Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...the global attention to my blogs is
very rewarding. Thank you and I will do my best to peak your
interest. Most of us have heard the term "we are the enemy." And
we are in my view. I classify three levels of fitness/training.
1) social, 2) amateur, 3) professional. I am appalled at the number
of men and women who have their cell phones, ipods and head sets
distracting their workouts. Texting during training. The use of these
electronic devises are a distraction. Why would anyone choose to
focus on something other than fitness/training. I conduct several
fitness classes and sports clinics and camps each electronic devises allowed. Safety and getting down to buseness is
the order of the day. Living a healthy life style is serious business,
at least for me it is. Some people think and feel that working out
and training is just for them. Not's also for everyone around
us. Having a positive impact on society should be not just a goal,
but our passion. Now more than ever, we need role models. Look
around. I can't guarantee fitness will add years to your life, but
I can guarantee fitness will add life to your years.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...introducing my ultimate challenge in
training. not attempt this unless you are in great physical condition. Also, have a partner join you. Find a space where there are not alot of people around. I workout alone, in a gym that is about 40 ft wide and 80 ft long. This is a 2 hour nonstop
challenge. After a 20 min. warmup, let's get started. Drills can be
done in any order.
1) holding 3 lb wt in each hand, knees bent slightly, standing in one
  place, move arms in sprinter fashion. 5 sets, 15 sec each set.
2) on treadmill, sprint at top speed as fast as you can for 45 sec.5sets. 
  Keep hands off side rails.
3) Strap a 1 lb wt slightly above each knee. Use ankle wt and place
  above knee. Sprint w/high lift. 5 sets, 20m each set.
4) sled w/40-50 lb wt. Heavy tire works also. Place strap around
  waist and hook other end to sled. Sprint 20m. 5 sets.
5) 2x4 wraped with towel or piece of carpet. Get down in sprinters
  stance with hands on 2x4 and push (sprint) for at least 10m. 5 set.
6) sprint forward and backward, 10m each way. 5 sets.
7) sprint backwards for 5m, pivot and sprint forward for 10m. 5
Drink lots of water/and coconut water. I call this conditioning
program the GASSER. I'll see you in 2 hours.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...the responce to recent blogs has been absolutely great. I received expressions of concern, boredom
and confusion in being on the right track when training/working out. "How can I tell when I'm getting better/improving?" As a society, we are obsessed with the "miracle pill" and the words
instant and now. We need to understand our "starting point." Every
one's starting point is different. On a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being
the highest..."where am I?" Most things in life are measured by
TIME and DISTANCE. Three other words to live by...fever,
patience and organize. Most people rush into weight loss, getting in
shape, becoming stronger, faster and so on. We over do it. Rehab
is no fun. Organized thoughts, written down is critical in getting
anywhere. You wouldn't travel or start a business without a map.
You need a map when getting your body in shape. How long did it
take for a person to reach being overweight? Time and distance
comes into play. Fever...this is key. It is difficult to know when our
temp is starting to rise...until we begin to feel it. The same principle
is in play when training/working out. You begin to feel "temp"
rise. You feel the" progress fever." One other word we need to
incorporate into our lives...FUN. We can all sense/feel when we
are having fun.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...over the past few weeks we have
addressed specific training drills and relief from pain and injury.
This week...the mental part of the game/training. When was the last time you heard a teacher/instructor/coach talk about mental fitness.
In my case, never. There is much more to this than jumping up and
down shouting u rah rah. Think in terms of a two wheel bike. The
hind wheel, is the driving force...that's the skill, motion, muscle and
the training. The front wheel...that's what gets us to where we want
to go. That's the MENTAL part of everything we want to accomplish. Developing mental toughness is as much a part of the
prep time as the physical. Most men and women rely on only the
hind wheel. Unicycle doesn't get you very far. Athletes tell me all
the time..." can't get any better. What's wrong." When athletes
reach that point, the point of desperation, they begin to "mask" their ability with supplements. When I ask athletes "do the
supplements help you." The answer, "I don't know." It's the "placebo" effect. Mental toughness begins in training with each drill.
Each training session should be a challenge. When we think we can't do any more... add two more minutes. My training, the drills,
I make more difficult than the event itself. Event day...I make it a
point to look into the eyes of my competitors and I can tell who is
ready mentally and who is not. First to the finish line, Where winners and survivors always meet.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O