Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Summer is entering the "eclipse zone." A reminder of life and aging. A reminder for me...I have so much I want to accomplish in my life, things I need to
do before my life is "eclipsed." All of us have a "gift" to share, a vision, and something to take
care accomplish. From a personal standpoint...1) help discover a cure for cancer.
2) motivate Seniors on a healthy living September I will again be teaching fitness
classes (11 per week) and my goal is to have 250 Seniors enroll. 3) finish my book on our
generation. 4) continue competing. 5) continue my motivational speaking. 6) organizing
youth fitness programs.

Update: my rehab is coming along ok. I will decide on Friday of this week as to whether I can
compete in the Senior Games on August 8. I need to practice patience. I have a great support
group which helps. I have learned (again), some things in life, you cannot rush.

By the way, Friday, I was invited to attend a youth concert. This group just returned from
Europe, Italy and Germany. What an outstanding performance! No wonder this teen age
group received an invite to return to Europe. I counted seven standing ovations! Average age,

In this blog I wanted to take a step back, take a deep breath and smell the roses. Next week,
back to fitness and something I want to share with you.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Last week, you will recall, I was really "down." My greatest fear,
injury, took me out of the Senior Olympics. I have been in rehab this past week, trying to ready
myself for the Senior Games on August 8. This week will determine my availability. It is
difficult to overcome a groin pull, adductor and hamstring pull.

This week's blog will be like a smorgasbord...take what you like and the rest leave for someone
else. I am convinced that more and more Seniors need to change their "mindset" toward fitness
and living a healthy lifestyle. We tend to gravitate into a certain "comfort zone." The comfort
zone of "habit" can be dangerous to our health. WARNING...habits can lead us into a rut. We
become blind to healthy options. Modern medical science will prolong one's matter the
status of our health. Today, age 50 is moving closer to being middle age. That is a fact. That being
the case, why not live a healthy and totally functional life. The benefits of exercise and healthy
eating can help produce the following: reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, build bone density,
look better, feel better and gives you a refreshing outlook on life. The people around you will
appreciate you more. Over this past year 171 people over the age of 50 attended my classes
"Balance Your Life." 160 were women and 3 were over age 90. The class was rated the most
popular and most effective among Seniors. The one comment I heard over and over again was
"I never realized exercise could be so much fun!" Do not rely on the status quo. Nothing ever
remains the same. Either something gets better or it gets worse. How do you get better?
START NOW! Case in point...Tom Watson!

Have a great and meaningful life! Jimmy O

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Saturday, July 11, was a very sad day for me. Four seconds into
the 100m (my first event) I went down in severe pain. I pulled a groin muscle. That ended my day. I was to compete in my usual five events. Today, I am limping around, still in pain. I feel so bad for all the cancer survivors that I had dedicated the Senior Olympics to and my sponsors and support group. My sinscere apologies
to all of you. You deserved better. I would rather have lost every event than go out via injury. I
have the Senior Games in August. I hope and pray my rehab will get me there. A look back...
all the training and tough workouts, down the drain. Hours and hours of prep time, lost. A look
ahead...start over and come back stronger and better than ever. I need to redeem myself. This
mission will what I am made mental toughness. Yes, I have something to prove.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Runners to your mark! I have repeated that command the
past year over a thousand times. The Senior Olympics begin on Monday, 7/6. I am
anxious and ready to get started. I will return to this desk on Sunday, 7/12. Hours and hours
of training and now I have seconds to prove myself. I will give you the results next Sunday.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O