Sunday, July 27, 2008


HELLO AND WELCOME EVERYONE! I have often thought that perhaps we (seniors) let the word "old " get in our way.... of getting fit, getting in shape, having fun and reaching a healthy life style. We need to replace the words "I can't" with "I can." WE CAN AGE, BUT WE DON'T HAVE TO GET OLD! Put goals back in our life. CHALLENGE ourselves to reach out and take a bigger bite out of life. Each day I ask myself this question; "what are my physical limits?" I am finding out that I can actually do more than I thought I could. Get a stop watch. Use it when walking, running or sprinting. Do more push ups and sit ups. Finding our "limits" is a wonderful and exciting journey! In everything we do, reach out for more, set the bar higher. Greet each challenge with a smile. Remember the roads to fitness, better health, and a better life will always be under construction.

Have a great life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Hello and welcome everyone! Monday through Saturday I work out for 90 minutes at a local high school track. During this time period I see about a dozen men and women walking and a few are jogging. When I ask why they are at the track...their response, "to exercise." Then they add..."to lose the tummy." During any given week I am able to talk with 20 to 30 people. Many are beginners to the exercise world. In one of my earlier blogs I discussed the benefits of walking when trying to lose tummy fat. The added trim and tone your entire body. You realize (see) the benefits in 7 days when you walk 30 minutes a day. Beginners start with a leisure walk and gradually pick up the pace. In the second week you may want to jog for about 30 yards, then walk for 100 yards. Vary your exercise routine. By the third week you may even try walking with a half pound weight in each hand, moving your arms up and down as you walk. During a 30 minute walk you should drink at least 6 oz of water. Add lemon juice in your water. When the humidity is high, you need to drink more water. We lose up to 30% of muscle power in high humidity. Walking is much more beneficial for "tummy weight loss" then sit ups or crunches. Words to live by...WALK! WALK! WALK!

Have a great life everyone! JIMMY O

Sunday, July 13, 2008


HELLO AND WELCOME EVERYONE! I am not sure if exercise adds years to your life...but I know exercise adds life to your years. As I see it...our society has evolved toward a reliance on
" a push botton " life. Work, patience, planning , goals and challenge have taken a back seat. The syndrome of "I want it now" and "I can't do it" and " I don't have time" are dominate factors in our society. Many of us really do not know what it feels like to feel actually feel healthy. I believe STRESS is the culprit. We tend to mistake activity for accomplishment. We don't feel good about ourselves. Exercise lowers the stress level and helps reduce and even eliminate so many other ills and ailments. The impact we make on our lives and the lives around is in direct proporation to our own self image. Think about it. To get there, start here.

Have a great life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Hello and welcome everyone!
The era of drugs, supplements, diet pills and other aids continues to make headlines. The sports world and athletes of all ages (including grade school kids) are affected by choice and peer pressure. More and more athletes are taking viagra. Viagra? Yes...supplements that dilate blood vessels. When blood vessels relax and widen more blood flows to the muscles at work...more blood means more oxygen and nutrients are being pumped to the muscles. This is known as vasodilation.
Well guess what...researchers are now telling us that watermelon will produce the same results.
Countless exercises and countless supplements and countless opinions tend to confuse us. Whenever I ask people this question, "do the supplements your are taking, really help you?" The answer is "I don't know." the exercises best suited for you and the results you want. Before taking any supplements consult your physician and select a health food store with knowledgable personnel. Ask questions! Making wise decisions regarding your health does not pays.

Have a great life everyone! Jimmy O