Saturday, December 30, 2017

Muscle Confusion...4th in series of 13

Welcome everyone..."I know it by heart." You've said it and heard it. When it comes to drills, exercise, competing, keep an open mind. Being robotic in "practice" can be your undoing. Robotic drills allows your brain to go on vacation...and stay there. Enter...muscle confusion. Reminder...think of each drill as 4 directional. We need to get creative and activate the brain. The brain owns the muscles, minutes you train, how and why, the results. Take ownership of every drill. We tend to do the drills we like. Every so often people will ask me what drills I like to do. My reply, "none, but I love the results." Other than warm up and cool down, I refrain from doing the same drills 2 days in a row. I create new drills and add 3 or 4 new drills each week. I select a few drills
each day that I call "clock on" drills. That's hurry up time. Keeps my brain alert. When I call on my brain to signal a certain set of muscles, I want ACTION NOW! Don't stay in a comfort zone...lazy is not far behind. Next blog...trigger time.

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