Saturday, January 25, 2014


Welcome everyone...notice, as I age, the print gets larger. OK, let's
get into the cerebral area of life/fitness/competition. In last week's
blog, I stated "most of us search for the truth." And yet we live in the cosmetic/ caffeinated age. We can label this "the NOW age." We stuff things into our body and shovel more on our the
extent, we don't know who we are. When doing that, end up not
knowing who we are. Our confidence level is counterfeit at best. We crave to look good. Appearance is uppermost in our minds. No,
I am not preaching...I have been there. We want to get better and what do we find ourselves doing...pump more iron and more cosmetics. If you peel the layers back, most would have more layers than an onion. What's really your foundation, beginning?

Have a meaningful everyone...JimmyO

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Welcome everyone...yes, after seven years of designing and facilitating fitness classes, clinics and athletic camps I am making
a change. Over this time period I have conducted over 3500 classes
and clinics. I will continue to blog and deliver motivational speeches, finish writing my book and producing videos on fitness.
Let's get started...most of us search for the truth in life, in sports and training/fitness. I am convinced we are limited because we cling to our limitations. We cling to our past ways of doing things. We rely on muscle memory to get it done. We practice/train muscles instead of "brain training." The endless mystery of "how to
get better." There will always be someone who "gets it." The brain
has to be in gear before the muscles can perform to our liking. Get
out of your comfort zone. Habit vs rut.
Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Welcome everyone...12 months ago I started research and study
program regarding exercise and it's effect on men and women age
50 and older. I didn't have any preconceived ideas. I personally got
involved for 30 days. Data and results are about 24 men and women and me. So, let me share what we have thus far. Participants had to stop their normal exercise/training routine. Their
exercise was limited to walking for 60-90 days. Withdrawal was
evident immediately. Indecisiveness, lack of goal setting, attitude
and personality changes. Weight gain, craving for unhealthy foods.
Alcohol consumption increased. Quality of work went south. Their
outlook on life became negative. They began to see themselves as
failures, not winners as previously. They became withdrawn. Social
life suffered. Now getting back into an exercise routine was not easy.
Attaining that mental toughness was the most difficult. I will update you on our conclusions in future blogs. So, don't stop working out. My take...don't become my worst enemy.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Hello and welcome of the toughest things to do for
each of us..."describe yourself/define yourself." And why do people
need New Year's resolutions to start or end something? Most people race through life as though we will never die and then we die as
though we never lived. Failure is not fatal...refusing to change may
be fatal. So, we project our training programs, do we continue doing
the same thing or change some thing. What are the results expected.
What are your limitations? Thinking vs being amused. What events
will you be competing in...when? Write it down. Three weeks ago,
I began my "tape measure" theme in my training. Each week I
measure my neck, biceps, chest, stomach, upper leg and calves. I
am doing mostly stretching with push ups, tighten my abs and plyo.
In four weeks, I will phase into speed bursts...sprints for 30M and
then slow to a jog for 20M and then back to 30M sprint. One set
is for five each. Do three sets. The rest period is the slow jog. I will
add the rope climb in a week. Climbing 10 feet at first and increase
to 20 feet in week three. Planning, purpose and patience are keys.

Have a meaningful life everyone...JimmyO