Sunday, May 25, 2008


Hello everyone! Welcome to your health and fitness RX!
Over the past 8 months we have covered alot relative to fitness and experiencing a healthy life style. We have looked at various ways to exercise...all the way from the beginner to the accomplished athlete including my exercise program for the Senior Olympics. Today I will highlight some of the "roadblocks" to health and fitness.
Roadblocks to a healthy life style:
1) eating the wrong foods...the proper diet is not a punishment, but rather a reward for making the right desision. No fried foods, sugar, gravy, syrup, white bread and flour and processed foods.
2)not getting at least 8 hours of sleep.
3) my opinion, the #1 cause preventing good health. Stress causes so many other ailments. Some people have endured stress most of their lives, so much so that they feel it is "normal" to have chronic aches and pains. It is not normal!
4) not having a regular and consistant exercise plan.
5) lack of preparation both physically and mentally.
6) a lack of goals and writing down your progress.
7) lack of exercise preparation...warmup and stretching. As an athlete, my #1 fear is injury. I now need at least 20 minutes of stretching before starting my exercise program or a competitive event.

Have a great life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hello everyone and welcome my Senior Olympic training.

I realize that I touched upon my olympic training in an earlier blog. This is an update. Now most of my training is outdoors. In fact I am working out with a local highschool track team. I have often stated that mental fitness is as important as physical fitness. This is especially true when preparing for a competitive event. So with a little over two months before the Senior Olympics, my focus is like a laser. "game face" is on. My mind set is as follows:

1) My training sessions must be tougher than the actual event.

2) Test my limits...force myself to reach my limits.

3) Reach my peak performance about two weeks before the olympics.

I work out six days a week. Only walking on the seventh day.

Day one...isometrics, tennis, upper body lifting, practice HJ and LJ and finish with two hours of tennis.
Day two..isometrics.On the track for two hours. Plyometrics, 10 speed bursts (40m) each. Then 10 100m out of blocks.
Day three..isometrics, upper body lifting, practice HJ and LJ, two hours of tennis or racquetball.
Day four..isometrics, then on the track for two hours. Repeat day two but replace 100m with 200m
Day five...isometrics, upper body lifting practice HJ and LJ.
Day six...isometrics, then on the track for two hours. 10 speed bursts and 5 400m. Play softball game.
Day seven...walk for one hour.

Summary:Once a week I get in one hour of sprinting uphill. 40m with a 30m incline. My warmup is for 30 minutes and my cooldown is for 15 minutes. I pulled a hamstring in october and it has taken until April 10th to get it right. Injury is what I have to guard against.
Have a great life everyone! JIMMY O

Sunday, May 4, 2008


In part one I introduced you to isometrics with focus on legs. Three to five minutes for stretching. The amount of time for each series is two to three minutes.

ISOMETRICS...ARMS: The amout of time would be the same as for legs. Three sets each.

Biceps...either use the same "fixed object" as you did for legs or place one end of the band under your right foot. Now place your right hand at the other end of the resistance band and raise your right hand just above your waist and hold for 15 seconds.Palm of hand is facing up. You are using about 70% of your strength. Now the left arm and if you are using your foot at one end of the band, hold with left foot for the left bicept. Now, next exercise, starting with your right arm, lock wrist and elbow, palm down and raise arm chest high and hold for 15 seconds. Now your left arm. Three sets each . This exercise will not only tone your forearm and shoulder but, you will strengthen both. This is also a great exercise for those of us who compete in softball, tennis, racquetball and golf. Now with your back to the stretch band reach down with your right hand, wrist and elbow locked, with palm facing up, bring arm forward past your body to just above your waist and hold for 10 to 15 seconds. Always remember no slack in the band when starting. Try and do three sets each.

And there you have it folks. Alternate for six days and rest the 7th day.

Next blog...Senior Olympic training
I am finishing this blog on Mother's to all the moms...have a great day!
Have a great life everyone! Jimmy O