Thursday, November 22, 2007


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Every so often each one of us has to " checkmate ourselves." Ask the question: who am I and what am I all about? What do I stand for? Life is easy when everything is going our way. But the true test for each of us is when we are faced with obstacles. In reality, we should be grateful for life's adversities. Those moments defines who we are....those moments define our character. Fate is what life gives us...destiny is what we do with it. The road to happiness will always be under construction.

So on this day , lets all of us give more than we receive. The impact we make in life is in direct proporation to our own self image.

For as long as I can remember thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Have a great day everyone and a great life. jimmy o

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Hello everyone! Being mentally and physically fit creates energy, excitement and a sense of " I feel whole." A healthy and positive self image. Yesterday I facilitated a clinic for seniors. The central thread among those in attendance: "over the years I started and stopped fitness programs several times. I am no better off now than I was 10 years ago," Sound familiar?

For beginners...SLOW AND EASY. Where do I start and what to do? Begin with walking, treadmill, or biking. After 20 to 30 minutes stretching is in order. You need to stretch arms and legs. This can be done from a standing and or sitting position. Use a chair, stretch band and a pair of 1,2, or 3 pound weights. Next try for 5 to 10 minutes of cardio. Now cool down with a walk or biking for 5 minutes. Stretching is want to invest your time getting fit, not in rehab. Reminders: BREATH DEEPLY while exercising. More about breathing in future blogs. Be creative and have fun. Drink plenty of water, 8 oz per 30 minutes of exercise. Remember your notebook and revisit your goals. ARE YOU MOVIVATED?!

Sidelights: Four weeks ago a gentleman requested I be his personal trainer. He wanted to lose 150 pounds. Age 53. After 4 weeks I am happy to report that he has lost 29 pounds the safe way. My youngest client is a 4 year old girl with motor skill deficiencies. Will talk more about her in future blogs. Her first session was friday for 45 minutes.

Have a great life everone! JIMMY O

Sunday, November 11, 2007

lifestyle impact(part 1)

Hello everyone: Imagine transforming your out-look on life through a change in your lifestyle! I know what fitness and proper eating habits have done for me and many others I have talked with regarding this subject. So whether you are a novice, intermediate or at the accomplished level of fitness, we are not only having a positive change in our lives, but also our loved ones and and friends.
As we embrace our lifestyle change from a fitness perspective, I'll begin with a caution and a question. CAUTION: Regarding diet pills and other supplements. I notice many people "snatching" latest popular diet pills or if you prefer the "miracle pill". Users feel its the easy and quick way in achieving the perfect body. Remember short term relief brings long term grief. Always consult your physician. The same holds true with any supplement. Sometimes we ingest certain things because its the "in" thing to do or we want to gain an edge. Look at it this way; if you were cooking a meal you would feel safe in following a proven receipe. Some spices and other ingredients blend well to bring out the best in your food, while others tend to destroy an otherwise perfect meal.Keep the guess work out of your life. In my opinion a wholesome food diet is critical for a successful and longlasting fitness program. fitness first, then weight loss. When I ask men and women if supplements are working, I get "I really don't know." When I speak of supplements I am talking about legal supplements. Don't miss part two in my next blog. Have a great life everyone...jimmy o