Saturday, December 21, 2013


Welcome everyone....Happy Holidays to all of you. Last blog for 2013. Endings are tough and beginnings are stimulating. you have one. We all need direction, a plan in whatever we do in life;  job, profession, family, sports and so on. Most of us have heard of "genome," map of one's life. We need a "genome" GPS as we map out our plan for 2014 for fitness in 2014. Perhaps the greatest threat to our health is a lack of movement. Some of you are gifted athletes, pros or beginners.
No matter the level we perform at, we will always need a GPS and to follow it. Passion and patience come onto play. How strong is our will to succeed in our goals. Passion and patience are the building blocks to sustain our ambition. We also need to encourage others to follow. There is  or should not be an ending to fitness. That's one reason no one ever graduates from any of my classes. When one stops, one quits. No such thing as status quo in my vocabulary...we either go up or down. Life is so
fragile...treat it as such. As my father would say, "water the flower before it dies." See you next year.

Have a meaningful life everyone. JimmyO

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Hello and welcome everyone...struggled with organizing all the
thoughts for this blog. And the title. Let me start this
philosophy of life. Be true to yourself in everything
you do. You must weather at least one storm in your life. You must
learn to survive. It's hard to beat a person who never gives up. If you give up, you quit. When you think about quitting, think about
why you started. The one constant in life is change. Everyone will
experience at least one life defining moment...a life changing
moment...take advantage of that moment, it's precious. Share your
talent/gift with others. I wonder why some people, physically or
mentally challenged can accomplish so much...can conquer the
impossible. Kyle Manard, congenital amputee, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro. A teenage man from China, put in a foster home at
age three. Abused for two years and ran away at age five. Homeless
since age five. He appeared on a talent show recently in China.
Blew everyone away with his singing. A teenage woman, homeless, works as a janitor to make ends meet. Last year she was
admitted to Harvard Law School. For years now I have conducted
classes for men and women with disabilities. Classes for fitness
and learning how to play various sports. Title for the classes...
The Hero Program. So rewarding! I have a waiting list of people
wanting to help me instruct. People will forget what you did, what
you said and what you were wearing...they will never forget how you made them feel.
Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Beyond

Welcome everyone...I will begin this are as good as your
thoughts picture you. You perform according to your thought
processes your action...your past. Most of us cannot envision what
we could like. There in lies the problem. Goals are one thing. Performance beyond the past is quite another. How do we touch, feel "the beyond." If you have never been to a place, can you describe where you have never been? You can? How?! The year is 1984, LA, Olympics. Bob Richards was addressing sports
writers and answering their questions. He was asked "how many
records will be broken?" Response, "all of them." Then Bob said
"follow me" and he led us to the field house filled with swimming
pools. And Bob asked "do you see these 8-9 year olds swimming?"
They are going to break records that haven't even been set yet!
Think about that! These kids can see and describe places they
have not been yet. They feel it and visualize themselves as already
being there. Passion! Feel it! See it! Do it!

Have a meaningful life...Jimmy O