Sunday, April 24, 2016


Welcome everyone...Design/Action/Results
 Professional approach to enduring Peak Performance. Governing your body and results expected is a business. Type your plan. A.
Results expected, listed first. B. Blood test for athletes. C. Nutritionist and show results of your blood tests. D. Reflexologist with one visit a week. E. Design High Impact drills. Plyo, sprints, stairs and jump rope. Non stop starting with 10 min. 3x a week. Increase to 20 min. and then 30 min. over 4 week period. F. supplements...stay away. My science dept. has researched "tons" of supps...bogus. I take coconut oil and water, grapefruit seed extract, organic, raw-unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Vitamin B12 liquid w/ B complex. When ever I ask athletes if supps. help...reply, "I don't know." Your body will adjust to the above within 2/3 weeks. You will feel the difference and see results. You asked for it, now you have it. Have a meaningful life every one.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Game Changer!

Welcome everyone...Game Changers are worth their money in gold. Life defining, Life changing moments. The eye of the storm! In "that moment" you want it. Your mind is not cluttered with "what if's, " "ya buts" and "I got this." Chatter equals clutter. Break the barrier...the wall. As you progress to the next level you will experience the same thoughts and feelings as before. Do not give in to the coward. If not now...when? Break down the wall...smash it! Become a wall breaker...keep breaking down the walls. First to the finish Line...where winners and survivors always meet.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Welcome everyone...rave reviews re last blog, thank you. Albert Einstein, "the difference between genius and stupidity, genius has limitations." Today I am going express the way I feel...the way others around me to feel. Especially my children and grandchildren. "We live as though we will never die. We died as though we never lived. We rush to grow up and long to be kids again. We get up in the morning and take a pill to get us going and then take another pill to send us to sleep. Machine? When you punish your body, you lose your body. Shame! When you change the way you look at things, you change the way things look...the things you look at change." When you stop dreaming, you stop living. Have you stopped? Have a meaningful everyone...Jimmy O

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Injury Prevention

Welcome everyone...why is it that athletes incur so many injuries? And it isn't limited to just one's all sports. Viewing tons of film, one can quickly pick out flaws in the warm ups and cool downs. Let's begin with the feet. Athletes spend a ton shoes. Shoes are restrictive. Naturally you have to wear shoes in competition. The book, "Born to Run" illustrates how people native to Africa run barefoot. During my intense workouts, (3x a week) I train barefoot, on a football field. This training helps make the feet stronger and the ankles. Watching NFL players warm up, all players were doing the same drills. Why! Stretching and other drills should have the same motion as when you perform in a game. Called Muscle conditioning. I can't claim to completely eliminate injuries, however rehab is not the best class to be. By the way, a doctor in NY has his patients run barefoot on a blacktop road.
Have a meaningful life everyone...Jimmy O