Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hello and welcome everyone! It's been a great week. Conducted 11
"Balance your Life" classes, 4 pickleball classes and gave 2 motivational
speeches on Friday. Thank goodness I'm retired. One of the speeches was
to retired people at a retirement village. It is great to see people with a
thirst to take a "bigger bite out of life." Oh,I was also a part of "what's
my line" and "I've got a secret." That was fun! I am convinced that the more fun we have in life...the better our life will be. We all need to be
entertained. So my question to all of you is this..."are you putting fun
into your life, your exercise program and your healthy lifestyle? And
the next time you go to your family physician, ask the doctor what is
right with you. They tell you what's wrong with you. That is depressing.
Instead of leaving their office with a frown...leave with a smile.

Have a great and meaningful life! Jimmy O

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hello and welcome everyone! Let's go back to basics...again. Learning and training muscles to be functional is a challenge...for the participant
and the trainer. Proper movement of the body is critical in attaining
"peak performance" in everyday living and in sports. Remember, the
brain must send the correct signal to the muscles. Let's start with foot
movement and the bending of the knees. When working with people of
any age I have noticed that when reaching for a moving object, most
will only extend the arm(s) and only bend at the waist. And we find
ourselves off balance. WHY? Because we failed to move one or both
feet in the direction of the moving object first, before reaching. The
same holds true when we start to fall...we reach in the direction of our
fall and our feet remain stationary. When falling to the right lift the
the right foot a few inches off the ground quickly and extend the leg a few
inches to the right, in the direction of the fall. Most of the time this move
will stop you from falling to the ground. So, it's foot movement and
then reach. This move will take some practice, but well worth the effort.
Summary...move your feet and bend your knees, then reach.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hello and welcome everyone! My teaching of fitness classes is now back in full swing...and it's
good to be back. In the previous two years of conducting the "Balance Your Life" class, 75%
of the exercises focused on the physical element and 25% on mental stimulation exercises.
This year the emphasis will be 50/50. Last week I mentioned that "smart people" have said for
years that aging causes the decline in functional balance. NOT TRUE! In my research and in
observing class participants, the main cause of "balance loss" is due to allowing our brain to
become lazy. So the brain is being conditioned to become non-functional...the brain is now a
"disconnect" to the muscles. The brain ceases to sent proper signals to the designated muscles
needed to perform functional balance. So, selected muscle behavior is dependant upon the signal
or command of our brain. And the results for functional balance becomes (without brain signals)
non-existant. For us to attain maximum functional activity, we need to call on the brain
to "come alive." Without that brain activity (stimulus), here is what happens...our brain is going
in one direction and the muscles are going in another. The final result...we fall or we say "I can't."
Can we bring the brain back to life? YES! Achieved through daily and proper mental exercises.
Coming back to life...attaining functional balance is witnessed in everyone of my classes. We
have all heard (over the past year) about stimulus packages. Well, what we have just discussed,
is your stimulus package to your your lifestyle.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hello and welcome everyone! Earl is the big name in our weather now. Have a safe Holiday
everyone. Let's spend a little time on the words "outer limits." I believe that each one of us
possesses "inner" and "outer limits." Most of the time we function within our inner limits.
This applies to work, driving a car, working out, jogging, any sport and yes even shopping. When
we THINK we have reached our limit, we stop. We say "I'm tired" or "bored," or "I can't do this
any more." We tend to function based on our "function history." It's like we know our limits ahead
of time. Now let's reach "outside of our norm." Example...we are painting the house for the third
time and we know (from our function history) how far we get in a day. This time however, we are painting better and faster and and have this surge of energy and we want to finish painting
in two days. AND WE DO! People who experience "a rush" are reaching the outer limits of their
capacity. And we may pause and think where did that come from? Heroic deeds are the result
of people reaching their outer limits. Can we learn to apply this whenever we want to? Perhaps,
but we first of all have to learn what will trigger this. Without thinking, certain situations will
cause this rush of energy. I call this unplanned rush. What about the "on call" rush. This can
apply to staying up later at night, waking up earlier in the morning, eating that extra piece of
pie or can be applied to working out or playing sports. Example...assume my workout is for
one hour...I have maxed my inner limits, but today I want to go for one hour and ten minutes.
I begin to think about this prior to starting my workout. My brain is gearing up (getting ready)
for a change...something new, and is ready for the challenge. I do this in my sprints...with 20
meters to go, I say the word now. And I find I have something left to expand and reach my
"outer limits." Does this work all the But it works more often than not. Experience
reaching your outer limits more often.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O