Thursday, March 23, 2017


Welcome everyone...if you are at the "now what" are lost. When you are in "cruise control" mode in your training, you are driving at night without headlights. Doing nothing, evolving is difficult. Plan for change. Doing nothing different causes boredom and mental weakness. You stunt your growth. The mental side is of utmost importance to your future. Don't settle for stagnation. Most people start to complicate life...rather, we should simplify our lives. Next blog..."blow the dust off."

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Welcome everyone...every once in awhile I feel the need to get off the "super highway" and take a back road. Introspection heals the
inner self. We are in a rush to get no where. We live as though we will never die. We died as though we never lived. Rush to grow up and long to be kids again. The life you have may not be the life you
planned. Fate is what life gives you, destiny is what you do with it..
There is more to life than pumping iron and counting to 10. Life is
made up of time, distance, numbers, connections, evolving, (not trends) and spiritual. Mysteries of life...the future, the past, and the unknown. Funny how that works...half of society is chasing the unknown and the other half is running away from the unknown. The IMPACT we make in life is in direct proportion to your to your own self image. Thanks for riding along.