Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! As a seasonal change approaches, this may be a great time to take stock of our lives, where we are in life and where we should be. We should address our approach toward life and our being.
Before you slip into one of those "comfort zones," confront...challenge
yourself. Take a bigger bite out of life! When we set goals, we also
establish limitations...oops, I achieved my goal, now I can stop. Quit. That is why goals should be ever changing. Challenge and goals go together. Change results in conflict and stress. Make challenge and change a part of you. The reward of overcoming yourself...eliminates
the stress. This transendation of the inner you begins upstairs...the brain.
Your limitations are the results of your own thinking. Going beyond your
"limitations" starts with your paying attention to the little things. Every
time you give in to the little things, you set a limit for yourself. Think of
it this way...Little kids of today, in any sport, are going to break records
that haven't even been set yet. THINK about it! Their thoughts
transend beyond limits. Challenge yourself beyond.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! The RUT...for whatever reason, most of us
who workout on a daily basis, will not utter that word...rut. You will hear slump or "hitting the wall." We want things in life, in our workouts to be
orderly...routine. We go through every exercise without thinking. We grow tired or bored at exactly the same point, the same exercise, every day. We fall victim to our own thought process...our own actions. Today's
routine must be different than yesterday's and tomorrow's. Repeating the
same thing over and over again, thinking we will get better, get different
results, is a waste of time and energy. The RUT makes us worse...not better. And even worse...we begin to doubt our ability. There's that mental thing again. We need to exert more energy on the plan and results
expected. Change the routine each day and stay fresh and mentally sharp.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! As promised in last week's blog..."my sprint
for life." Mid April 2004, heading to workout at one of my favorite track's. I was now a "prostate cancer survivor" of one week. I dropped my 2 duffle bags under the same tree as I always did, with the same
squirrel scolding me and throwing butter nuts at me. My routine...start
with jogging 400m. I jogged about 50m and stopped. I started back to
pick up my duffle bags and talking to myself..."who are you trying to kid?
Your life is over. Give it up." I slowly walked toward my car...defeated.
When I reached my car, I heard another voice. "Quitter. You are giving up." I turned and trudged back to the track. "If cancer was going to defeat
me, I'm going to go down fighting!" I don't compete for myself, I compete for those who cannot. For me, it is more than winning gold medals, it is giving hope to those who have lost faith and the families of the cancer
victims. It is about life and everyday of my life is a blessing." My sprint for
life." That's why, many times I sign off with"First to the Finish Line, where
winners and survivors always meet."

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! JimmyO

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! If it's's blogger time. As we "grow up" or as I like to put we age we look for that missing link...the secret to preserving our youth...looking younger...becoming a better athlete. Thus we feel we are lacking...we are not good enough. We do not have a healthy self image. Everyone is searching for that "miracle pill." I experienced that
subject just this past week in one of my classes. Participants were getting
somewhat irritated with each other and their own play. The class was pickleball. The next class I addressed that issue with them. My statement..."get back to having fun. Quit trying to reinvent yourself or the game." Take a good look at ourselves. Are you having fun? Really? See you next week. I will share with you..."the sprint for life."