Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hello everyone! I am very excited to announce my new venture...."Training Wheels." For quite some time now I have recognized that for whatever reason many women and men of all ages do not want to join a fitness club. So "Training Wheels" will travel to you and to corporations, civic clubs, sports clubs such as golf and other organizations. Training/fitness on worked for Tupperware, why not fitness. I also think its time to begin using the term "healthy lifestyle" versus training, workout and fitness. Those words tend to be confining. I believe a healthy lifestyle encompasses the total person as opposed to a particular muscle group. Healthy lifestyle concentrates on the mental, the physical and the food choices we need to make. Attaining a healthier lifestyle should be exciting, fun and inviting. The body we have is the only one we will ever have...let's take special care of our body.

"PERHAPS THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR HEALTH IS A LACK OF MOVEMENT". Well being, wellness and care should be accessible to everyone.

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Have a great life everyone...JIMMY O

Sunday, February 17, 2008


OLYMPIC TRAINING (part 1) Presented an overview of my training agenda...the physical part inclusive of exercise routine and duration of each exercise.
Today I will focus on the mental aspect of a fitness/training program...specifically, my mental exercises. I base my feelings for mental fitness on the following : personal experience, obsevation of athletes in any age group and any level of competition and listening to athletes over 7 decades. Most people,( whether it be in fitness, exercise, driving to work or life in general) tend to find a comfort zone, create a routine for activities. Some take it a step further...they get into a rut. A rut is convenient, we don't have to think...we become robotic. When that happens routines become boring, life becomes boring, we become boring.

WE MUST STEP OUT OF OUR COMFORT ZONE! Question: Will my training/workout program accomplish the desired results? There is more to reaching a goal than workout, train, counting, scales and stop watch. In the competitive arena the physical abilities of each are about equal. The difference is the mental toughness. Mary Decker Tab, former world and US record holder in the 1500 m. was asked, what do think about before you race? Mary responded " I think about everything that can happen during the race. I see myself running the race and I visualize myself winning." All the way back to her training for the event Mary saw herself winning. Visualize yourself as already being begin to act and behave as though you were already there. Winning an event begins long before the actual event. It begins getting out of your comfort zone and changing your training agenda...adding and subtracting. Even though the Senior Olympics isn't until august I am already visualizing myself in each and every event. Also in this way I don't cheat on myself when doing exercises and mentally accepting new and different exercises. WARNING: make sure you have safety in mind when attempting anything new.

In summary:1) write down your goal(s).
2) variability, simplicity and meaningfulness must compliment your goals.
3) visualize yourself as already being there
4) never lose track of where you are in the process.


Saturday, February 9, 2008


Hello everyone! My Senior Olympic training program began in earnest on February 1st. The following is an overview:

  1. Six days per week...Monday thru Saturday...three hours a day.
  2. Weight lifting...lower body 2x a week and upper body 2x a week...0ne hour each session.
  3. Plyometrics 3x per hour each session.
  4. Sprinting and speed bursts 2x each hour each session.
  5. Yoga...2x each week...45 minutes each session.
  6. Spinning...5x each week...45 minutes each session.
  7. Abs 3x each week...30 minutes each session.
  8. Racquetball 2x each hour each session.

As the outdoor track season draws near (April) I will change my routine. I have attempted to address some of the questions I have received over the past two months. Two other questions: Why do I train like this and do I get bored with training. No I do not get bored, I love to exercise. Simply stated...I love the challenge of training, becoming better and I hope being a role model for young and old alike. I love to compete. It is my lifestyle...a healthy lifestyle. Working out sure beats the heck out of growing up on a dairy farm as a young boy .

Have a great life everyone!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Hello everyone and happy Superbowl weekend! I teach a fitness class several times a week and my Friday morning class is turning out to be my favorite...35 seniors with an average age of 70. Half dozen people exercise from a chair. What a great group! I can see the eagerness and excitement in their eyes. Constant movement for 45 minutes. These seniors are serious about fitness and exercise. No fooling around no goofing off. If I make a mistake..I hear about it. They all bring a partner...someone to support the other..."come on you can do it." That is the attitude they all have. All of them come to class with an attitude...a positive attitude. Its a pleasure to be around each and every one. Mental fitness, attitude and motivation =a healthy life style. One person at a time, one exercise at a time, one day at a time. We draw strength from one another. Imagine if just one more person begins to exercise right now. Exercise and work = great therapy.

Have a great life everone! JIMMY O