Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hello and welcome, what a turn out re last week's blog. Twenty one countries. My deepest thanks to all of you taking
the time to follow my blogs. Let's get started. Part two of powermax. Reaching your "outer limits." You must train your mind to stop thing about youself. Concentrating on your being tired, legs
hurting and can't catch your second wind will not get you there.
Rather, only focus on "why you are training" and "the end result."
Always remember that the BODY FOLLOWS YOUR MIND. Who
is in control of you. This is when self takes over. Over and over and over again, your mind, your brain is at work here. When you elevate your brain, the body follows. Conscentrate on your strength
not your weakness. Break the will of the competition. You are breaking down barriers...barriers (goals) that you previously set. The goals previously set, now become strpping stones to a greater
life. Experience a greater freedom. Goals should always be a moving target.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hello and welcome promised, we will discuss "outer
limits"  and my defination of same. For me, reaching Our Outer
Limits is the attainment of a level of life...beyond our thinking. This includes the past, present and future.So many men and women
dictate their future by their past and present thought process. In fact
our "self " controls (holds hostage) our future. Most things in life
are measured by time, distance and self. Most people set various goals and and never attempt to achieve or follow through with their
throught process, thus becomes faulty. Setting goals is a two edged sword. Setting goals must always be the starting point...NOT the
ending point. Applying all of this to sports...use any time, distance
and "self" measurement you want...hit the reset button daily. Just
because I can reach a certain number today, does not mean that I
should not reach a higher number the next day. By not surpassing
yesterday's performance, we create our own roadblocks. We create
limitations which are self imposed...we are the enemy. No one said
it was going to be easy. I want you to experience that "life changing, life defining moment."At least once! Plunge into your next workout, without thinking about it. Feel the differance!

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hello and welcome all the mom's, Happy Mother's Day. That word gonna somehow haunts me. I've used it and so have you...many times. That word is a trap and time and time again
we keep falling into that trap. So, you are gonna do this and that but
never do. We tell ourselves that and anyone who will listen. Reminder, so much in life is measured by time and distance. We
make ourselves feel good when we say's called pumping
ourselves up. Stop saying

 GONNA. I stopped saying that word about
five years ago. Now I tell people what I have done...not what I am
gonna do. I get more done and no more excuses. I am staying far,
far away from that trap. Next, many of us, even though we may have written down our training routine, still ponder over what to do
next. Trying to figure out if it's too tough for us. STOP that thinking NOW. I refer to this as "jump action." I don't hesitate for
one second...I jump into my next drill that is written domn. Get control of yourself and your workouts. Next week's definition of "one's outer limits."

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...a footnote to last week's blog. Want to get rid of a cold...rub Vick's Vapor on the bottoms of your feet.
Having leg cramps while trying to a bar of soap at the foot of the bed, between the matress pad and the bottom sheet. Yep,
sounds crazy, but it works for 95% of the people.
OK, another transition, transfer of previous drills to my focus at hand. Up 'til now, my main focus has been on power, endurance,
stamina and developing mental toughness. Now the "bull work" is
over. Now I must transfer that training into quickness, speed and
finishing the event. I apply the previous 27 drills for my events in
track and field, tennis and racquetball. So, over the next four months, I will be doing speed bursts, plyo and with my main focus
on developing fast twitch muscle fiber. Once a week I will sprint
either up hill #30m, with a 20m incline or sprint up 67 steps. Ten
sets for each drill. Next week..."how did we do."

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O