Monday, December 26, 2016


Welcome everyone and thank you for your following my blogs. Your readership is key to my writings. Most of you are well aware of my weekly wall of fame. This past week...Jeison Aristizabal, CNN winner also. Many of you are aware of my devotion to men and women who are physically and mentally challenged. Why is it that people with less, accomplish more than "normal people?" I want to find the answer to that this year 2017. Hundreds of "challenged" people have attended my fitness/sports clinics. This includes people legally blind, in wheel chairs, walkers and needing an assist. I experience a miracle in every clinic and every class. They motivate me and teach me about life. And to all of them...thank you! With love and hugs, Jimmy O

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Peace on earth

Welcome Everyone...merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah. Wishing all of you peace and joy, Give lots of hugs and extend a hand to someone in need. It is time for love, pardon and family.
Have a meaningful life everyone. Jimmy O

Saturday, December 17, 2016


Hello and welcome blog re wearing body weights has generated tons of responses...thank you. Once every three months I design a workout program with drills that I don't really like to do...but I have too. I call that day, my MT. EVEREST CLIMB. Here we go...3 hours of blood sweat and tears. 20 minute warm up. Rugged terrain, run and sprint for 20 minutes. Pull a 40 lb. tractor tire for 20M (sprint) Three sets with 60 sec. rest period after each set. Push 2x4 10m. 5 sets with 60 sec. rest between each set. Standing in place, jump straight up and bring knees waist high, 30 times in 15 sec. and always land on the balls of your feet. 3 sets with 60 sec. rest between sets. Move feet in four directions, change directions quickly, on balls of your feet, 39 sec. 5 sets with 30 sec. rest between sets. Now you have developed fast muscle fiber and endurance. 20 min. cool down. Let's meet at the finish line.

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Hello and welcome everyone...thank you for the positive response to last week's blog. We will start this week with quotes. Bob Richards...sports writers questioning Bob Richards, renowned pole vaulter, LA Cal. Olympics 1984..."how many records will be broken this year?" Bob, "all of them." Then he said, pointing to the kids swimming, seeing the pre teens training, "these kids are out to break records that haven't even been set yet." Profound! Mary Decker Tab, world champion 1500m champion. "I not only think about winning...I see myself winning." First to the Finish Line...Champion where survivors and winners always meet."

Sunday, November 27, 2016

High Stepper

Welcome now you have eaten your share of turkey. Hope you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Worst day to train/workout, day after Thanksgiving. Have been receiving questions and requests re "body weights." I workout with one, three and five lb. weights. NEVER place them around your ankles. Place the weight just above your knees. Never around ankles. That will throw your stride off. Too much pressure on your legs. Enter weight training slowly...slowly. Also consider using wrist weights. Start with one lb. each wrist and run 400m at half speed three days a week. Pump those arms. The arms and upper body power/pull you. When attending a track meet, you will hear athletes yelling "pull." You will realize positive results within 10 days. Three days a week with the weights, 30 min. One more...take a 5/10 weight and with both hands lift weight above your head and sprint half speed for 10m and then backwards. Three sets with 30 sec rest between each set. Stay off the treadmill. Hard on the knees. All you are doing is just raising one foot and the other. On any other flat surface, you have to push off. Breath deep slow breaths for one min.
before and after workouts. Get rid of that stale oxygen.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Peak Performance

Welcome least 50% of us want to attain peak performance. That attitude must prevail in everything we do. The undercurrent...most people don't want to be motivated. Surprised?! Don't be. I am going to assume most of you want to be motivated. This is your food. Coconut oil and water. Helps w/weight loss, kills bacteria, curbs appetite, helps w/memory, helps protect organ function, promotes heart health, improves digestion, promotes energy, helps prevent cancer, helps prevent alzheimers, treats inflammation and arthritis. BANANAS...reduce muscle cramps, lower colon cancer risk, reduce depression, maintain level of electrolytes, improved blood sugar, better memory, prevent calcium loss, lower your blood pressure and swelling. Both aid in igniting inner motivation. Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Welcome everyone...I oft times written and spoken about how sports and the business world are parallel, interconnects on several fronts. Competition is one common thread. Most of the obstacles are self imposed...of our own doing. Boredom, stress, indecision, impatience, lack of purpose, lack of focus, fear, worry. We need to deal with and rid ourselves of the negative...if not these will destroy you, will eat you up. Let's take boredom...Carl Rogers, a renowned educator, professor, stated this "I always thought of myself as a good teacher...but the day I became a great teacher, was the day I became an excited learner." Boredom affects every facet of our lives. And it spreads and is contagious. Put excitement back in your workouts and daily routine. Change. I have to change "I have to work out, to I want to work out." Begin each day with a five/ten meditation." Put subliminal to work when falling asleep. It's powerful.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Stick it

Yes, stick it...a term used often in the sports world. when you stick possess focus and mental toughness to complete the task at hand. Early on, you go through the rigors of training. Once you reach a certain plateau you soon realize a greater view of your life. Your reward for your hard work will be at the finish line...where survivors and winners always meet.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Forward or Backward

Welcome everyone...are you looking through your wind shield or the rear view mirror? Stop looking backwards! Aging should not be your enemy! Oh, by the way...43 countries now read my blog...thank you. My research reads this way...accept who you are and where you are. Far too many people are saying "I used be able too do this." LOOK, time moves on. Five, ten years from now, are you going to be saying the same thing. Too many people live via excuses. The hundreds of people I interviewed, all agreed that  they fell prey to yester year. Reality vs. dreamland. Come on gang, press the start button and get started. Where do we go from here, not from there. Memories from the past will not carry the future. When will step into the future?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Welcome my boyhood growing up on my parents dairy farm, I would walk with my father into the fields each spring and every once in awhile my father would reach down and grab a handful of soil and feel it to see if it was ready for planting. We have to reach deep down inside ourselves to see if we are ready to get in Often times this requires SHOCK treatment. Harsh? Yes. Wake up your Mental Fitness. Physical fitness is not only about weights and numbers and meters. All of us need to shock our system and performance. Grunt and grind your way to

Monday, October 10, 2016


Welcome most sports you hear the term "I hit the wall." Weather you are a competitor or amateur, the "wall" does happen, WHY? My take...fear of losing. That's when the "now what" sets in. The wall is more mental than physical.  At what point do I experience that wall. You must figure out when I sense the "Wall?" Your training is critical. Go for it,

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Welcome unknown, "I'd rather look back at my life and say, I can't believe I did that" instead of saying "I wish I did that." Over the years of competing, working with and researching men and women athletes of all ages and levels of competition, one can learn a lot about the mental and physical aspects of sports. A college professor, friend of mine shared the following (trains Olympic athletes), drinking ice cold liquids works about three times as fast as liquids at room temp. According to this professor, no one has figured out why. I consume coconut water, pineapple flavored, and of course water. After my work outs, I drink a glass of chocolate milk. That's the best for a fast "snap back." No other supplements.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Welcome everyone...question I am asked all the time, "how many exercises/drills are there?" My reply, "how many stars are there?" You are asking, "how can I get there, fast?" Everyone wants speed and "I don't have a lot of time." My response, "you have a life time." The most effective way we can improve quality of life and duration, is exercise." You can cut your exercise time in half if you count by 2's...OR you can "burst exercise." Ten minute workout." With three/four 20 sec. all out give it all drill. Select your drills. Results will be the same as a 45 minute workout. I call this the "Burst" workout challenge. Ready, set, GO. Your life is in your hands.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Exam Time...again

Welcome everyone...every six weeks I must test fitness, my endurance. I remember when I was 10 years old, telling my father that I would never have a beer belly. A few years later I made another promise to myself..."never stop dreaming. Think the impossible." Being true to myself has been a driving force my entire life. When you stop dreaming, you short circuit your life. So this week is TEST time. Sprint five 50M, five 100M and five 300M. A two min. rest between each sprint. Clime a 25 foot rope five times. Then a slow jog for 800M. Then stretch for 30 min. Yes, I just turned 80. The candles cost more than the cake.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Monday, September 5, 2016


Welcome athletes, our greatest threats in attaining peak performance is ourselves and injury. Avoiding or at least limiting injury is paramount. Far too many avoidable injuries plague athletes at all levels. No excuse to incur an injury during a warm up. Leading the way...foot, knee, shoulder, and in a few sports, head injury. Avoid what I term "body crash." The body is not a machine. Too many of us activate "push button" mindset. We devour wakeup pills, training pills, eating pills, go to bed pills. Under this premise, throughout "listen to your body." Pills screen out how your body feels and reacts. All in the name of performance, ain't gonna happen. Ever been tired even before your event? No matter what you read here, most of you will continue your habit. Forget the words, warm up. A singer warms up. PREP is the word and designed program. Stretching and motion in the pre event routine must compliment the motion of your event. Prep time should be 45-60 min. Break a sweat! Select and write out stretching and motion that fit your event. Injury, pain and rehab is no fun.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Welcome everyone...prior to the start of the Olympics, I stated that the winners would share a common trait. Mental Toughness. That was the prevailing trait. In swimming, le Close was shadow boxing right in front of Phelps, trying intimidate no avail. Phelps beat le Close by over a second and went on to win another gold medal. All the winners, both the women's and men's events, the mental games prevailed. The athletes spend hours in mental paid off.  Next week, Avoiding injuries.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, August 14, 2016

1st to the FINISH LINE...

Welcome everyone...the IMPACT that you make is in direct proportion to your own self image. The who am I, what am I all about. "How do we reach and define that inner me?" Start by removing the self imposed obstacles. 1) Worry 2) you don't like change. 3) Indecision 4) Adversity 5) Fear...Robert Frost, "the people I am most afraid of are the people who are scared." The road to success will always be under construction. I...image, self image. M...maturity. P...purpose in life. A...attitude. C...courage. T...touch, the human touch, When you change the way you look at things, you change the way things look, the things you look at change. First to the Finish Line...where Winners and Survivors Always Meet.
Have a meaningful life every one...Jimmy O

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Welcome everyone...Cindy Thrasher, 19, has won gold in the air rifle event in Rio. She also won that event, NCAA, as a freshman in college. She believes in Visualization and gives credit to that practice. The elite athletes all possess about the same skill and talent. So, what separates the elite from winners and those who fail. Visualization, imagery, mind pictures. Your mind becomes your personal camera and takes a picture of every detail. Fall asleep using visualization. And when you are sleeping your mind is still actively working. Now, we have documentation that those who practice visualization increase performance by as much a 35 %. When you can visualize, feel your self begin to act and behave as though you were already there. Repetition, practice, is the key. The Olympics in Rio will provide us with the value of the mental game.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

9th Wonder of the World

Welcome everyone...I have asked this question for several years... "why is it that people with less, accomplish more than "normal" people?" What ever one accepts, that becomes their norm. Fate is what life gives you, destiny is what you do with it. Adding to my Hero Hall...the family of Hamuyam Kahn, Father Jacques, pastor
from France and Tai Sheppard, age 11, Brook Sheppard, age 8 and Rainn Shepard, age 10. Homeless. Just qualified for Junior Olympics. They have added to the meaning of life. There are times when words are not important or meaningful.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

To Get There...Start Here

Welcome everyone...most men and women have their own idea of a fitness/training starting point. There is a correct and incorrect starting point. Most people gloss over the warm up and cool down. The warm up is my starting point. The warm up...1) prepares the mind and body for what's to come. 2) Warm up motion drills should demonstrate the same motions as your event or fitness drills. 3) Helps prevent injuries. My warm up is for 40/45 min. Break a sweat. The proper warm up readies the body and the mind. You will feel and perform at a higher level with a great prep. Now the cool down. Work your body at a slower pace. Include deep breathing exercises and walk one mile. Now is the time for slow and deep stretching. least 30 min. Drink a glass of chocolate milk for a "snap back."
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Inside Game

Welcome everyone...a few weeks ago I drew your attention to the
"mental" aspect as we approach the Rio Olympics. Mental prep is
critical. Allowing stress to over take us, muscles lose up to 30% of your power and then muscle pulls, ie Bolt. You cannot improve the
physical without training the mental first. Sports psychologists are
a competitor's best friend. When competing, can you trust your self? Focus on your "inside game."
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Welcome everyone...most of the obstacles that stand between you and winning are self imposed...whether its sports or the business world. The IMPACT that we make in life is in direct proportion to your own self image. The obstacles...fear, stress, tension, lack of focus, indifference, being distracted. Once you discover and define "who you are," Your whole life will change...for the better. "Play" your upcoming event or business meeting over and over again in your mind and start living and winning.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Welcome everyone...mental toughness is not a genetic trait. It's a skill developed by each one of us. You can develop mental toughness the same as an other skill. The degree of toughness is on you. MT is the one skill that helps you beat the odds. The Rio Olympics will produce talented and highly skilled athletes. Mental toughness will win out. That toughness propels you to "center stage, prime time." MT applies to the Corp. World and how we run our lives." Next week, A shock...motivation and feeling of being old.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Muscle Bound Brain

Hello everyone...yes, you can have brain muscle bound as well as be muscle bound. Causes of being brain bound...worry, interruptions, adverse conditions, the unexpected. Enter, block outs. The Rio Olympics are six weeks away. Watch for the mental side. Several years ago, Mary Decker Tab was being interviewed by a sports journalist. Mary was a world champion in the 1500m. Mary was asked, "what do you think about before a race/" Mary replied, "I think about all the things that can go wrong before and during the race. But most of all I think about winning." On a personal note, I deliver 30/40 motivational speeches each year. I have never used a podium or notes. Five days prior to speaking, I get in my car, drive in traffic and rehearse. I invite disruptions...stay focused. I prepare for the unexpected and block it out. Mental toughness.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Welcome everyone...on May 21, 2016 I illustrated the Ultimate Challenge blog and neglected to add an important drill. I call the drill the Wall Walk. Stand with your back to the wall, feet about six inches apart and about 18 inches from the wall. Get comfortable. Technique in all the drills is half the battle. Now reach straight overhead. Now bend backwards, place hands on wall with fingers pointed toward the floor, start walking your hands toward floor, kept going until your head touches the floor. Now start walking your hands up the wall, back to your starting position. Do 3-5 of these with a one minute rest period between each walk. Develop a good breathing pattern...deep breathes.
On a solemn note...two heroes in sports and champions for humanity..Muhammad Ali, the greatest and Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe. The good always leave us way too soon.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Welcome everyone...I am really fired up today. Response to last week's blog...WOW! Overwhelmed by the positive comments. Thank you!  Having worked with and developed tens of 100's of athletes and others pursuing a healthy living style and competitive achievements..."becoming and evolving and a dream is critical in becoming whole and complete" The building blocks as I see it. Life is made up of Time, distance, ethics, connections, avoid self destruction and dreams. When you stop dreaming, your life disintegrates. Your mental state of mind is your "beacon light." There are three persons in each of us...yesterday, today, tomorrow. Most of us want the tomorrow person. Whether it's you or someone else creating change...change creates conflict, stress, tension and other health related issues. When things don't go as planned, we are quick to revert back to the yesterday person. We fail in becoming and evolving. Mental-Mental-Mental.
Have a great life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ultimate Challenge

Welcome thoughts for all the men, women and children in the world killed in their effort for peace and freedom.
Pound the Rock...every six weeks I challenge myself for two hours with...1) 100 pushups in one min. (the right way). 2) 85 crunches in two min. 3) sprint up 84 steps, 10 sets w/ 30 sec. breather between sets. 4) jump rope, 5 sets, for two min. w/60 sec. breather between sets. 5) hanging by my feet, pull up and touch my toes, 5 set, 30 sec breather between sets. 6) standing in place, hands waist high, jump and pulling knees waist high. 30 in one min. 5 sets w/ 60 breather between sets. 7) 400m sprint, 3 sets. Sprints are spaced throughout the other drills. 8) hurdles space about 18 inches apart and are 18 inches high. Hop with both feet at a time facing the hurdles, then sideways, change lead foot, then one foot at a time, facing hurdles, standing sideways, jump and spin while in the air and land facing the opposite direction. All jumping, Plyo, land on the balls of your feet and pop right back up. After the drills, I walk 1500 meters.
have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, May 22, 2016

You are Who?

Welcome every one...write out a script, definitive, as to how you want to train and compete. Your script needs to be specific, not general or vague terms. Follow the script to a "T." In my clinics and seminars, the first question I ask each participant, "define/ describe yourself." Every participant is stumped...cannot do it. That tells me that if you are "in the dark" in knowing yourself, you have doubt, fear, stress and lack self confidence. You are living with someone your whole life and don't know this person. What a shame. Back to the script...get on track with your training and yourself. Funny how that works...accept failure and it will find you. Accept success and you will find it. Next week, Pound the Rock, Ultimate Challenge! Warning...only for the strong, not the weak.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gravity Leadership

Welcome everyone...last weeks blog, Winning Vision blew up with your positive response. That blog is the all time leader in "hits" for that blog...and added a thought that I had omitted. Leadership gravitates to the task the world of sports, the competitor gravitates to the level competent. In my clinics, seminars and speeches I use some of the same language and applications for the business world as well as sports. Brand the word gravity in your mind. What happens in "gravity time." 1) you reach levels elitism. 2) You settle for a lower level. 3) You accept failure over success. 4) You quit. As you ascend keep locking it in.
Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Winning Vision

Welcome every one...Mary Decker Tab, a world champion 1500M runner, said this when interviewed by a sports writer. The question..."what do you think about before a race?" Response. long before I compete, I think about winning. I visualize myself winning. Sports visualization...a must for athletes at any age or level of completion. Learn/practice this skill. Think in terms of pictures of images. The elite athletes always see themselves as winning. Never, ever IF. It's not just thinking about achievement, it's consciously controlling the images and controlling the scrip. Your visualization/imagery purposely practice the skill in your training and drills. IT WORKS!!! To acquire this skill...practice, practice and practice. Your vision plus passion will force you begin to act and behave as though your are already there.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Monday, May 2, 2016

Trigger Words

Welcome we greet a change of seasons moods change...and we experience varying degrees of depression. It takes about a week to snap out of it. Change of seasons is a great time change our training routine and add cross training. This is where your mental toughness needs to come into play. Redesign your training blueprint. I have found that words used in training...kick in a greater degree of motivation. I whisper the word NOW to kick it. I started this about 15 years ago. My brain is now trained to send and trigger a greater performance. In all, I use 3 trigger words. Understand and appreciate the capacity of the brain. When ever you can apply the "brain trick" it concentrates on a new call and bypasses your current body condition. may be tired, the trigger bypasses that condition and forces your brain and muscles to excel in another condition or function or demand. Takes about 2 weeks to install.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Welcome everyone...Design/Action/Results
 Professional approach to enduring Peak Performance. Governing your body and results expected is a business. Type your plan. A.
Results expected, listed first. B. Blood test for athletes. C. Nutritionist and show results of your blood tests. D. Reflexologist with one visit a week. E. Design High Impact drills. Plyo, sprints, stairs and jump rope. Non stop starting with 10 min. 3x a week. Increase to 20 min. and then 30 min. over 4 week period. F. supplements...stay away. My science dept. has researched "tons" of supps...bogus. I take coconut oil and water, grapefruit seed extract, organic, raw-unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Vitamin B12 liquid w/ B complex. When ever I ask athletes if supps. help...reply, "I don't know." Your body will adjust to the above within 2/3 weeks. You will feel the difference and see results. You asked for it, now you have it. Have a meaningful life every one.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Game Changer!

Welcome everyone...Game Changers are worth their money in gold. Life defining, Life changing moments. The eye of the storm! In "that moment" you want it. Your mind is not cluttered with "what if's, " "ya buts" and "I got this." Chatter equals clutter. Break the barrier...the wall. As you progress to the next level you will experience the same thoughts and feelings as before. Do not give in to the coward. If not now...when? Break down the wall...smash it! Become a wall breaker...keep breaking down the walls. First to the finish Line...where winners and survivors always meet.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Welcome everyone...rave reviews re last blog, thank you. Albert Einstein, "the difference between genius and stupidity, genius has limitations." Today I am going express the way I feel...the way others around me to feel. Especially my children and grandchildren. "We live as though we will never die. We died as though we never lived. We rush to grow up and long to be kids again. We get up in the morning and take a pill to get us going and then take another pill to send us to sleep. Machine? When you punish your body, you lose your body. Shame! When you change the way you look at things, you change the way things look...the things you look at change." When you stop dreaming, you stop living. Have you stopped? Have a meaningful everyone...Jimmy O

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Injury Prevention

Welcome everyone...why is it that athletes incur so many injuries? And it isn't limited to just one's all sports. Viewing tons of film, one can quickly pick out flaws in the warm ups and cool downs. Let's begin with the feet. Athletes spend a ton shoes. Shoes are restrictive. Naturally you have to wear shoes in competition. The book, "Born to Run" illustrates how people native to Africa run barefoot. During my intense workouts, (3x a week) I train barefoot, on a football field. This training helps make the feet stronger and the ankles. Watching NFL players warm up, all players were doing the same drills. Why! Stretching and other drills should have the same motion as when you perform in a game. Called Muscle conditioning. I can't claim to completely eliminate injuries, however rehab is not the best class to be. By the way, a doctor in NY has his patients run barefoot on a blacktop road.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Take Control

Welcome everyone...take control of yourself. Most competitors want perfect conditions...stay away from the perfect" setup." You are not setting the table for dinner. When training, you should welcome disruptions. Outdoor training is ideal. Weather and climate will always play a role in your training. Rain, wind, cold and heat will always be factors. The moment you give in to outside are done. The only things that will force me indoors, is
lightning and snow. Sprinting against a 30 mi per wind is not a picnic...but I do. Get behind the wheel of your life and don't worry about things you can't control. When you complain and make are done. First to the Finish Line...where winners and survivors always meet.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Preparing to Win

Welcome everyone... 1) Thought process...during my training and time, (year round), my mindset is not just compete, but to Win. I gather info on the completion...records, diet, their mindset. Watch film on their competing. How they act and react. Their training routine. I keep a notebook. 2) My search for newest methods in training includes interviews with pros, film and writings. I rule out anything that I don't feel gives me an edge. Then merge new methods with the old. 3) Research health foods, nutrition and energy foods. 4) I compete in track and field, tennis, racquetball and tackwondo. So, my training is varied and high impact. Every two weeks I select a different set of drills...except my core drills. 5) once my routine, I don't change, I stick to it. My warm up and cool down takes 45 min. each. Each workout is 3 hours. On days I compete, my prep routine is always the same. First to the Finish Line...where winners and survivors always meet.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reckless Abandom

Hell and welcome everyone...the year 1992. I was attending my Taekwondo session and was in a one on one combat. I was determined to beat my opponent. My instructor stepped in and stopped the match. He looked straight at me and said, "you are strong, tough and always ready...but you are too tight, loosen up."
When you "tighten up" your muscles shrink. You lose motion and
strength. Anger sets in and you beat yourself. That  was great advice. I went on to earn my black belt. I tight muscles includes the brain. I call that "brain fuzz." This fuzz affects anyone in any sport.
Concentrate on your positive skill set...NOT on try to avoid mistakes. Trying to avoid mistakes, means you are trying to avoid failure.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Getting there

Hello and welcome everyone...the impact that you make in life is in direct proportion to your own self image. Getting the very best from how you see yourself. First, we have to remove the self imposed roadblocks...worry, negative attitude, indecision, fear, change and lack of mental prep.When you have a vision, a passion of where you want to be, you begin to ace and behave as though you were already there. It's more than setting a goal. Goals are great, but remember, unless you are willing to keep changing and updating the goals...they become your "ceiling." Ceilings stunt growth. Move the ceilings with passion and vision. No excuses.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Inner Game

Hello and welcome everyone...Competing against others is one game. Competing against yourself the other game...thee game. Whether you are in competition or not, You always compete vs. yourself. Challenge yourself. The INNER game. Be aware of where you and who you are. Be aware of the "moment" and instinctive. Things change from training/practice to the "heat of the battle." Isolate your thoughts to the "NOW." The big 3...awareness, commitment and in yourself is key to winning. 
Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Crafting a Champion

Hello and welcome everyone...the word craft is descriptive of the beer industry and is our working title of this nine year research endeavor regarding " how to achieve a healthy and happy life. Hundreds of men and women of all ages and a cross section of professional and occupations. The full report will be released July 1, 2016. The following is a brief preview..."what is vital in your quest for a healthy and happy life?" Ans. You must have a healthy self counterfeits. Work and exercise is a vital therapy for balance in one's life. Health eating is critical for longevity. Acquire a taste for healthy foods. Staying in your comfort zone is a curse...danger zone. Roadblocks to crafting a champion...stress, loneliness, abuse, addiction, laziness, indifference, conventional thinking, negative thinking and selfishness. The negative reduces people to 0.Stop dreaming and you stop essence you stop living.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Welcome everyone, good to be with you. I am fired up today. For those of you that have followed my writings and motivational speaking are aware and realize I have often spoken about the parallel between competitive sports and business. I am an owner of both. Yes, I am 78. Several months ago I began voicing "think the impossible." No I'm not a prophet...not smart enough. How many of read the book "Future Shock?" Author, Alvin seller. USA Today, 1/27/16 edition, read the article re Jeremy Jacobs. Read it again and again and again. All creators, inventors and entrepreneurs are labeled "crazy." Well, if it wouldn't have been for "crazy" we wouldn't be enjoying the multitude of workable ideas and dependence on "crazy." Think the Impossible." Sounds crazy doesn't it.
Have a meaningful life everyone. Jimmy O

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Welcome everyone...readers from over 50 nations are following my blogs. Several have taken the time to email me...thanks to all of you. Most people resist change. "Jimmy O, I like change. No you don't. Stop it!" The sports world is finally moving toward "analytics" at the speed of a turtle. Most athletes are moving toward the mental side of competing at the same speed. Why? Fear of change. Most athletes have neglected that one part of competing/training that has the greatest impact of the outcome...the mental side. Far too many athletes focus on the physical side or as I call it, "the cute side." "How do I look?" Boys and girls, this is not a beauty contest. can I channel my energy in the right direction, rather than waste it and allow my hours of training to be wasted. Begin the "mental process" by taking inventory of 1) your skills, 2) mistakes, 3) pressures, 4) distractions, 5) focus points, 6) confidence level,7) mental toughness, 8) mental skill level. Overcoming fear is part of your mental toughness.
Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Sunday, January 10, 2016

One More

Welcome everyone...close and finish are two words used and applied to sports and any business. Everyone faces their Mt. Everest challenge at least once in a life. Dreams and goals are my Mt. Everest challenge. I have daily goals. I establish a written annual goal. I break it down into weeks. I figure there are 48 working weeks in my year. Then I break it down into five work days. There are variables in goals. We all face adversity and detours in the daily climb. The dreams and goals are vital in reaching the top. When we stop dreaming, we put ourselves on "life support." Several years ago, I wrote the words "One More" on a 3x5 card and pinned it to the visor of my car. That card has become my boss. It's the little things that make the difference. Control yourself, your actions. Don't waste time trying to control everyone else. Develop a "pioneer attitude" and forge new roads in reaching the foot at a time.
Have a meaningful life everyone. Jimmy O

Saturday, January 2, 2016

That One Moment

Hello, welcome and Happy New Year!!!  Many athletes get worn out even before the event. Long competition will cause your mind to wander, lose focus, create doubt, concentration, fatigue and recall of a past experience. Fatigue makes cowards of all of us. To change...follow what the winners are saying that I have interviewed. WORDS...quick, flow, flow, relax, NOW. Break down your annual goals to daily goals. My Hero of the week is Jennifer Vandersteit, age 37, died from cancer. Muskegon, MI. Jennifer, you and your heroes of the week. Jennifer spent last year motivating others. Thank you Jennifer. Jimmy O