Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hello and welcome everyone! CHANGE...isn't waiting for us to catch up to's coming straight
at us and all around us. It's like walking into a room with your glasses on upside down. Fitness/
health clubs are becoming outdated. The fitness business is a multi Billion dollar a year business.
Picture a fitness club as a box and the machines and trainers are the ingredients. Then add the
"in home" machines and dvds. WOW! POW! My research, thus far tells me that instruction,
methods and "how to" needs to be addressed...changed. I need to change some of the things in
my own training and the way I am teaching and presenting methods of working out. Proper
presentation of "learning objectives" in reaching the individual's goals is critical. Before starting my extensive research, I wrote down the following..."don't preclude anything, study, learn, analyze
and only then reach a conclusion." I cannot afford to play trial and error. None of us can afford
the "let's try this" or" let's see if this works" when it comes to fitness, health, supplements or
diets. So, beginning on or about March 1st, I will present my findings to you. It will be like a
smorgasbord..."take what you like and the rest leave for someone else." The last word...don't be
fooled by the "box" and always checkout the "ingredients." I hope my blogs will help you in
making your decisions for a healthy lifestyle.

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

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