Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! Happy Easter! This day (in my mind), is a day to celebrate life.
Quality of life...healthy life we live, should be our focus. Life and our health are so
fragile. We can lose both in a blink of an eye. Some things are out of our control...but what about the
things that we can control. What are we doing about those things? How would your progress
report read? If your progress report was done by someone else, how would it read. I believe that
too many of us allow ourselves to enter the "freeze zone." We allow ourselves to stay in a self
induced "rigormortis state." This is the danger zone of our health...of life itself. Get out of this
zone now. On this day, and from this day forward, finally begin to experience a "freedom of life."
A freedom in your life. Step into the zone of freedom!

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! The Senior Olympics are only four weeks away...the Nationals are eight weeks off. Training is on "fast forward!" Most of you are aware that I don't conduct classes (fitness) from April 1st to Labor Day, however, this year I am teaching five pickleball classes each week. seems we are always "on the clock." And the clock is winning! We will always have interruptions...ALWAYS. Take charge, control time. Budget your time. When you write down things to do...put a time frame on each. By doing this, you will reduce your stress level. Perform deep breathing exercises each day. Taking better care of your mind and body, yourself...sure beats taking time off to run to the doctor. Have a geat and meaningful life everyone! jimmyo Reference: www.jimmyo.stemtechbiz,com email:

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! Saturday, I experienced my first workout on the track...really felt great. I usually stay away from exercise on Sundays, not this year. Transition time...going from conditioning and cross training to "sport specific," track & field. Going to do more knee lifts, stairs and up hill sprinting this year. Over the past several blogs I have talked about mental fitness and the importance of it. However, it is not enough to think about it or practice it when working out. MENTAL EXERCISE must be a critical part of our everyday lives. Allowing things to slide, being lazy or careless will not get it done. Mental fitness should be first and foremost. Have a great and meaningful life everyone! JimmyO Reference: Email:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fast Forward!

Hello and welcome everyone! Well the Senior Olympics in my state has moved the dates up from July to May. Did not get an explanation. So, that means my training schedule is now on "fast forward." Tuesday, April 5th will be my first day on the track since September of 2010. Once again I will train at a local Highschool. I changed my off season training to cross training. TRX, kickboxing, deep water aerobics and in the weight room working on core strength with lots of ab work. This year I will be competing in the Senior Olympics, Senior Games, The Masters and The Nationals in TX. During this off season I conducted 11 fitness classes "Balance Your Life" per week and 5 pickleball classes a week. My thanks to the over 200 participants. Also, I am having my web site's a complete "make over." Completion date...May 1st or sooner. I am excited about it! Lots of stuff going on this spring and summer. Will update you every week. Have a great and meaningful life everyone! JimmyO Reference: Email: