Sunday, November 25, 2012

2X4 #2

Hello and welcome everyone...this is part two, 2x4 training drills.
Reminder, drills are progressive by design to prepare me for the
physical and mental part of being ready to compete at peak
performance. I listed four drills in last week's blog. We begin at#5.
5) sprinting up stairs and hills. I have a hill 40 yards in length with
a 20 meter elevation. 5 sets with a one minute rest between each
set. 6) Abs, laying flat on my back and holding a 12 pound weight
directing above my head, I sit up keeping the weight above my
head...that's the KEY. Five sets and 10 to each set. And the other
ab drill...lay on your back with your head and shoulders are at least
18 inches below your legs. Knees are placed over a foam pad
with feet placed under separate foam pad. Now come up about
3/4 inches and hold for 30 sec. 5 sets. 7) Toe taps. You can do this
drill next to any solid box or step with at least a 12 inch rise. Hold
10/12 pound weight above your head, begin to alternate each foot
by tapping toes on step or box. 5 sets, 15 sec. each set. A  form of
plyometrics. 8) Jumps...standing in one place, jump straight up and
bring your knees up to your chest. Do 30 jumps in 15 sec. 5 sets.
Next week, more of my drills.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmuO

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone..."what are my limits?" "What are your limits?" That thought has haunted me for several years. So, I
designed several high impact drills that would answer that question
for me.
1) using a 2x4, 2' to 3' in length wraped in outdoor carpet and stapled to the 2x4. On a basketball court or any indoor facility,
place hands on the board and push about 30 feet and then back. Do
5 sets with a rest of one minute between sets.
2) using 8 hurdles, 18 inches high and place on the floor about two
feet apart. Jumping over hurdles with two feet at a time. Repeat
with one foot at a time. Now, standing and facing one way, jump
and spin in the air so you are facing the opposite direction. Do at
least 3 sets.
3) Using kettlebell 12-15 lbs., squat and jump straight up lifting the
weight above your head. Repeat 10 times and do 5 sets.
4) Plyometric drills are a vital part of my training.
More drills next week. Thanks to all of you for your comments
and questions.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Upward Line

Hello and welcome everyone...your winning an event, your specific
sport, is accomplished days, weeks and even months ahead of "event day." I call it "program /stacking." Let's delve a little deeper.
The program...has three distinct and intricate parts.
1) mind prep...what is my state of mind, my mental approach in this
undertaking. Don't start unless you firmly intend to finish to the end. Visualize yourself doing the drills/exercises. Add what you eat
and when. You need to write out the menu.2) Write out the what,
how and why am I doing this in this specific manner. You must be
committed to your program. 3) The finish line/line of efficiency.
That's the line between results expected, results achieved. Reminder, when you set goals and reach the goals or come close,
you also set walls/barriers. Breaking through those barriers is
critical to your continued growth and success. adding and or subtracting of drills, exercises and
methods. Remember, if you can perform a drill/exercise one way,
you can do it three more ways. Don't be a "one way only person."
Move the line of efficiency/finish line upward.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Heros Only

Hello and welcome everyone...once in awhile I like to get off the
"super highway" and take a side road. This morning we'll take a
side road, the scenic route. One of my life long passions is working
with the physically and mentally challenged. Eight people with
disabilities join in my fitness class, Balance Your Life, every week.
For the past 12 months I have designed a program to teach pickleball to people with disabilities. Monday, November 5th, I will
launch this program. Twenty people have signed on. I will have
three people from my classes assist in teaching. Society under
estimates people with disabilities. The learning curve is the same
for anyone in any of my classes. People with disabilities are my
heros. They inspire me. This program is already receiving
community and even national attention. One national company has
sent 48 paddles and five dozen balls. Perhaps this community will
be inspired. Perhaps this program will be entitled "For Heros Only."

Have a meaningfull life everyone...JimmyO