Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone! Yes...pickleball. For the second year my
"Senior Class" played against High School students. The "Senior Class"
will be playing against a High School each week until June 1st. A simple
game bringing two generations together for a better understanding and
appreciation. Also, bringing a community closer. Seniors, age 65 and
over competing and being accepted. The students are amazed at the
skill level we have. WZZM filmed the entire games and ran a 90 sec.
clip on the sports segment at 6PM Jan. 27th. Our thanks to WZZM for
a great job. To view clip click on

Have a meaningfull life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone! Describe yourself. What kind of person are
you. What kind of athlete/competitor are you? Write down everything
that comes to mind. That's a tough assignment. This is called "gut check."
Now click the "refresh icon." Now for the next 30 days stick with your
plan of action. You will be amazed at who you are and what you are able
to accomplish. Winners always meet at the Finish Line.
Have a meaningfull life everyone! Jimmy O


Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone! Over this past year, in talking with tens
of athletes, I was appalled at how many allowed (got caught up with)
news items, politics and world affairs to interfere with and affect their
training, workouts and events. They allowed outside interests affect
their performance. WHY??? One of the roadblocks to success...self
induced distractions. Some of us are guilty of sabotaging ourselves.
Anything you can't control...don't worry about it. The road to success
will always be under construction. Fate is what life gives you...destiny is
what you do with it.

Have a meaningfull life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone! This will be an attempt to define and asses
addiction as it relates sports and mental fitness. After my own experience
and interviewing several athletes and non athletes I have arrived at the
following conclusion. Addiction is the pursuit of or giving way to a
certain lifestyle. Let me apply this to sports, competitive events or training and working out. When we start "slacking off," we either put
into play denial or our mental toughness. From the very first time we
have to make that choice, we come to a life defining moment...a life
changing moment. When it becomes more comfortable to slack than
to pursue our goals, we are on a slippery slope. Our mental toughness
drives the physical. Achievement of any worthy goal requires Passion.
Having a Passion is more than writing down goals. With passion, you
begin to see yourself as already being there. You begin to act and behave
as though you were already there.

Have a meaningfull life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hello and welcome everyone! Have a healthy and safe New Year! My
personal commitment for 2012...motivate others, of all ages to engage in
a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps the greatest threat to our health is a lack of
movement. I will continue conducting 15 classes a week...8 "Balance Your
Life" fitness class and 7 Pickleball class.

Have a meaningfull year everyone! Jimmy O