Sunday, November 27, 2016

High Stepper

Welcome now you have eaten your share of turkey. Hope you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Worst day to train/workout, day after Thanksgiving. Have been receiving questions and requests re "body weights." I workout with one, three and five lb. weights. NEVER place them around your ankles. Place the weight just above your knees. Never around ankles. That will throw your stride off. Too much pressure on your legs. Enter weight training slowly...slowly. Also consider using wrist weights. Start with one lb. each wrist and run 400m at half speed three days a week. Pump those arms. The arms and upper body power/pull you. When attending a track meet, you will hear athletes yelling "pull." You will realize positive results within 10 days. Three days a week with the weights, 30 min. One more...take a 5/10 weight and with both hands lift weight above your head and sprint half speed for 10m and then backwards. Three sets with 30 sec rest between each set. Stay off the treadmill. Hard on the knees. All you are doing is just raising one foot and the other. On any other flat surface, you have to push off. Breath deep slow breaths for one min.
before and after workouts. Get rid of that stale oxygen.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Peak Performance

Welcome least 50% of us want to attain peak performance. That attitude must prevail in everything we do. The undercurrent...most people don't want to be motivated. Surprised?! Don't be. I am going to assume most of you want to be motivated. This is your food. Coconut oil and water. Helps w/weight loss, kills bacteria, curbs appetite, helps w/memory, helps protect organ function, promotes heart health, improves digestion, promotes energy, helps prevent cancer, helps prevent alzheimers, treats inflammation and arthritis. BANANAS...reduce muscle cramps, lower colon cancer risk, reduce depression, maintain level of electrolytes, improved blood sugar, better memory, prevent calcium loss, lower your blood pressure and swelling. Both aid in igniting inner motivation. Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Welcome everyone...I oft times written and spoken about how sports and the business world are parallel, interconnects on several fronts. Competition is one common thread. Most of the obstacles are self imposed...of our own doing. Boredom, stress, indecision, impatience, lack of purpose, lack of focus, fear, worry. We need to deal with and rid ourselves of the negative...if not these will destroy you, will eat you up. Let's take boredom...Carl Rogers, a renowned educator, professor, stated this "I always thought of myself as a good teacher...but the day I became a great teacher, was the day I became an excited learner." Boredom affects every facet of our lives. And it spreads and is contagious. Put excitement back in your workouts and daily routine. Change. I have to change "I have to work out, to I want to work out." Begin each day with a five/ten meditation." Put subliminal to work when falling asleep. It's powerful.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stick it

Yes, stick it...a term used often in the sports world. when you stick possess focus and mental toughness to complete the task at hand. Early on, you go through the rigors of training. Once you reach a certain plateau you soon realize a greater view of your life. Your reward for your hard work will be at the finish line...where survivors and winners always meet.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Forward or Backward

Welcome everyone...are you looking through your wind shield or the rear view mirror? Stop looking backwards! Aging should not be your enemy! Oh, by the way...43 countries now read my blog...thank you. My research reads this way...accept who you are and where you are. Far too many people are saying "I used be able too do this." LOOK, time moves on. Five, ten years from now, are you going to be saying the same thing. Too many people live via excuses. The hundreds of people I interviewed, all agreed that  they fell prey to yester year. Reality vs. dreamland. Come on gang, press the start button and get started. Where do we go from here, not from there. Memories from the past will not carry the future. When will step into the future?