Monday, December 11, 2017

ACCELERATION/// 2ND in series of 13

Hello and welcome everyone...the brain is the igniter, acceleration is the extension...the heat...the burner, Every sport and every workout requires quickness and speed. Perhaps croquet is the exception. Reaction by the individual is critical. plyometrics has been a mainstay with me since the year 2000. The balls of your feet play a major role in quickness and speed. Box jumping...forward, sideways from left and right and use hurdles 12/18in high. Standing in place and jumping straight up and bringing bent knees waist high and holding hands waist high, do 30 in 15 sec. or as best you can. And the same can be done doing kangaroo hops for 10m. Also apply that same drill up hill. Sprint up hill forward and backwards...
30m forward and 10m backward. Jumping down off a box 2'/3' high and as soon as you hit the ground, sprint 5m. Get a soccer ball, facing one direction and flipping the ball back over your head, turn and sprint to catch the ball after one bounce. When you have to reach to catch up to the ball, you are doing it right. Alternate the direction you turn. gain quickness, speed, mental alertness and endurance. Confidence. Next blog...CORE.

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