Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Last week I promised to share my workout routine with you. My
conducting fitness classes will conclude on Tuesday, 3/31 until after Labor Day. My Senior Olympic workout...this year 7 senior athletes have requested to train with me. Again this year, I will be training with one of the local High School track teams. So, let's get started:
* I have prepared mentally since last year's Senior Olympics and thought out my "game plan."
* Make notes daily. Training is 6 days a week. The Nationals are in June, Senior Olympics in
July and the Senior Games in August. So I need to peak by June 1st and maintain that for
10 weeks.
* Mondays, on the track. Speed drills, 50m, 100m and 200m. Top speed, 65% of capacity
until 2 weeks before the meet.
* Tuesdays, weight room, lower body and abs. Isometrics and plyometrics.
* Wednesdays, up hill work. The hill is 30m long with an elevation of 20m. Sprinting forward
and backward. Hops and lunges. Medicine ball (8 lbs), squat and jump, 5 sets, 5 each set.
* Thursdays, weight room, upper body, abs, isometrics and plyometrics.
* Fridays, same as on Mondays and sprinting up and down bleacher steps.
* Saturdays, abs and isometrics. Light sprinting for 20m at a time for 20 minutes.
My workout is for 60 minutes plus warm up and cool down for 20 minutes each. Stretching
3x during the workout. I never jog. I focus on developing "fast twitch" muscles. I always have
someone critque my form and technique...if I am going to invest 15 hours a week in training,
I want to be doing it correct. Bad form and technique saps energy. Each workout is calulated
with a particular purpose in mind.
Conclusion...take care of your body, it's the only one you have and never cheat on your training.
During a week's training, I perform 23 different drills. All drills are timed. Pay attention to details. Little things make the difference...First to the Finish Line...where winners always meet.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O
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Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! The calender is SPRING! Finally we can breath in the
Spring air. I actually started my training outdoors last week with one of the local High School
track teams. I have my sights set on the Nationals, Senior Games and the Senior Olympics. How
about you? The games are a great venue, don't miss it.
Athletes frequently ask me "when should I stretch?" My advise...after about a 20 minute warm
up. During a hour workout, stretch 2 or 3 times and again after your workout during your 20
minute cool down. My greatest fear is injury. So take care of your body. Training and working out
sure beats rehab. Working out daily is a must for all of us. Next week, I will share with you my
outdoor workout routine. Oh yes, don't forget to do your yard's great exercise.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! I introduced in last week's blog the "FIRST TO THE FINISH LINE" series. The response was overwhelming! Thank you readers! I also added a two minute
clip from the '08 Senior Olympics...titled JimmyO Senior Olympic Gold Winner. Hope you
enjoy it. Throughout the past few years I am asked by both men and women the following
questions..."what can we expect from being fit?" "What does fitness really do for us?" "What
motivates you?" I am going to begin answering the questions with this...WE CAN AGE, BUT WE DON'T HAVE TO GET OLD. Many seniors believe that with age we go "downhill." We age
mentally first, then physically. This type of thinking promotes excuses for not doing things...
well, because we are getting old. STOP YOURSELF. Fitness promotes a freshness in our
thinking. Fitness stimulates the brain and the body. The process of "being fit" curtails the
aging process. The feel younger, look younger and are younger. Your attitude
about yourself and everything else changes for the better. People see a "changed you" and you become more popular. The opposite sex is attracted to you. Your love life becomes stronger
and better. Your spouse or significant other loves what you are now. When you begin to
see and realize these benefits, fitness becomes a necessary part of your life. I can't tell you
how many men and women have come up to me and said "you were right." "My life has changed." So, take being fit to the limit...whatever it is. Set your sights on the finish line...

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

FIRST TO THE FINISH LINE!!! fitness and more.

Hello and Welcome Everyone! Did you remember to set your clocks and watches ahead one hour? Time speeds up as we age...or so it seems. "Life is like a roll of toilet it gets near the end, the faster it goes."
I am excited to announce my 2009 series "FIRST TO THE FINISH LINE."
* Motivational speeches...reaching out to a cross section of audiences.
* Sprint for Gold...cancer survivor. Life's defining moment. A life changing experience.
* Winners R US...motivated by the physically and mentally challenged. For any age.
* Balance Your Life...a refreshing, new "take" in fitness.
* Senior Olympic Training...a must for anyone age 50 and over.
* "Training Wheels" "in company" fitness program. The portable gym with trainer.
* Youth Athletic Development Clinics...preparing youth (ages 8 through 18) mentally,
physically and emotionally.
* Senior Comedy Hour...for seniors only. It's a hoot! Hold on to your teeth and wear seat belts.
* "Voice Over" and Narration...the power of the voice and soft sell.

" where winners always meet"
Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

"PSYCH MOMENT" senior fitness

Hello and welcome everyone! From time to time I make reference to the "balance your life"
program, that I designed for senior fitness. Today is no exception. Balance is more than just an
exercise or science. It is an "art." The "art" of acquiring functional balance (the discipline ) at
any level, at any age, is the key element in all of my fitness classes and clinics. Balance your life was designed in 2007 specifically for men and women age 50 and over. All exercises are three
dimensional and progressive by design. Participants experience full body motion, correct
technique, posture and proper breathing skills. Full body motion exercises are reinforced with
individual muscle group disciplines...1) foot work, 2) core, 3) upper body with lower body in
stationary mode, 4) reflex and reaction, 5) eye and foot coordination relative to moving objects.
Through this progression, you are training the BRAIN, then the muscles...thus achieving the
PSYCHOLOGICAL MOMENT. The time when a person is most apt to react in the desired
functional manner. Balance is much more than an is an AWAKENING of your entire
body. Through this process I have witnessed people who not only regain functional mobility they may have lost, but function at a higher level than at any time in their lives. Side note...balance
then promotes strength, endurance, brain power, confidence, mental fitness and cardio. In my
opinion, the "art" of balance must be the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O
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