Sunday, March 1, 2009

"PSYCH MOMENT" senior fitness

Hello and welcome everyone! From time to time I make reference to the "balance your life"
program, that I designed for senior fitness. Today is no exception. Balance is more than just an
exercise or science. It is an "art." The "art" of acquiring functional balance (the discipline ) at
any level, at any age, is the key element in all of my fitness classes and clinics. Balance your life was designed in 2007 specifically for men and women age 50 and over. All exercises are three
dimensional and progressive by design. Participants experience full body motion, correct
technique, posture and proper breathing skills. Full body motion exercises are reinforced with
individual muscle group disciplines...1) foot work, 2) core, 3) upper body with lower body in
stationary mode, 4) reflex and reaction, 5) eye and foot coordination relative to moving objects.
Through this progression, you are training the BRAIN, then the muscles...thus achieving the
PSYCHOLOGICAL MOMENT. The time when a person is most apt to react in the desired
functional manner. Balance is much more than an is an AWAKENING of your entire
body. Through this process I have witnessed people who not only regain functional mobility they may have lost, but function at a higher level than at any time in their lives. Side note...balance
then promotes strength, endurance, brain power, confidence, mental fitness and cardio. In my
opinion, the "art" of balance must be the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O
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