Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Welcome the previous blog, listed you will note the headlines for the next 13 blogs. We will begin with stretching. Women have more and better flexibility than men. Ask a trainer to critique your stretching/warming up. One of the fundamental purposes of stretching is increased blood flow. Volume should be based on proper technique. When you allow for improper "form" STOP. Not stopping will cause back pain and disorder...shoulder and neck discomfort. In the weight room whenever I hear yelling, a scream and dropping the weight instead of setting the weight down...someone is looking for attention. Not a good take. Standing and doing arm curls, I see a lot of men leaning backwards trying to curl the weights to chest high...don't. Just do what you can (comfort level), then stop. You want measurable efficiency for best results. At least once a week, have some one stretch you...arms, legs, feet and neck. Have that person watch you do finger walk on a wall. put one arm on wall, start with elbow bent and as you walk up straighten elbow, keeping arm on wall. This will also put stress on your shoulder. Strengthen rotator cup. See you back here in a few days.

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