Sunday, October 27, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...the Ninja series has drawn a lot of
attention by you the reader. So, let's get started with #4 in the series. Plyometrics and Isometrics. All of the drills, except one, are
designed to develop the fast twitch muscle fiber. High impact drills.
Plyo...get five wood boxes starting at about 12 inches high and
increasing to 42 inches in height, or whatever your max is. First,
jump onto each box that are spaced apart. So, jumping on the box,
hit the floor and on the next box and so forth. Next, jump over each
box. Spring up as soon as you hit floor or box. Five sets. Next, holding a weight above your head, toe tap on a step while standing
on foot and then the other for 30 sec. Rest for 20 sec. Do
5 sets. Iso...using a resistant band, hold band for 15 sec. and release. You can do curls by placing one end of band under a foot and the other end in your hand. Resistance should be 70% of
capacity. You can do legs and arms and neck. Tie one end around
a fixed object or in the door jam. Now, for you weight lifters, get
a tire weighing about 100 pounds. Flip end for end for at least 10m.
Do five sets. Kick box at a "dummy bag." First punching the bag
for one minute and then kicking the bag for one minute. Do five
sets. Floor stand bag is ideal. Next run a mile at least once a week.
Next, play a sport with lots of movement at least once a week for
an hour. Next, the dreaded wall walk. With your back against the wall, step away about 2 feet, arms overhead with fingers touching
wall and walk your fingers all the way down to the floor and then
walk fingers all the way up. Five sets. Number all the drills and mix
and match. Train six days a week.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...start off by stretching for 30 minutes. Now sprint 50m five X with 20 second rest between each
sprint. Next, hanging by your feet, body fully stretched out, come
up and touch your toes 10 times and hold for 10 seconds, Five sets.
Next, push a 2x4 20m. Five sets. 2x4 should have a towel around it
so it does not scratch floor. Next, jump rope for 30 seconds with a 30 sec. rest between each set. Five sets, and increase to 10 sets by
week three. Next, sprint 50m. Three X. Next sprint up hill or up
stairs and when reaching the top sprint for at least five meters. Hill
should be at least 20m and stairs should be at least 25 steps. Next,
20 slow pushups...slow, very slow. Finish with stretching for 30
minutes. I drink at least 20 oz of water and 8 oz of coconut water
each work out. Next week...Ninja bonus.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...your response to Ninja 1 was great.
The foundation is built on core, plyo and iso. No, this program was
not designed to be easy. Designed for me to reach my limitations...
every workout...six days a week. Alternate drills every other day.
Reminder, before and after each session...stretch for 30 minutes.
Include sprinting...three 50 meters. Let's go. Laying flat on floor, hold 5 pound weight above your stomach, stretch arms up while
holding weight and drop weight on squeezed stomach. Drop 10
times. Rest for 60 sec. Repeat twice more. You can have someone
else drop weight. You will increase weight by 5-10 pounds each
week. Always tighten abs before dropping weight. Ab drills are
based on your tightening those abs. You will not get a six pac by
doing sit ups and crunches. Next, sprint 50 meters three times,
three sets. Next, from a sitting position, hands on your sides, lean
back to 90 degrees and hold for 30 sec and then back to sitting
position. five sets. Next, holding 10 pound weight in both hands,
place weight on floor and jump up and stretch arms high above
your head. Ten times, five sets. Reminder, when you land, POP
up. Next, sprint 50 meters three times. Rest for two minutes.
Stretch for 30 minutes. Now you should be tired. Next week, it
get's tougher...rope and 2x4. Some of you won't be back.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...over the past three months, I have
researched the Ninja philosophy and have designed a demanding
training program for myself. Remember, this is a program for me.
Over the next 3/4 weeks I will share some of the basics with you.
My mindset..."break the shell" around me. I wanted a collision with
my training drills and practice. I needed to get uncomfortable with
my training. I would compare the Ninja with the US Navy seals. The beginning...1) the core. Plyo, jumping sideways, forward and
backward over a portable step, ten inches in height. Arms waist high. Jump for 30 seconds. Then add a 5 pound wt in each hand with arms waist high for 30 seconds. must pop up just
as soon as your feet touch the floor. Next, hold the 5 pound wt in
each hand with arms straight out in front of you, chest high for 30
seconds. Rest for one minute. Next, lay on your back, holding 10-
15 pound wt straight up over your face, elbows locked. Legs flat
on floor. Come up strong to sitting position. DO NOT move arms
forward when coming to a sitting position. Three sets with 15 reps
each. Next, sprint up at least 25 steps with arms in front of you,
chest high and squeeze the abs muscle and hold tight. Repeat with
5 pound wt in each hand. Five sets each. Finish with 30 min.
stretching...same as prior to start. Next week...#2.

Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O