Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hello and welcome everyone! Taking a side road today...Every once in awhile I like to get on a
side road, slow down and view life from a different window...other than mental and physical
fitness. Friday and Saturday of this past week I spent much of my time at a major US hospital
to be with my one month old grandson. He had to undergo open heart surgery. All of us are thankful that the surgery went well. And now the view from the side road...I observed dozens
of patients with walkers and wheel chairs with bottles and tubes as their cargo. Heads bowed,
agony written in their faces and body language. Hanging onto life by a thread...begging for just
one more more breath. Not all, but many patients could have and should have done something about their lifestyle. They could have changed the course of their lives. Before it's
too late, take a step, a walk on a side road and view your life from a different angle. Accept
where you and what you Then take a step to a better life...a healthy lifestyle. Do not
take your life for's the only life you have, treasure it with all you have. A view from
one of life's side roads.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

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