Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! Newsflash...I conduct 5 pickleball classes each week. All Seniors!
I selected 16 participants and challenged one of the local highschools. We ended up in a tie with
them. How sweet is that! We will do this every month. It is a great way to bring the young and Seniors together. Everyone had a great time! Who knew? Don't count us out yet. Time is flying by. As we head into March, I start the third phase of my training program for the Senior Olympics and the Nationals. Will start my actual track and field workouts on April 1st. For now I am working on my conditioning and mental toughness. It's like taking cod liver's good for me.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! JimmyO

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! From time to time I want to update everyone on
my fitness classes. "Balance Your Life" class is in it's third year. Over 1100 men
and women have enrolled...avg. age 65. We use an exercise ball, resistance bands and for some, a folding chair. I have people from all walks of life, 7 use a walker and 3 are in wheel chairs. 7 are mentally and physically challenged...and they are the "stars" of the show. FUNCTIONAL BALANCE is the foundation of the program. No weights, no getting on the floor to do pushups and situps. I
never cease to be amazed at the progress the participants make from one class
to another. I have added reflex balls, soccer, tennis balls, dodgeball and standing on sponge mats with 2 feet and one foot and at the same time catch various size
balls. 50% of the exercises are designed to stimulate the brain. The brain MUST send the proper signal to the muscles in order to have functional balance. It is
rewarding for all of us to actually see and experience functional body movement.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! I will attempt to answer several different questions I have received from my readers. Most of the questions center upon..."how do you keep going?" "What
motivates you?" "Do you workout alone?" Let me begin this way...I call it the frame must have clarity, commitment and discipline from start to finish. I keep changing and adding to my routine. My workouts are demanding. Conditioning, strength and speed...that's what I strive for. The one constant is workout is for two hours a day, six days a week. In addition, I
conduct 15 classes a week...11 of which are fitness classes and 4 pickleball classes. The one thing that "drives" me is this..."what is my competition doing for workouts?" The other things that motivate me are pride and reward. I now workout alone and it gets lonely. It gets lonely at the top. When I was running my own company (for 35 years), being CEO was a lonely position. My reward after each workout is very simple..."I did it!"

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hello and welcome everyone! And welcome to the month of February! Keeping "tabs" on your
exercise/fitness program should be as important as keeping track of your checkbook balance.
Let's break it down into catagories...1) research, the author and title of article. 2) types of exercises I select and purpose of each exercise/benefits for me. 3) My weekly schedule and which exercises to engage in. 4) My objectives/goals. 5) My progress report...include how you felt before the start of the week and how you felt concluding the week. 6) Recapitulation at the
end of each month. 7) The confidance level, my personality changes, in general,
how do I see "the who am I." How do others see me? 8) Have I applied my exercises to a sport?
Sport application is a must! Balance your checkbook..."Balance Your Life!" THE MIRROR...our
behavior...our actions reflect what is on our "inside." do you look?

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O