Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Lots to share with you today...the American Cancer Society and Second Wind Fitness Film. I stated in my blog last week that I was invited to speak to the various staff members in the region. What a great group! This was the first time that I have spoken publicly regarding my bouts with cancer. Very emotional for me. I didn't have a "melt down" but close. I will "partner" with the Society in raising funds between now and the
Senior Olympics...and I hope beyond. My theme this year is "The Sprint For Life." That's my motivation, as it was last year. This (for me) is more than raising funds. I want to talk with
survivors and care takers...I want to listen to them and learn. I need them in my life and hope they need me. This is about life and hope...and perhaps together we can "meet at the finish line,
SECONDWINDFITNESSFILM...that's the title of the dvd I produced in 2004. Production took
12 months...35 hours of filming. That is alot of film to edit into a one hour production. The film will challenge anyone, at any age and at any level of competition. The film displays actual
exercises that I perform in any given day. Also, includes interviews with people who exercise.
The youngest was 57 and the oldest was 91. All had health issues ranging from diabetes, blindness and an amputee and a double hip replacement. Oh yes...they all had SPIRIT and a
"can do" attitude. "Second wind"...most of us realize the importance of getting our breath for the final push. The second wind is invaluable. The title, Second Wind Fitness Film applies to
any one "getting back into fitness." We catch our second wind. Seniors...catch your second wind.
Second wind is our second chance to keep going. Make the most of it!

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O
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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Some of you already know that in my quest for gold in the Senior
Olympics, I am sprinting for cancer victims and survivors. Monday I will be speaking to the
American Cancer Society. This will be the first time that I will be speaking publicly about my
bout with prostate cancer. Monday will be very emotional for me. I want to do more in the
fight against cancer. So, for me the Senior Olympics is more than is the challange
of fighting for a great cause. Yes, it is about life and hope. This is the driving force behind my
dedication. I cannot give up...and I won't. I am sprinting for life...for someone to survive.
I believe there is an inner "SPIRIT" that exists within anyone who overcomes tragedy...
the "WILL" to not only survive, but to achieve greatness. Survivors seem to thrive on the
detours of life. They have the spirit that moves not only themselves, but others. They root
out pity and excuses. Survivors "set the bar." The benchmark belongs to SURVIVORS. All
of us have survived at least one tragedy in our lives. My hope..."be first to the finish line...where
winners and survivors always meet."

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O
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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Happy Easter! Let me start off by thanking everyone who have
sent me kind words regarding my blog, website and the videos which appear on You tube. Also,
questions are always welcomed. A caution to Seniors. The weather is getting better and we want
to get outside to train. Don't rush it. Forget the stop watch for a few weeks. I stated in an earlier
blog that I had a hamstring problem for most of last year. Wednesday of this past week I felt a
twinge in the same leg. I was doing uphill sprinting and plyometrics and other "hill" drills. I shut
it down right away. Friday's workout, I did a 30 minute warmup, then stretched for 10 minutes.
After that I did 10 progressive speed bursts...10 yards at 50% of capacity and then 40 yards at
65% capacity. Saturday, I did abs and circuit for legs...Very light. Today I feel great. Reminder,
your notebook and training schedule are just as important as your shoes. In closing...all of us
deal with physical and mental issues. Stress is ever present, deep breathing is a stress reducer
and so is working out. Wishing you the best. See you next week.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Let's take a closer look at mental fitness or if you prefer...mental
toughness. I believe you have to apply this attribute to not only "training," but to everything
about oneself. We cannot be selective in our application...especially when it comes to training.
Mental fitness, mental readiness is the key...the cornerstone of any worthwhile fitness program.
Quitting, just because we "feel" like it, is not acceptable. There will be days that we think we are not making any progress. You want to know for sure? Get out your notebook and make sure.
Your road map...goals and your notebook. SET YOUR STANDARDS HIGH! Do you really want to set your standards low? can "hit" low standards all the time. I would rather have high
standards and miss some of the time. We elevate...gravitate to the task competent! We reach
goals by way of the mental process.

This past Friday night (as a cancer survivor), I attended the RELAY FOR LIFE program. After
the dinner all of the survivors were introduced. The energy was awesome! At my table were
young and old. Each had a story to tell about their "survivor road." Not one said, "I wanted to
quit." A young woman, was graduating from college this year and now moving on to med school.
She wants to be a doctor. Her mother was also at my table. You could feel the love they had for
each other. After dinner, we went to the field house and all of us walked laps. I mentioned in
previous blogs that I dedicated the road to the Senior Olympics last year and again this year to
cancer survivors and care givers. For all of us survivors and care takes on a new
meaning. And quitting is not a option! The American Cancer Society has asked me to speak at
their regional meetings at the end of April and again in May. We will "partner" in fund raising
between now and the Senior Olympics. I continue to marvel at people who overcome tragedy
and seemingly become bigger than life itself. MENTAL TOUGHNESS!

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O
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