Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! It's good to be back to normal and back on schedule. Hope all of
you are doing great. Let's talk about the spirit of fitness or if you prefer, healthy life style. In my
mind, the spirit soars...carries the physical..."wills" you to greater heights and "wills" you to finish whatever you start. Some, may not know what I am talking about. When you allow your
spirit to soar...there is no greater feeling. One thinks beyond human terms. Mind, body and
spirit in unison. I don't know how to "get" the just arrives for me. The spirit adds meaning to whatever I do. It brings me back to my gives me strength and speed.
Think back at your youth and the things you did and what was fun. It works!!! Without
spirit...your workout will seem shallow...empty. Find your spiritual zone!

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! I usually blog on SundayAM, however, I was preparing my
speech for Monday (yesterday). I was asked to be the keynote speaker at an "active aging"
seminar. Great theme and a great audience. Each day more Seniors become active in a fitness
program. Fitness fever is catching on. Let's keep it going gang!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! A viewpoint...every change of season presents a challenge to most
of us. Four times a year (seasonal change) we tend to get somewhat depressed. I think it is "leaving" the "known" and going into the "unknown." The new season being the unknown.
Any change in our lives presents fear and we fear the unkown...even though we have experienced this many times before. When we create the change we more readily accept it.
In our lives, CHANGE is not waiting for us to catch up to is coming at us in "rapid fire"
fashion. Think for a moment regarding this premise...there are 3 persons in each of us. The
person we were yesterday, the person we are today and the person we want to be tomorrow.
Change presents conflict...we tend to resort back to the "yesterday person." Once we
understand what it is that we fear, we can accept change and conquer our fears. This theory
can be applied to meeting someone new, dealing with someone who may upset us or entering
a competitive event. Going to the doctor's office...there is an unkown of what the doctor may
tell us...fear of what we might hear. Fear of the unkown stops us COLD in our tracks. Depression
follows. Look within yourself to find the strength to overcome your fears. is what
it is. Stress is "self induced." We must be at the "controls" of our lives.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Happy Labor Day weekend...make it safe. Most of us are experiencing some great is the time to get out and enjoy it. How about taking a
"nature walk?" Today I want to challenge all my readers. This is the are told that
today is the last day of your life...what would you do? How would you react to your last day of
life? Some guidlines for complaining about anything, no negative thoughts, not a bad
word about anyone, give a hug to someone, perform ONE good deed and forgive someone who
has hurt you. You will feel the energy like never before. You will live this day like no other day.
Living life to the fullest. Wonder what would happen if all of us would live every day to the
fullest? That's my challenge to all of you!

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O