Saturday, December 16, 2017


Hello and Welcome Everyone...a recent study. Exercise, high, med, low impact...think more clearly, feel better about ourselves, age related cognitive decline. Lungs/heart get stronger. Also we change the make up of microbes in our gut. Microbes play a role in every thing from our energy levels to inflammation. research by Jeffery Woods, Univ, IL Kinesiology. You well know by now that I am apposed to conventional sit ups and the treadmill...which I have explained in previous blogs. Here is a few I do 3x each week. 1) the wheel...spread out, legs straight with hands on grips and on your toes, push wheel all the way past your head, coming back, either keep on your toes or to a kneeling position. 3 sets, 10/15 each set. 2) flat hard surface, 2x4, about 30 to 35in' long. Start position, hands on 2x4 shoulder width, knees on floor, lift knees and push 5/10 yds. turn and push to starting line. 3) Kangaroo hop...start with hands waist high and hop forward fast for 10m. and then back. The higher you raise your hands the higher the impact Now do the same drill on an incline. You will feel gut begin to tighten. 4) lay flat on your back, legs straight, grab a 10lb med. ball, hold ball above your head and sit up...don't you dare move your hands forward and keep your legs straight and on the floor. 5 sets, 10-20 reps. See you next blog. Jimmy O

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