Saturday, December 30, 2017

Muscle Confusion...4th in series of 13

Welcome everyone..."I know it by heart." You've said it and heard it. When it comes to drills, exercise, competing, keep an open mind. Being robotic in "practice" can be your undoing. Robotic drills allows your brain to go on vacation...and stay there. Enter...muscle confusion. Reminder...think of each drill as 4 directional. We need to get creative and activate the brain. The brain owns the muscles, minutes you train, how and why, the results. Take ownership of every drill. We tend to do the drills we like. Every so often people will ask me what drills I like to do. My reply, "none, but I love the results." Other than warm up and cool down, I refrain from doing the same drills 2 days in a row. I create new drills and add 3 or 4 new drills each week. I select a few drills
each day that I call "clock on" drills. That's hurry up time. Keeps my brain alert. When I call on my brain to signal a certain set of muscles, I want ACTION NOW! Don't stay in a comfort zone...lazy is not far behind. Next blog...trigger time.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Focus on the Meaning

Welcome everyone...Christmas wish from my family to you and we await the coming of the Christ Child...peace, joy, family togetherness, love, forgiveness. Let us not forget the lost, lonely, homeless and the starving. May we fill our hearts with love. Next post 1/2/18. Jimmy O

Saturday, December 16, 2017


Hello and Welcome Everyone...a recent study. Exercise, high, med, low impact...think more clearly, feel better about ourselves, age related cognitive decline. Lungs/heart get stronger. Also we change the make up of microbes in our gut. Microbes play a role in every thing from our energy levels to inflammation. research by Jeffery Woods, Univ, IL Kinesiology. You well know by now that I am apposed to conventional sit ups and the treadmill...which I have explained in previous blogs. Here is a few I do 3x each week. 1) the wheel...spread out, legs straight with hands on grips and on your toes, push wheel all the way past your head, coming back, either keep on your toes or to a kneeling position. 3 sets, 10/15 each set. 2) flat hard surface, 2x4, about 30 to 35in' long. Start position, hands on 2x4 shoulder width, knees on floor, lift knees and push 5/10 yds. turn and push to starting line. 3) Kangaroo hop...start with hands waist high and hop forward fast for 10m. and then back. The higher you raise your hands the higher the impact Now do the same drill on an incline. You will feel gut begin to tighten. 4) lay flat on your back, legs straight, grab a 10lb med. ball, hold ball above your head and sit up...don't you dare move your hands forward and keep your legs straight and on the floor. 5 sets, 10-20 reps. See you next blog. Jimmy O

Monday, December 11, 2017

ACCELERATION/// 2ND in series of 13

Hello and welcome everyone...the brain is the igniter, acceleration is the extension...the heat...the burner, Every sport and every workout requires quickness and speed. Perhaps croquet is the exception. Reaction by the individual is critical. plyometrics has been a mainstay with me since the year 2000. The balls of your feet play a major role in quickness and speed. Box jumping...forward, sideways from left and right and use hurdles 12/18in high. Standing in place and jumping straight up and bringing bent knees waist high and holding hands waist high, do 30 in 15 sec. or as best you can. And the same can be done doing kangaroo hops for 10m. Also apply that same drill up hill. Sprint up hill forward and backwards...
30m forward and 10m backward. Jumping down off a box 2'/3' high and as soon as you hit the ground, sprint 5m. Get a soccer ball, facing one direction and flipping the ball back over your head, turn and sprint to catch the ball after one bounce. When you have to reach to catch up to the ball, you are doing it right. Alternate the direction you turn. gain quickness, speed, mental alertness and endurance. Confidence. Next blog...CORE.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Welcome the previous blog, listed you will note the headlines for the next 13 blogs. We will begin with stretching. Women have more and better flexibility than men. Ask a trainer to critique your stretching/warming up. One of the fundamental purposes of stretching is increased blood flow. Volume should be based on proper technique. When you allow for improper "form" STOP. Not stopping will cause back pain and disorder...shoulder and neck discomfort. In the weight room whenever I hear yelling, a scream and dropping the weight instead of setting the weight down...someone is looking for attention. Not a good take. Standing and doing arm curls, I see a lot of men leaning backwards trying to curl the weights to chest high...don't. Just do what you can (comfort level), then stop. You want measurable efficiency for best results. At least once a week, have some one stretch you...arms, legs, feet and neck. Have that person watch you do finger walk on a wall. put one arm on wall, start with elbow bent and as you walk up straighten elbow, keeping arm on wall. This will also put stress on your shoulder. Strengthen rotator cup. See you back here in a few days.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Welcome everyone...over the next several weeks I will address the following...1) Strength/conditioning/efficiency 2) "go program" 3) acceleration 4) core 5) your trigger 6) event training vs. off season 7) line of efficiency 8) the no comfort zone 9) competition practice 10) ISO & PLYO 11) game day 12) dictating muscle movement 13) your control ctr. Watch for in coming days. Your your routines in training and events. What causes you to quit...go into hyper state. Your fears. Make it count.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

In Thanks

Welcome every...extending to all a love filled and peaceful Thanksgiving. This day (for me) is a day for family and friends and
yes, strangers to gather without grudge, anger and "get even"
attitude. Since my teens, this day has always been my favorite Holiday and very special. See you after Thanksgiving. Jimmy O

Friday, November 10, 2017

Taking a Bigger Bite Out of Life

Welcome everyone...great to be back after my successful eye surgery. prior to and after surgery I paid attention to almost every person. Once again I am shocked by how many people are living with severe health problems. Wheel chairs (motorized), canes and walkers and oxygen equipment. The people who carry excess weight around were the most notable. One person in a motorized wheel chair xxx, I was told weighed 930 lbs. I don't judge how they got that way...I censor. I facilitate a fitness class once a week for men, women and children for past 10 ten years and fully realize the number who face a "Mt Everest" every day of life. I was still shocked at the sight. For all of us blessed with good/excellent, let's not take training for granted, Shame on us it we just go through the motions, slack, pretend or disguise who we are. I remember telling my father at age 11, "I will never have a bear belly." Lead by example. Make it appoint to visit any health facility and then give a hug to at least one person.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Danger Zone

Welcome my consulting practice far to many men and women and teens come to me and state "I start an exercise/training but quit and then I can't start up again." And then they say, "can you help me?" This is an all too common "disease." People can either act to maintain their health or try and salvage what they have left. This is what I tell them..."I can't guarantee your good health will give you a longer life, but I can guarantee through exercise you will enjoy your life longer. I believe it is never too late to begin  saving your life. I get the family and friends involved. The end will come soon enough...don't help it along. I work with people of all ages including the physically and mentally challenged...people in wheel chairs and walkers and bed ridden and legally blind. That's my greatest reward in my life. Want to be motivated...get to know the people just described...enough said.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Welcome everyone...thanks to all of you who responded to "carved abs." Main reasons we don't improve. 1) We are satisfied with where we are. 2) Lazy. 3) Routine evolves into a rut...trap. 4) Build library of fail. 5) Fear(s). If we accept failure, it will find you. If we accept success, we will find it. Funny how that works. What are your limitations? Most don't know. That's a shame. Write out your "blue print" to reach your max...potential...limitations. Until you design your course of action, you will always regret it. We don't stop playing, improving, because we grow old...we grow old because we stop playing and improving.

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Welcome everyone...remember, we are creating tightened muscle mass into tight muscle ripples. 6) incline position, upper body is a foot lower than lower body, anchor ankles, knees bent, arms across chest and raise up 3/6 inches and hold 30 sec. 10 reps. 7) jumping straight up, bringing knees waist high, holding hands waist high, do 30 in 15 sec. 5 reps w/ 30 sec. rest between reps. 8) kangaroo hops on level surface or incline and go for 10m. 10 reps. The high you hold your hands, greater the impact. 9) flat on your back, knees straight, holding 10 lb med. ball 1/2 feet above stomach, tighten stomach and drop ball. 3 reps, 10x each. 10) on all fours, on grass or wood floor, four directional and go for 60 sec. 3 reps. 11) use a 2x4 and wrap with cloth on a wood floor, bend over and push for 5/10m. And there you have it. Good luck.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


Welcome my followers, thank you for your comments and questions. As a competitor and athletic trainer, I designed the following drills about 20 years ago. ABS (carved), not traditional sit ups or crunches. One rule...always tightening the muscles and maintain proper technique. GO, 1) lay flat down on your back, legs straight, arms straight above your head, come up about 3-6 in. Keep arms straight above your head...NEVER beyond your forehead. Hold for count of 20. 10 reps. 2) flip over, legs straight, hands behind your back, rise up keeping legs straight and on floor for count of 20. 10 reps. 3) get on any machine where you can rest on elbows (bent), legs straight, raise legs and bend knees waist high and hold for count of 20, then legs straight out in front and hold for count of  20. Now reverse the same drill. 5 reps each way. 4) back on floor on your back, legs straight, holding a 10 lb. wt. above your
forehead, arms straight up. Don't cheat, keep ball above head, keep your legs straight and on floor, sit up, 20 reps. Next wk. 5 more...tough ones.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Welcome everyone...gut check/pound the rock will define who you are. Feedback...overwhelming positive response. Question, "can I sub stairs for sprinting uphill?" Yes. People don't climb Mt Everest so much to reach the top. They climb it to conquer themselves. First, it's the mental part...then the physical. Long before you begin the conquering, mentally you have already accomplished that feat. You visualize yourself doing it. You visualize yourself encountering the difficulty (overcoming)  in reaching the top. Reaching the peak is where winners and survivors always meet. Next blog...acquiring a defined "6 pack."

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Welcome! That time has come. My two hour workout. I never use my cell phone when I'm working out. With warm up and cool down...2 1/2  hours. Start with cross over lunges
10 yards forward and backwards 10 times. Next sprint 10 yards forward and backwards 10 times each way. Next, kangaroo hops for 10 yards, hop forward and walk backwards, 10 times. Next, one legged hops four directional, one yard each way, 10 times. Next, the climb. 30 yards uphill with about 10 yard elevation. Sprints, 10 times. Walk back. After each sprint, holding a 8 lb. med. ball, squat, jump up holding ball and stretch arms above head...10 times after each sprint. Next, holding a 3 lb. weight in each hand sprint 10 yards, walk back...10 times. Jog 400m. Next, barefoot sprints, 40m on grass or sand, 10 sprints, walk back. Rest when you feel the need. Max rest at any time is  min. Cool down for 15 min.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Welcome everyone...most of us have been competing since preschool. It's in our blood. I am over age 80 and still compete in 8 different sports. Through the years I have heard "are you ready" a thousand times. I still train with high school and college athletes. I still get butterflies before every event. Still conduct "camps" for athletes age 8-18. One feels he/she can go on forever...perhaps. But there will come a day when you know the end is coming. While you travel this journey...never cheat yourself. Don't be a slacker. Perhaps no one will know...but you will. You will cry out "just one more, one more." If you are not giving your best, you will have a life of regret. My driving force...I compete for those can't even walk or sit up. I conduct fitness classes for the physically and mentally challenged. Never give up on your dream...share your dream. Next blog..."pound the rock."

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Welcome everyone...we have all heard a joke or two re the brain,,,
however this is no laughing matter. Many of you have heard the term, passive income relating to the financial field...earning money
while you sleep. Memory lose is not so much due to aging. NO, loss of memory is primarily due to "overload." As we age we keep storing more and more information This is what works for me...when I can't remember something I use what I call "brain trick." Relax your brain and think of something some thing else. Now the brain is free to "roam about." I have termed this "passive memory recall."
Time lapse...few minutes to a few hours. Many times I call on this "trick" as I'm falling asleep. Yes it works! In your quest for a high performance workout/training...when you want "on demand" results...use the "brain trick."

Saturday, August 26, 2017

VENUE # 4 last in series

Welcome everyone...over the years, as a business owner, consultant and athlete, I have always felt a parallel between sports and business. The number one enemy facing both...Addiction. Allowed to hang around, game over. Addiction always wins, you lose. Addiction will control your life...until you have no life. No matter
what level of life you find yourself or if you are starting over...Start with your Self Image, that's the who am I and what am I all about. The IMPACT that we make is in direct proportion to our own self image. Purpose in life is more than writing down your goals and throwing the paper into a duffel bag or brief case. It's a visualization...a Passion. this passion doesn't allow for "a drive up window." It consumes your every fiber. No road map. You find a way. You begin to act and behave as though you were already there. First to the finish line. You climbed  your Mt Everest and reached the very top. People don't climb Mt Everest just to reach the top...they climb it to conquer themselves. You conquered yourself...what a feeling. First to the finish Line...Where Winners and Survivors Always Meet.

Monday, August 21, 2017

# 3, Eating Habits

Welcome everyone...the "menu blogs" are being received extremely well. Thank you. Peak Performance is what we should strive for as well as a healthy life style. I do not take a "day off" re
my diet and eating habits. If we rely on supplements (pills) to get us there..."game over".) AM...I get up at four. Drink 8oz glass of Alkaline water and mix in two tablespoons of lemon juice,
from real lemon and two tblsp of Bragg's raw Apple Cider Vinegar.
One cup of coffee optional.  5:00 am, breakfast...2 egg veggie omelet. Cup of fruit and mixed nuts. 6:30-8:30 workout. Drink during workout, Vita Coconut Water, cup of Ice Coffee and Ice water. Anything w/ice works faster in the system. 10am...snack, tart cherries and juice and smoothie drink made with blender, 10oz over
30 min. Between 12 and 1pm. home made soup, either chicken, beef or split pea w/ham. Peanut butter on toast or one hard boiled egg. Between 4:30 & 5:30 lite jog for 30 min. and lite stretching for
20 min. Last meal of the day between 5:30 and 7:00pm. 5 to 7oz
Angus steer steak. Baked potato, green salad, veggie casserole, almond or coconut milk. Italian Ice. No eating after 9pm. Bedtime.
 NO=NO-NO...processed meat, syrup, gravy, mayo, sugar, salt, white bread, deep crust pizza. I am 5'7 and weigh 147. Next blog,
#4, subliminal factor.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Jimmy O's Menu # 2

Welcome get there, start here. I needed to have my entire body, mind and spirit in "sync." Even though I competed in various sports through out my life, I felt I needed a "road map" to ready myself for the Senior Olympics, the Masters and the Nationals. Jan. 2004 my training began, only to hit a roadblock in March. My physician informed me I had prostate cancer. Elected to have the seed implant. Only missed two weeks of training. 2004 was a very tough year for me. Still managed to win a dozen gold medals, 3 silver and 3 bronze. When you have to pea every 20/30 minutes and still get to the starting line on time, that will test you. December of that year, I decided to have a complete blood study. What did my body need to compete at the highest level. Did not want to guess. Went to a nutritionist and added more to my "roadmap." Once a week had a session with a Reflexologist. And twice a week massage was in order. Next blog, my eating habits.

Monday, July 31, 2017


Welcome everyone...taking one's inventory, defining one's self is  a very difficult task. Most people shun away from that duty However, it is a cleansing of mind, body and soul. That task lifts you to a higher level. Perform this necessary task once a year. There should be a "center of gravity" in each of us. I do not believe in a status quo...only a statue stays the same. Fitness, training and competing at all levels requires long repetitive hours of belief in yourself. A multi billion dollar a year is bent on feeding us the "miracle pill." Another billion dollar a year business in equipment
is ready to throw machines at us. In my interviews with over 100's of men and women in all levels training and competition, I have asked this question..."have the supplements helped your performance?" Response, "I don't know." Over the next few weeks, my blogs will fully inform you of my eating habits and workouts and competition rituals. Start at the beginning...define where you are at. To get there, start 

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Welcome everyone...alignment in navigating outer space is critical. So to in working out and training. Every day I observe men and women in the weight room, running and application in all sports...yes, even walking. When the muscles, joints, brain is not aligned properly, your desired results will fall short by as much as 70% percent. Most injuries in most sports and competitions are self imposed. Joints, back aches, pulled muscles and muscle stress, lack of endurance and exertion, lack of energy are causes/results of doing something wrong. Learning proper technique is your passport to a passing grade, improved results, entry to the winners circle. Functional movement, speed, skill, change of direction and "on top of your game" and your mental toughness will be yours by going in the right direction...up.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Woman's Dream

Welcome and get to know the name Samantha Sepulneda. She followed her dream, arriving in the US at age 5. Her travel log began from the Dominican Republic. Samantha's mother accepted a job working in a factory. You will be amazed at what Samantha has already accomplished Everyone's dream begins with a "seed" nurtured by the brain and matures by your written note. When you stop dreaming, you short circuit your life. We don't know how we will make the dream a just know you will reach it. There are no roads for the make your own paths, Google Samantha Sepulneda. Why is it that people going against all odds and people physically/mentally challenged, accomplish more than :"normal people?"

Monday, July 10, 2017


Welcome of muscle and their movements. In my decades of studying body movement, I have noted glaring "mental abuse" of both men and women in their approach and application re exercise. The brain must send the proper signal to the proper muscles in directing to achieve the proper action or reaction. Too often the brain and muscles are going in opposite directions; thus desired result is not reached and or injury is an undesired product. Over the next few weeks we will discover how to appreciate proper body motion. For starters...too many people rush to start and finish each exercise. We send mixed signals to our brain and "garbage" appears on the report card.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Welcome everyone...muscle confusion. Yes! From sprinting in water depths of one to three feet of water. At one foot you are forced to bring your knees up so you bring each foot out of the water in your strides. Great for knees and hips. Try about three feet of water, sprint, keeping feet in water or knee deep. Great for squads strength. Also, don't forget water aerobics. Rope. 20 to 30 feet in length...after knots are made. Fix one end of rope to tree limb or any other object. Remember, as you climb, all your weight is on the rope. Knot should be about 3 feet apart. Use both hands and feet to climb. Alternate to hands only or feet only. Go slow in descending. All the above...great for conditioning and endurance.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Welcome everyone...there comes a time in everyone's life that he or she feels the urge to "breakout" from the routine, to go beyond. It's great to have goals however, the same goal day after day, month after month spawns boredom and the goals become a ceiling  You become your worst enemy. Every 8 weeks I "break my ceiling" and my thinking...No Limits. Breakout Week...take 5/7 of your toughest drills and write down your best to date in each drill. Now write down where you want to be in each drill. Your two hour workout begins. Each drill you beat, drop that drill(s) and replace with other drills. The two workout does not include warm up or cool down. The "breakout" week goes for six days. You will experience a degree of muscle/brain confusion. You will also experience "peak performance" never before dreamed of. First to the Finish Line where Winners and Survivors always meet.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Hello everyone...I'm back. Memorial Day I was rushed to ER and 5 days later discharged. Health and physical and mental fitness play a major role in our daily lives. So many "discount" those attributes. A final day will come when you will be presented with papers ending your career. There is one award after retirement..."what kind of person were you then and now?" What will your family say? Who are you and what are you about? Ethics and self image must be core values in our makeup. Our grade on that final "award" is paramount to all the others. Next blog..."going beyond."

Friday, May 19, 2017


Welcome everyone...thanks to all of you who took the time to tell me how much you liked last week's blog re arms. This blog will focus on your "pistons," your legs. All of us sprinters can attest to the pulled calf muscles. groin, quad and hamstring muscles. Not pretty. Warning using weights on your leg drills...go slow  and start with one lb. weights and place just above the knees. Never place below the knees. Warm up by jogging for 30m. Five sets with a one lb. wt. 30 sec rest between each set. You will want to forgo jogging after the first or second week. No later then after second week. Begin  sprinting/running as you would in your chosen event(s). Expected results...1)increased power, endurance and close. You must keep accurate and up to date results. With the added strees on you muscles, you may notice a slight muscle fatigue, Normal. When performing your normal sprinting/running, sprinters go five sets for 30m. with a 60 sec. rest after each. Runners go 50m. 5 sets with 60 sec. rest after each. Also practice your start with weights. Sprinters sprint only on balls of your feet.

Friday, May 12, 2017


Welcome everyone...those of us competing in Track & Field know full well the value of the word "PULL." Arm action! In any sprint, race or run we want arm action throughout. However, when we tire, we feel fatigue in our arms and legs first. In sprints and longer "PULL" is your "go" word. Condition your body to feel when it's time. I compete in 50M., 100M., 200M., 400M., I whisper "pull" and "now" half way through the 100&200 and at the 300m mark in the 400m. In later stages of any event, the arms (upper body) carries you. Practice drills...start with a 10lb wt. at first (1) week. A) hold wts. waist high, walking with out front and back motion. Walk for 30m. B) hold wts. waist high, walk and arm motion is up to ear level and back to waist high. Motion should be the same as when you are competing. Walk for 30m. Walks should be brisk. 3X a week. Start running 2nd week. 3 sets each drill. Add 10m each week. Starting 3rd week, also add walking/running backwards. Next week, kegs.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Welcome everyone...after publishing "fusion" I received numerous comments and I then interviewed several men and women re their recording of workouts. shock! When they "confessed" their feelings, it became clear they did not want to be "pinned down" re their results. FEAR! Fear of seeing where they are vs. where they want to be based on written recording of results. Fear is causing a loss of self confidence. Now the mental game is in full force. They began to shorten workouts, find excuses, taking on the "slacker" tag. Now, they are well prepared with excuses in the next event. Your workout, training, attitude will carry over to the way you will preform  against competition. You are prepared to lose...not WIN. The same applies to competing against your self. First to the Finish Line...where winners and survivors always meet.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fusion (part 2)

Hello and welcome everyone...More and more athletes are integrating "fusion" in their training program. The use of "fusion" is your GPS. You wouldn't go through life  without ever having your blood pressure taken. Fusion provides you with an up to date report card of your entire  training program. Key points...record keeping, focus, mental discipline, up to the minute "report card." Easy access to recorded info. Use fusion on a month to month program.
Fusion...4 squares...1) starting point. 2) 7 day review. 3) 14 day review. 4) Grade your progress report. Change drills at least once a week. You are reporting to yourself. For once, you will finally know how to improve. A life changing moment. Review Fusion part 1.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Welcome everyone...competition, sports science, intangibles and the unknown are driving forces to our success. Pay attention to the advances in sports science and especially the mental. I am developing a training program known as Fusion in Sports. Fusion is the art/procedure in the melting together by heat. The merging of different elements union resulting from fusion. You furnish the "heat," Also, you create your DNA. Your passion is the major contributor for the fusion heat process. You create your DNA by selecting five to 10 mental exercises and 10 physical exercises. Record keeping is a must. You may add or change any of the exercises. Select exercises you like and some you don't like. You are creating your own GPS for success. Allow 3/4 weeks to reach a comfort zone. Once you reach "your zone" using muscle memory and  muscle will reach a much higher level of achievement. If you have questions, go to my web and send question via web.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Welcome everyone...motivation/unknown/dream. No matter what professionals actually believe, that most of us are self motivated. Well, surprise. Our research shows that at least 60% are not motivated. 50% of that figure don't want to be motivated...takes too much energy. Motivation comes from within...bribes come from the outside. Stop the bribes and oh oh...production stops. Then you are at the corner of stop and "now what." Your energy comes from within. When you want to lead,  you ascend to "rare air" it gets lonely at the have no workout partners. How is your workout partner(s) doing.? If you succeed 90% of the credit belongs to you,,,if you fail 90% of the credit belongs to you. next blog...FUSION.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Welcome everyone...if you are at the "now what" are lost. When you are in "cruise control" mode in your training, you are driving at night without headlights. Doing nothing, evolving is difficult. Plan for change. Doing nothing different causes boredom and mental weakness. You stunt your growth. The mental side is of utmost importance to your future. Don't settle for stagnation. Most people start to complicate life...rather, we should simplify our lives. Next blog..."blow the dust off."

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Welcome everyone...every once in awhile I feel the need to get off the "super highway" and take a back road. Introspection heals the
inner self. We are in a rush to get no where. We live as though we will never die. We died as though we never lived. Rush to grow up and long to be kids again. The life you have may not be the life you
planned. Fate is what life gives you, destiny is what you do with it..
There is more to life than pumping iron and counting to 10. Life is
made up of time, distance, numbers, connections, evolving, (not trends) and spiritual. Mysteries of life...the future, the past, and the unknown. Funny how that works...half of society is chasing the unknown and the other half is running away from the unknown. The IMPACT we make in life is in direct proportion to your to your own self image. Thanks for riding along.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Welcome everyone...thank you for the dozens of positive comments regarding split workouts. Splash...get into water aerobics
exercise. Also add sprinting on sand and/or in water about 3 ft. deep. Ten sprints for 30m each. Pace yourself. For energy I take Chia seeds, watermelon, ginger root, wheat grass and chlorophyll.
After a workout I drink a glass of chocolate milk and coconut water.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Split workout

Welcome everyone...this workout is for all who enter competition. Competing an entire day can be exhausting. So...the Split Work Out comes into play. Two  a days. First workout, early AM. 45 minute drills plus warm up and cool down. 20 min. each. PM workout three/four hours apart. Select five am drills and five different pm drills. This program will test you beyond any other. Beginning the pm workout will test you mental toughness. Stay with this program once a week.

Friday, February 10, 2017


Welcome everyone...finding your starting point and your finish line. Not knowing start and finish...nothing else matters. I am always amazed at how many "fitness" men and women don't document their progress or lack. Those of us who take fitness/health serious need to take notes. Exercise is the best Rx. People who stopped working old overnight! I know, I have dozens signing up for my fitness classes. Dozens of doctors agree with my doctrine.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Welcome everyone...most of us demand more endurance in our workouts and competitive events. Well, try this...Wheat Grass! Liquid if you can get it, if not then capsules. Wheat Grass is high in
chlorophyll which produces oxygen. More oxygen into the blood
stream. I also use ginger root and garlic...all natural.  My new workout...SNAPIT. Fast, quick and exhausting for best results. All
drills, 30 sec. each. Select seven/eight drills. Total workout time, 60 minutes. My selection...jump rope, cone drill, jumping jacks, push ups, stairs, push the 2x4, 8 lb. wt. squat and jump holding wt. over head, skip forward and backward. Rotate and repeat.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Hello everyone...I'm back home after a 31 day speaking tour. Feels great and I'm fired up. I will respond to your emails today. The subject of my speeches..."life is about Time, distance, numbers, connections and Evolving. The CEO'S and upper management struggled with evolving. We cannot continue to follow change...we need to introduce change and challenge to ourselves and as a leader. I have interviewed pre grade school, grade school, college students and business personnel and those were failing or thought they were failing...were bored. They were not CHALLENGED. Students today are "smarter" than their teachers. No knock on teachers. We are teaching and managing with the "box" attitude. If you fit, you will do just fine and if you don't you will be bent up. Life does not offer a dress rehearsal. Challenge and continual and relentless search for thee UNKOWN. Stay away from "now what."