Sunday, August 25, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone..,This is the seventh in our series of
eight blogs regarding "answers to your questions." Your positive
remarks has been very gratifying. Next week...a bonus for you.
This week "how do I achieve stamina/endurance?" Let me begin
this way...words to live, training, workouts, jogging,
running, weight room, swimming and so on. Staying healthy must
be "A  WAY OF LIFE." Breaking your way of life will be your
un doing. Stop eating for three days, three weeks or three months
would be a health hazard. You can't say, "well, I'll just eat twice as
much for that length of time and catch up." Really?!!! Breaking
training will erode your endurance/stamina. Each time you go into
rehab for whatever reason...erosion takes place. For me, endurance/
stamina is attained by practicing endurance drills. Called GRUNT
work. I am a sprinter, tennis, racquetball, pickleball and martial
arts athlete. Those are my core sports. Skip roping, swimming,
running backwards, plyometrics, sprinting uphill forwards and
backwards with and without holding a 12 pound weight overhead
for 20 meters and sprinting in 3 feet of water at the lake...those are
some of the drills I do for stamina/endurance. And three days a week I run 800 meters. I do all this for three months, before I start
my sport drills.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Winner's edge

Hello and welcome everyone...sixth in a series of eight in answering your questions. "Why is the mental so critical in training
and competing?" Let me answer this way...picture a bicycle, the
front wheel is the mental part. The front wheel get's you to where you want to go. The back wheel is the physical, that's what drives
you. Most people are on a unicycle. The unicycle will get you going in circles. Winners will profess that the mental part of their
game is more important than the physical. On any stage, any level
of competition, the "mental edge" is the winning edge. The EYES
show who is mentally ready to compete at a winning level. By
looking into one's eyes, you can tell who is ready and who is not.
Mentally tough people are very hard to beat. Physically, at any
given age or level of competition men and women are close to being
equal. The mental separates. You develop mental toughness in all
of your workouts long before the event. The mental will get you
there...:"first to the finish line." Mental fitness must be a part of
your every day life...not limited to training and competing. You
can't turn it on and shut it off when you feel like it. You either
have IT or you don't.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...this is the 5th of a series of eight in
addressing your questions. Today's workouts are boring, what's wrong? I like to compare working out to eating. If
you were to eat the same thing every meal, every day, that steady
diet...eating would become boring. It would become easy to skip
eating. Watch someone on a treadmill...I have never seen anyone on a treadmill, smile. Have you? I love working out, always have.
are keys for meaningful workouts. Write down your planned
workouts and your objectives. That's your Rx for success. Change
your drills/training. SPIKE your daily workouts. Once a week,
create a "workout beast." These KEYS will fire up your mental as
well as your physical. My workouts are for 90 minutes. That
includes a 15 minute warm up and cool down. Always challenge
yourself. Don't slack, don't give up and don't quit until you cross
that finish line. See you at the finish line.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The BURST!!!

Hello and welcome everyone...this is the 4th in a series of eight blogs. Today we concentrate on the "burst." No matter what sport or competitive event, whether team or individual, you need the "burst." The burst is different than having a "kick." In my "Webster," the  kick applies to running long distance, biking, or
skating/skiing, swimming...all long distance, over 400m. The burst
applies to sprints, T&F, racquet sports, X Games, endurance and
body building (weight lifting). My apologies if I missed your sport.
For the past one dozen years, I have used the word "NOW: as my
mental igniter. When I say the word NOW aloud, that triggers GO.
90% of my sprint drills demand the NOW command. My brain,
my body responds to that command. Example...200m, load and explode out of the blocks. That's the first "burst." All out for the
first 20m and then I pull back to 90% capacity for 80m. With
100m to go, my next NOW, with 40m to go, my next NOW, and
with 10m my final NOW. All bursts of additional speed. Arms,
legs are fluid...reaching. Remember...the faster you move your arms, the faster your legs will move...count on it! My training, drills...from 30m to 400m, including uphill sprinting...I practice
"BURSTS." Even in the high jump and long jump. The word NOW
has been the catalyst for all of my gold medals. Never underestimate the power of your mind.

Have a meaningful life everyone...jimmyo