Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stop the Slide

Hello everyone...addressing questions I received this past week. "How do I stop a downward slide in performance? How do I
regain my self confidence? How do I correct bad habits?" Athletes
worry too much about what others think. Looking for social approval. That's a distraction. Wanting to be the "star." Wanting to be the headliner. Trying to be "cute." Allowing yourself to be caught up in these distractions, taking shortcuts leads to confusion
and leads to sloppy play and training. Go back to the basics. Work on no more than three things at a time. Focus on your strengths,
what you do well. Stay focused...stay the step at a time. Be patient. Each day study your notes and mediate on your
course of action. These things have worked for 1000's of athletes.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Hello and welcome everyone...thank you for your responses. Today
is about Winning. Any one working out, training or competing is
compelled to winning/overcoming. You probably already know the
following. Winning first begins from within...begins with in your
state of mind. Oh then there is the mental state of mind. Emotions
affect you mentally and physically. Frustration can linger long after
"that moment." Negative emotions can be triggered from a variety
of sources...mental errors, bad calls, couches and subpar performance. Negative emotions increase muscle tension, accelerate breathing, loss of coordination, depletes your energy.
Mental consequences such as reduced confidence, loss of focus and
depletes energy. Author Richard Carlson, "a mind that is out of the
present is futile ground for worry, anxiety and regret." To WIN,
you overcome the unexpected.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, June 14, 2015

next STEP

Hello everyone...the question all of us are confronted with, "what is
my max and how do I reach it." Sports psychology is now mainstream. Mental coaches are next step in conditioning. We fear
what we don't understand. Study, learn and practice mental conditioning. As you elevate your performance and pull away from
the is lonely at the top. You will stand alone. The higher
you go, the more alone you will be. That doesn't apply just to sports, but also to business. Leaders survive and thrive in that "alone world." You become your best friend. You trust your best
friend. Create and welcome change. You will soon realize a higher
level of self can feel it.

Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Over 2000

Hello and welcome everyone...over the past10 years I have set up
over 2000 men and women of all ages with the portable gym. And for
under 100.00. You will need 3 things...1) stretch band that fits your
strength. 2) Exercise ball, at  least 75cm. 3) Balance board or dome
or wobble board. Balance comes from the inner ear and nerve endings in our feet. Create your own exercises. You can get over 60. Build around plyometrics and isometrics. And add a soccer ball
or tennis ball and either standing or sitting rotate the ball first one
foot and then the other. About 5 min. each foot. This is a "full body" workout for one hour. I am going to close with mental part of working out and competing. Pro athletes now hiring "mental coaches." Not entirely new...just more and better. Self confidence.
A great asset! Be pro active. Manage the self confidence killers.
Symptoms of losing self confidence...indecisiveness, never finish
what you start, always tired and loss of focus to name a few.