Sunday, November 29, 2015

"If Factor"

Welcome everyone...the if factor comes into play when you doubt yourself. When doubt is the cloud overhead, athletes/competitors are on a slippery slope. Write down your doubt(s), then write down why and when. Face your adversary, deal with it. Establish that fighter mindset. Time of workouts should complement time of scheduled events. Add  two minute drill about two hours before or after your regular workout. Select one or two of the following...Jumping rope, jumping jacks, run stairs, running in place. You can add two minute drill to the end of your regular workout if you if you cut two minutes off normal workout. Nutrition/diet...home made trail mix, chicken, turkey lean red meat, fish, coconut oil, 7/9 whole grain bread, hemp, B12 liquid, flaxseed, alkaline water, sweet potato. No sugar, salt, white bread, syrup, fried foods or deserts or processed meat.
Have a meaningful life everyone. Jimmy O

Sunday, November 22, 2015

That One Moment

Welcome everyone...Rafael Nadal, "the difference between winning and losing is mental toughness. I don't think I forgot how to play tennis after a loss." We need to stay in the moment. SELF-CONTROL...ability to control your emotions and behaviors to push forward...when it hurts. Makes you train/practice. Helps you overcome the temptation of slacking off or just going through the motions. PERSISTENCE...ability to stay focused despite obstacles. Bridges the gap between a goal and achievement. Credit to Jeremy Schaap, ESPN for the following. Jonathon Pitre, Canada. Teenager born with EB, Epidersmolysis Bullosa. Always wanted to be a hockey player. His skin keeps falling off. Every other day his mother bathes him...takes 3 hours. Then he must be re taped. "I only have a life span of 25 years. I've already lived over half my life. Think of what you have. Every day is a battle. Ever day a battle won." Excerpt from his speech. A must see and read. What will you complain about today? Have a meaningful life. Jimmy O

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Gamer or Choke?!

Hello everyone...whether you are a pro, amateur or weekend warrior perform/play as you practice...and you practice as you play.
Over coming mistakes quickly is critical to mental toughness and being a gamer. When you are performing well, you are not thinking or judging how you are are just competing. Having a short memory and letting go of mental or physical mistakes will help you maintain your confidence at peak levels. Don't get down on yourself...if you allow the "get down" mood, you will repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Accept the fact that you will make mistakes and that your are not perfect. Develop a routine to snap out of it. Mine is to whisper the word NOW.
Have a meaningful life everyone. Jimmy O

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Trust Yourself?!

Hello everyone...trusting your skill set is paramount in achieving success and longevity in competition as well as in life. Let's start with..."practice/train how you compete...compete how you practice." If you train the right way, you condition your body to react in competition. Train to trust your skills. Practice/training is the time to access your skill set. When tinkering, you interfere with actions you normally would routinely perform. That's known as
"paralysis by analysis." Over the past ten years, 100's have participated in my seminars and instructional clinics. It was amazing to me, how many did not trust their skill set...especially with the game on the line. 'Flashback" can be positive or negative. Reinforce the positive, or continue to settle for "being close." That's what I term "brain isolation compromise."  Don't fall into the "close trap." Have a meaningful life everyone. Jimmy O