Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! Being creative vs being complicated. Far
too many people end up complicated in designing their workout/training
program. Simplicity should be the foundation...springboard. Every day
we have to reach deep inside ourselves...test ourselves to see if we are
ready to do business. The cornerstones...having fun and challenge. Always reaching higher, finding our limitations. The outcome...conquering ourselves...overcoming our fears. Robert Frost
wrote...the people that scare me the most are the people that are scared.
Take control. Create inner direction. Transend...rise above.

Have a meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! It has been my
practice each Thanksgiving to stray from my normal blog script and to
focus on just giving thanks for my health and to do something special for
those with health and economic issues. This year is no exception. Others
come first on this day. I will be making Thanksgiving dinner with all
the trimmimgs for friends and strangers. I just feel better about myself at
the end of the day. Perhaps, that's why Thanksgiving has always been my
favorite holiday. So, to all of you, make this day special for someone else.
Surprise someone...make the day special. You will long love the memory.

Have a meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! "Is that all there is? Is that it? Does it ever
get any better?" Ever find yourself asking those questions? Those questions can apply to life as well as just fitness and training. We need
what I call an "outside force." My outside force is working with cancer
survivors, heart patients and the physically and mentally challenged.
Many times the aforementioned put me to shame. They overcome so
much with less, just to complete modified exercises. I never hear them
whine or complain. People, with a health issue, possess that "something"
special. They accomplish great "heroic" things in life. Working with people who overcome great odds is my outside force. Many times I ask
myself, "what am I complaining about?" They will never realize how
much I am influenced by our time together. What is your outside force?

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! Breaking down one's training routine and
performance is critical in reaching a higher standard. Most athletes don't
take the time or have the "know how" to critique performance. Thus, how do
you know if you are getting better. Progressing or regressing. Seconds,
minutes are so important in our training. Does your assessment of your
workouts sound like this..."I really struggled today." "Couldn't get my
second wind." "I felt better to day." PEAK PERFORMANCE is achieved
by knowing exactly the how, why and what of training. Whatever your
sport or level of competition we need to break it down in little bits and
pieces. Start with your mental approach, what you eat, selecting and
changing your workouts and how you begin and how you end. Write
down everything. Keep score on yourself. Knowledge is power. Keep the
arrow pointing up.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O