Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Welcome everyone...in my boyhood growing up on my parents dairy farm, I would walk with my father into the fields each spring and every once in awhile my father would reach down and grab a handful of soil and feel it to see if it was ready for planting. We have to reach deep down inside ourselves to see if we are ready to get in shape...fitness. Often times this requires SHOCK treatment. Harsh? Yes. Wake up your Mental Fitness. Physical fitness is not only about weights and numbers and meters. All of us need to shock our system and performance. Grunt and grind your way to

Monday, October 10, 2016


Welcome everyone...in most sports you hear the term "I hit the wall." Weather you are a competitor or amateur, the "wall" does happen, WHY? My take...fear of losing. That's when the "now what" sets in. The wall is more mental than physical.  At what point do I experience that wall. You must figure out when I sense the "Wall?" Your training is critical. Go for it,