise you will
add life to your years.

Have a meaningful life everyone! JimmyO